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  • An Introduction to Limiting Beliefs If you want to achieve more of your goals and dreams along your personal

    empowerment journey called life, you must identify and remove the biggest

    obstacle – your limiting beliefs.

    If you continue to allow disempowering beliefs - “I'm not good enough”,

    “Success is hard”, “Money is the root of all evil”, “Nobody likes me”, “I'm

    unlovable”, “Winning is everything”... – to control your thoughts, you’ll always

    self-sabotage. You’ll never witness your own greatness, achieve your most

    significant goals or share your gifts with the world. Instead, you’ll create

    restriction. A life of less.

  • I know because I lived in that self-created mental prison for 26½ years before an

    empowerment coach helped me drop all my major limiting beliefs in one session.

    Every aspect of my life changed for the better. I made tons more money. I

    connected more deeply with my wife and children. I simply had more fun living.

    I don't know where you are in your career, relationships, health or happiness, but

    there's got to be a reason you're reading this e-book, which tells me you want more

    out of life – more money, more freedom, more joy, more connection, more

    confidence, more self-esteem, more significance...

    Letting go of your limiting beliefs has to be the first step. Otherwise, all of your

    other efforts will be wasted because you'll never allow yourself to succeed at a

    level which exceeds your belief system. This absolutely must be an inside-out

    approach if you want your success to last.

    "Working with Sean ABSOLUTELY has transformed

    my life! Not only am I making twice as much money,

    but I'm also a lot happier and I've attracted amazing

    people into my life because of my new attitude. Thank

    you so much, Sean!"

    ~ Imran Rahman, WealthWalla,

  • What are Limiting Beliefs? Most people don't know what limiting

    beliefs are, so let's first start with beliefs

    in general. A belief is a strongly held

    opinion about yourself or the world

    around you. Your beliefs create thought

    and emotional patterns, just like movies,

    that continue to play over and over in

    your head.

    For a visual (and funny) demonstration of how our beliefs are created, go here...

    There are two kinds of beliefs – your natural beliefs that you were born with, and

    the ones you created along the way. Your natural beliefs support you living an

    authentic lifestyle of your dreams - one of harmony, purpose and passion.

    Because these beliefs help you live your highest good, they empower you.

    They sound like:

    I’m perfectly capable of doing whatever I put my mind to.

    I am attracting all the abundance the universe has to offer.

    I can be in a loving relationship with my ideal soulmate.

    I appreciate and accept myself the way I am.

    I deserve success at the highest levels.

    I am enough.

  • Now, along the journey of life, you also picked up or created some other beliefs –

    usually in early childhood – that DO NOT support you living an authentic life and

    achieving all your goals and dreams.

    These false, yet powerful beliefs create all your internal problems: fears, doubts,

    low self-esteem, lack of confidence, stress, negative head talk, frustration,

    overwhelm, perfectionism and sometimes disease, illness and depression.

    Because these learned beliefs restrict you and hold you back from living the life of

    your dreams, they disempower you. They are commonly called “limiting beliefs”.

  • They sound like:

    Life is hard.

    I am not good enough.

    I’ll never be successful.

    Losing weight is difficult.

    Money is the root of all evil.

    I will never find my soulmate.

    The good news is, no matter what your limiting beliefs are, or how they were

    created, you can always eliminate them, just like getting rid of a nasty virus in

    your computer.

    "I've been around a whole lot of coaches, but never

    seen anyone who can free people from internal fear,

    pain and limitations like Sean can. The immediate

    transformations I've witnessed him create in people

    are nothing short of mind-blowing!"

    ~Tony Magee, MS, MBA, "The Destiny Doctor®"

  • What Can I Do About My Limiting Beliefs? You MUST challenge your beliefs to make sure they support you in achieving all

    your goals and dreams because no matter how hard you try with your will power

    and traditional goal setting techniques, you will ALWAYS manifest your beliefs

    into reality.

    You Cannot Outperform the Boundaries of Your Belief System

    If you are tolerating, but not

    enjoying, your circumstances

    in any area of your life -

    financial, health, relationships,

    spiritual, body, career - it’s

    because you have beliefs that

    are holding you back, causing

    and supporting the struggle.

    You weren’t created to settle for less. You were created to thrive.

    If you have the ability to succeed, you have an obligation to succeed. Therefore,

    in order to improve your circumstances, you MUST improve your belief system

    first if you want to create foundational change that lasts.

  • How All Limiting Beliefs Are Created The recipe is a result of three of the major functions of the unconscious mind, each

    of which is positive by itself. But when you add them together, it’s a recipe for

    disastrous, painful and dangerous beliefs that often last a lifetime and will cause

    you to settle for a life of less.

    Ingredient #1: Emotional Safety The unconscious mind’s highest priority is NOT the achievement of your goals. Its

    highest priority is to protect you and keep you emotionally safe. That’s what it

    spends most of its existence on– guarding your feelings.

    Ingredient #2: Constant Search for Meaning From the moment you saw the brand new light of this world, you’ve been trying to

    understand everything that happens to you, as well as why people do what they do.

    So you’ve been seeking answers to the question “why” at virtually every turn.

  • Ingredient #3: Inherent Desire to Be Right The human mind does not like to be wrong in its quest to figure this world out. We

    are all unconscious control freaks and being correct makes us feel more in control.

    You’ll generally do whatever you can to be right.

    When these three functions go to work during a certain event or series of events

    where your feelings get hurt, negative beliefs are usually created. And to protect

    yourself from getting hurt again, you’ll create emotional coping mechanisms, such

    as self-destructive behaviors, drug or alcohol abuse, depression, eating disorders,

    perfectionism, overeating, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of success, etc.

    Most people think all of these behaviors are the problem. What I want you to

    realize is that every single one of them, and many more that aren’t on the list, are

  • actually solutions to a deeper problem – your limiting beliefs. Here’s how it


    During the formative years between ages 0 and 7, we’re in a state of “blind belief”

    because we don’t have anything to compare our reality to, so everything we

    experience is “truth” – it’s just the way the world works. We have no basis to

    challenge our reality. This is when most of our beliefs are formed, as our

    unconscious minds continually search for meaning in every single moment.

    Examples of Limiting Beliefs Being Created: Q: “Why does daddy yell and scream at me?”

    A: “I must not be good enough for him to like me.”

    Q: “Why did mommy and daddy have another child?”

    A: “I must not be loveable enough, so they need another one.”

    Q: “Why do I always gt punished?”

    A: “I must be a bad person.”

    Q: “Why do Suzie and Billy not let me play with their toys?”

    A: “They have lots of money. Money makes you mean.”

    For whatever reason, when left to its own awareness, the young unconscious mind usually creates negative meanings in an attempt to protect our feelings and avoid being hurt again or to avoid becoming a bad person. This same process creates all of our fears too.

  • Examples of Fears Being Created: Q: “Why did my mommy yell at me for asking too many questions?”

    A: “Asking questions gets me in trouble.”

    This can easily become a lifelong fear of asking for what you want.

    Q: “Why do I keep getting abandoned by the people I love?”

    A: “People will always leave me.”

    This can easily become a lifelong fear of connecting with people. It often

    manifests into fear of e


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