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Analysis of Abigail

Analysis of AbigailHolly BackmanCameraAt the start of Abigail, the shot shown is a mid shot of the main character Abigail. Her facial expression and her hesitating body language give the idea she is confused or worried. There is also a flickering effect which intrigues the watcher as soon as they start watching the episode.

As the episode continues through the begging there are close ups following the back of Abigail's head and her feet. This builds suspense and makes you wonder where she is going.CameraThroughout the Episode the camera shows a low angle shot of Abigail's facial expression as she is looking down. This gives the sense she has the power and makes the audience wonder what she is looking at.

As the main character opens the front door to the man shown in the picture, a close up of mans facial expression is shown and Abigail behind is blurred out so that the camera is mainly focused on the man.SoundAs the Episode begins with the camera following behind Abigail, there is similar music to what you would hear in a horror film in the background with loud noises. This immediately builds up suspense.

This continues as she walks up to something that the audience is unable to see, as she is walking closer the banging noise gets louder, adding to the tension and mystery of what she is about to find.

The music immediately changes as she wakes up from the dream, to a more soothing music. As there is a knock on the door the music stops.

The music then again changes back to a dramatic music as the man enters the room and places an object behind the washing machine. Mise En SceneAs the character is being introduced, there are flickering lights which sets the mood for the scene and gives a sense of mystery.

The majority of the episode focuss of Abigail's facial expression showing she is the main character. Throughout the episode she looks worried.Mise En SceneAs the episode goes on it is clear that Abigail is living alone as the camera is always focused on her in her own home, which shows she is more venerable.

Here you see the man who is supposedly in her house to fix her washing machine, placing something behind her washing machine. However the audience cannot see what this is, but the man looks suspicious which creates mystery.EditingDramatic editing isnt shown within the episode, each scene cuts to the next.

Occasionally the background is blurred out so that the audience are only focusing on what the camera is showing clearly.

At the end of the episode, the scene cuts straight to black, then the credits appear with a fading effect. This reflects what is shown in the previous scene as she has passed out which is represented with the black ending as blacking out.