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A portfolio of works created during my five years in the landscape architecture program at Iowa State University.


  • alexandra e. loecke

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  • rome underground transit

    holocaust monument competition

    urban infill competition








    resume 18

    miami hotel design 4

    green roof display 8

    community visioning program 12

  • 3vip cabanas

    main poolentry drive next to pool

    bungalowspool bar and grotto concept sketch

  • vantage hotel

    The hospitality studio was an interdiscipinary studio which included landscape architecture, architecture, and interior design students. the group for our project included two architecture students and one interior design student. the program for the project was to fully design a hotel for south beach miami.

    miami hotel design


    vantage hotel was designed on the concept that the automobile is a symbol of status in miami and to be able to show that off as a guest of the hotel would be a whole new experience. the hotel tower is situated parallel to the ocean rather than perpindicular with room layouts that face both the ocean and bay. this allows for a direct view for each room in the hotel. the entry drive penetrates the tower and comes to an end on the back side of the hotel near the pool. this point is where the guests can view others arriving in their very expensive cars and guests arriving can view the guests relaxing near the pool. the site is very much symmetrical and the pool bar/grotto area at the end of the site breaks up that feeling with something different.

  • 5main entrance shopping level

    secondary entrance platform

  • piazza venezia - linea c station entrances

    The urban design project took place in rome, italy, over the course of a two month studio. this project consisted of an underground transit called linea c. one of the three stations was located in an area of rome known as piazza venezia. this site proved to be a challenge with its high volume of traffic and pedestrians, as well as the underground ruins of the ancient city. urban design


    the major entrance to the station is in the center of the piazza. the existing area had heavy pedestrian traffic with tourists trying to get pictures of the grand monument. the above ground plaza area has a series of six light tubes that cut above ground as well as below ground to the train platform. these tubes not only allow for natural light to enter the platform, but they also create a marker as to where people are when they are underground. the secondary entrance is very similar to the major entrance in that it has a series of light tubes at a smaller scale. these tubes mark the entrance from above ground as well as below ground, providing natural light on the escalators.

    major station entrance

    secondary entrance

    vittorio emanuele II monument

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  • green roof

    The Iowa State University Society of Landscape Architects does a project every year for the universitys celebration known as VEISHEA. We try to do a display to inform visitors, alumni, students and faculty what landscape architecture is and what the SSLA does on campus.

    green roof display


    the idea for building a green roof display for VEISHEA came about after several SSLA members took a class on green technologies. we all learned a lot about green roofs and I became quite interested in them. myself and another student lead the project and design of the green roofs. the display included two extensive green roofs and one intensive roof. the design of the display was intended to show everyone the difference between the two types and give them the opportunity to experience the roofs right from the ground. all of the plant materials were donated from different companies including roof top sedums, midwest groundcovers, and country landscapes.

  • 9topography was an aspect that was drastically changed to bring the design of the site to its fullest aesthetic potential. the chosen location was an existing hill which overlooked a busy street. a large amount of grading had to be done to achieve the correct effect of the mound and wall.

    a budget was set for the entire project by the state of iowa and it was required that it be followed exactly for the project. many calculations were done including earthwork, construction, and materials to make sure our group stayed within the proposed budget

  • iowa state capitol - holocaust monument

    In an independent study class during the third year studio, myself and three architects participated in a holocaust monument design for the state capitol of iowa in des moines. iowa is one of the few states that does not have a holocaust monument. the design was to commemorate the survivors of the holocaust that moved to iowa as well as the event of the holocast. holocaust monument design


    inspiration for the design came from researching the events of the holocaust. our team found a timeline and used it as a major aspect in our forms. as one approaches the memorial, the pathway descends and curves away from their view, creating a feeling of anxiousness and curiousity. the descending path is set along a retaining wall the grows in height as one walks along it. the pathway finally comes to an end at a sharp point at which time the liberations are revealed. these can be read in a circular area where names of survivors are etched in the concrete wall. memoirs from survivors that journeyed to iowa line the cirucular area to provide the connection to the state of iowa.

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    before and after image edits of downtown architecture

  • vision plan

    The Iowas Living Roadways Community Visioning Program works with twelve small communities throughout Iowa every year. The program focuses on transportation enhancements, community signage, and identification. As an intern for the program, I worked with Craig Ritland of Craig Ritland Landscape Architects in Waterloo, Iowa.

    community visioning program


    i worked with two iowa communities, hudson and independence, in the summer of 2010. after holding several community meetings, focus groups, and design charettes, we came to realize that both communities needed several transportation enhancements designed. in hudson, a roundabout plan was implemented as well as a pedestrian underpass, bike trail, and highway signage. in independence, updating the downtown buildings and restoring the historic storefront architecture was very important. we also added several sidewalks throughout the town, as well as a bike trail in the highway right of way. all images were edited in photoshop by myself with design guidance by Craig Ritland

    before and after image edit of pedestrian underpass before and after image edit of highway roundabout

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  • urban infill competition


    201 broadway - fargo, north dakota

    In the fall of 2010, myself and two other landscape architecture students entered an urban-infill competition in downtown fargo, north dakota. it was an international, conceptual urban ideas competition open to architects, designers, engineers, and landscape architects. the existing land use consisted of two parking lots, U.S. Bank, and the U.S. Bank plaza. Programming required by the development group included a multi-use space to accommodate retail, residential, parking, office, and civic space.

    the design for the competition consisted of two separate buildings connected by a large spanning green roof. the building on the south end of the site houses a food court, two floors of office space, the U.S. Bank, and one floor of residential spaces. the building on the north end of the site houses two floors of retail and three floors of apartments and condos. the south building has three arm-like structures that continue in the center plaza space. Within these pieces are terrariums. the terrariums bring lush green foliage year round and are also used in the cleansing of gray water. the landscape consists of a large, open lawn on the west side of the site. this is for the residents as well as the customers that shop in the area. The green roof has two different components, one area is a community garden and the other part is a mix of sedums, not open to the residents.

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  • sketches, drawings & digital works


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  • alexandra e. loecke asla


    517 deer run dr necedar rapids,iowa 52402 590-9565CAREER OBJECTIVE

    to secure a full time position that will allow me to continue my career in landscape architecture, allow me to learn more about creating meaningful places, where I can utilize my education and experience in the industry while continuing to grow and develop into a valuable employee

    EDUCATIONiowa state university, ames, iowa northeast iowa community college, peosta, iowa bachelors of landscape architecture transfer credits: 22 GPA: 3.18/4.00 graduated May 2011 taken during high school


    a m e r i c a r e a d s / a m e r i c a c o u n t s , i o w a s t a t e u n i v e r s i t y august 2008 - december 2009 -- worked with students on timed reading and comprehension --helped teacher with grading of assignments

    c u l v e r s l a w n a n d l a n d s c a p e , m a r i o n , i o w a - i n t e r n may 2008 - august 2008 --set up final estimate which included materials and prices --made base maps for three different designers --rendered final drawings for clients --gained a broader knowledge about plant species and selection