all aboard the ship of dreams welcome to the bon voyage of the titanic team rose

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All aboard the ship of dreams

All Aboard The Ship Of DreamsWelcome to the bon voyage of the TitanicTeam RoseTrivia!!!Were Jack and Rose real people?What year did the Titanic ship off to sea?How much did the Titanic cost to build?Fun Fact The last dinner served in the first-class saloon consisted of 11 courses.StorylineOur goal is to make guests feel as if they are about to take a first bon voyage on the Titanic. Guests will enter into the reception during the day time. They will enjoy games, food and drinks for 30 minutes. At the sound of the trumpet they will enter the ship, to continue with the dinner portion. Our cuisine will be a traditional French style menu. It is almost exactly what they served first class members during their voyage on the Titanic.When guests enter into the dining room all servers will be standing along the wall. Guests will be served a five course meal. On their way out each guest will receive a chocolate cigar commemorating the evening.

1st CourseFrench Onion Soup

2nd Course Main CourseChicken LyonnaiseVegetarian Option Zucchini Farci

3rd Course -- SaladRoasted Asparagus salad

4th Course -- DessertChocolate cream puffs served with cold vanilla ice cream

Service StyleGold plate service style

Servers will walk in to the dining room holding two plates in each hand and walk to their table and stand behind the guest When the head server nods, the whole team serves with their left handtake a step to the left and move the plate from the right hand to the left and serve their second seat. Put hands behind your back and walk out carefully.

Table and chairs12345678

Clearing PlatesWalk back in with hands behind your back and smiles on your facesIf the guest still has food on their plate, kindly ask if they are finishedIf not leave the plateWhen your whole team gets to the table, look at your head server for a nod to begin clearing plates.You clear from the right, move one step to the left and move the plate from right hand to left so you can clear the second plate.

Things to rememberThe atmosphere is meant to feel elegant and classy, always smile and pay attention to your guests needsWork as a group serving goes smoothly when your whole team is in syncPay attention to the managers, the dinner goes by quicker than you thinkHave fun & thanks for helping!!


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