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Aluminum Cans. Ms. Scribner 1 st Hour. History. Originated in Napoleon’s time around the 1800’s Didn’t make its debut until 1965. Process of Recycling. Material Recycling Facility. This process is used to sort - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Aluminum CansMs. Scribner 1st Hour

  • HistoryOriginated in Napoleons time around the 1800sDidnt make its debut until 1965

  • Process of Recycling

  • Material Recycling Facility This process is used to sortSorts the different types of recycling material from each otherAfter being sorted they are put into piles or bales.


  • How to Sort?Things like plastic bags are removed by handTo separate paper from heavier materials fans are usedMagnets are used to pick up the steel productsIn some MRFs optical light beams , with compressed air jets, are used to separate plastic and glass.Electrical currents are used to separate the aluminium cans.

  • Melting FacilityCans are then sent here, or also know as a smelters.Heated to 500 degrees CelsiusRolled into sheets of aluminium 2.5mm thick

  • Can Making FacilitiesWhere the sheets of aluminum are shipped to make new cans

  • Easy to RecycleIts 100% RecyclableJust drink all of your soda, or dump it out, and place it in a recycling tub.Collecting them is fine and then take them to a recycling center in a trash bag. You can make money recycling cans.

  • Opportunities 119,482 cans are recycled every minute nationwideU.S. Environmental ProtectionWaste Resource Conservation Challenge

  • Companies and PlacesScrap yards by cans back from you.ABC Recycling DillonsGlickman, Inc.HomelandKamen Inc.

    Kansas CanWichita Iron and Metals CorpPro KS Miller Recycling CenterQuick Service Steel

  • New ItemsSmelted, and used to form artistic figures but gives off to many toxins. Smashed and formed into art formsMostly just renewed into other Aluminum Cans

  • ReasonsThe aluminum beverage containers is the most valuable beverage container to be recycled.By recycling this it provides environmental and economic benefits to communities and organizations across the country.Can be recycled many timesRenewing a can from an old one only requires 5% of the energy than using raw materialsNumber of cans recycled in the U.S. annually saves enough energy to power the nations capital for 3.7 years.



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