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American Values and AssumptionsGary AlthenGroup AXYZ

Introduction to the writer

Introduction to the text Basic theme of the text *Introduction *Individualism and privacy



Contd..*The future, change and progress



*Achievement, action, and materialism

*Directness and assertiveness

Foreign student adviser at University of IowaWrote 2 books on his experiencesThe handbook of Foreign Student Advising (1983)American Ways: A Guide for Foreigners in United States(1988)This passage is extracted from the latter book Gary Althen

Unwritten rules of culture Difference in values and assumptionsBeliefs and customs Seems normal in one and strange in another Problems resulting from cross-cultural variationBasic theme of the text

Values?Ideas about -whats wrong and right -desirable and not desirable -normal and abnormal -proper and improper


We learn these values from? -parents and other relatives -teachers -books and newspapers -television programs Contd..

Assumptions?The unquestioned standards about people and lifeThe way things areWhat we suppose or think Contd..

ExamplesValuesAssumptionsMen and women should inhabit separate social worldFamily belongingnessRespect towards GodPatriotism

Gaining educationLighting candles in birthdaysDress color of the brideCrossing of the way by a black cat

Consider themselves independentView about people with contrasting cultureView of ideal personRelationship: parents and children Non-Americans-regarding Americans culturePrivacy Individualism and Privacy

All men are created equalOne man one voteMen and women are equalRespect to people of higher statusBasic level of respect to everybodyEquality

Notion of equality lead Americans to be informalInformality in speech, posture and dressThey find informality appealingTheir informal and egalitarian approach to other peopleInformality

History and traditions are pass A foreseen future Overcoming difficulties Culture verses cultureImpatient bloodline

The Future, Change and Progress

Time is a resource Time is moneyAdmire well organized peopleMan or a machineMcDonalds-Symbol of American societyAmerican concept of Efficient and Efficiency


Admiration for achieversWork harder and harderBe busy doing somethingJob is the identityEarning is must for evaluation of successAchievement, Action, Work and Materialism

Directness=straightforwardness, sincerity, truthfulnessAssertive=bold, courageous, confidentFrank, bold and openSettling conflicts through forthright discussionGuarding emotional responsesSpeak up the mind

Directness and Assertiveness

We need to learn from the Americans -individual and interdependency -no distinction, all are equal All are created equal -being informal makes you work easy


- respect for time- esp. future - schedule time and bring positive changes -be bold, frank and expressive. Dont fear truthObserve the nature of people and actDont copy them but be inspired by them, positively Be yourself !!!



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How to write an essay?

Introducing the topicGiving one point of view, in support of the argument, with reasons and examplesGiving a contrasting or different viewConcluding (giving your own opinion or interpretation of the facts

Format of the essay

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