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Amazing Photos of Famous People


  • A young Marilyn Monroe , Norma Jean

  • Cary Grant meditating if you open the umbrella..

  • And here may not need a bigger car.

  • And here Robert Mitchum plays.

  • Meeting of stars , Fonda, Karloff , Kelly , and thinking about his future , Reagan

  • Dean Martin, Shirley MacLaine y Elvis celebrate a birthday.

  • Another birthday, 40 years in the John Wayne film . Around , Marvin , Eastwood , Hudson, MacMurray , Stewart Borgnine , Caine , and Harvey .

  • We continue with events, meeting great : from behind , from left to right, Robert Mulligan, William Wyler, George Cukor, Robert Wise, Jean Claude Carriere y Serge Silverman. Delante, Billy Wilder, George Stevens, Luis Buuel, Alfred Hitchcock y Rouben Mamoulian.

  • It turns out that there is more than one photo of this interesting timeAnd he must be at another event where he took the famous picture of Sophia Loren " admiring , envious ? Jayne Mansfield 's cleavage ...

  • But let's party and leave us and we will see people working ...

  • Wayne under the watchful eye of Ford.

  • Kubrick filming " Red Phone ...

  • And those who work stop to rest ... a break from filming " Robin Hood "

  • " Misfits , "among others, Clift, Monroe, Gable, Huston & Miller.

  • Marlon Brando se relaja entre toma y toma de Viva Zapata

  • Charlton Heston, Stephen Boyd y William Wyler en el rodaje de Ben Hur

  • And here, the first two, deciding whether to take a chariot or a scooter ...

  • Howard Hawks, Angie Dickinson y sus piernas en el rodaje de Ro Bravo.

  • Rita Hayworth y Orson Welles, but each is in the chair the other ...

  • Marilyn y Dios.

  • Filming of "Hell in the Pacific "

  • Buster Keaton poses with part of the Cartwright family .

  • Inarritu talks with Pitt on the set of "Babel . "

  • Brannagh, Law, Caine y Pinter.

  • aventuras de Indiana Jones.

  • Rathbone, Karloff, Lorre and Price in a break from " The Comedy of Terrors " , and links to the horror genre ...

  • Rathbone with dirty boots

  • Chaney and Lugosi Jr. try to scare the girl but she does not think too much of them.

  • big four : repeat Price, along with Lee. Carradine and Cushing .

  • Cushing lurks in the grave.

  • Makers of " Young Frankenstein "

  • The terror of suspense , Hitchcock and chops .

  • Stewart & Hitchcock

  • Jerry hace publicidad.

  • Reagan.Y Cooper.

  • Wayne.

  • Cooper le ensea a Sinatra a empuar el revlver.

  • Hope and Brando vie for the Oscar.

  • James Dean & rsula Andress.

  • Cary Grant & Randolph Scott hacen footing.

  • Bridget Bardot and Kirk Douglas " Lust "

  • Burt Lancaster y Nick Cravat.

  • Dino y Jerry.

  • Lewis y Curtis.

  • Terence y Bud.

  • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid : aging as dignified post

  • Hannibal & Clarice

  • Unforgiven.

  • Buster, Stan y Ollie.

  • Tyrone Power and Linda Christian visiting the Alhambra and reflect on whether it's worth having a daughter to marry after Al Bano .

  • And we parted with some stunning photographs of the two big dancers ...