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  • 1. ALEXEY HWANGThe presentation is made by Alina Krylova, a pupil of 4 form, Gymnasium 4, Khimki, Moscow region 2013

2. Among all the sportsmen in the world I like my friend Alexey. I would like to tell about him. Hwang Alexey was born in 1996 year. He is a student of the Moscow school 1448. The Museum of the President of the Russian Federation is opened in his school. Alexey has started to train ITF Taekwon-do since 6 years. He is trained in professional club of Taekwon-do ITF (name of General Choi Hong hi August 2005). His mentor is Kan Rudolf Valentinovich., master of 7th Dan ITF Taekwon-do. 3. ALEXEY CERTIFIED BLACK BELT 2ND DAN IN ITF TAEKWON-DO. Alexey one of the best students in the school, because if he does not learn, he will not be able to raise the level of skill in Taekwon-do. The system of Taekwon-do to take examinations on black belt can only students who studied on good and excellent.. 4. I WOULD LIKE TO PRESENT HIS ACHIEVEMENTS: winner of the Championship of Europe on Taekwon-do ITF 2006, Wetzlar (Germany) among children under 13. winner of the World Championship on Taekwon-do ITF, 2007, Birmingham (England) among children under 13. member of the Open I Championship, I Championship of Russia on Taekwon-do ITF and I Championship of Russia on Taekwon-do ITF among children under the age of 13, 2008, Moscow. winner of the Tournament on Taekwon-do ITF, organized by the Association of Taekwon-do ITF, 2008, in Sardinia (Italy), 5. winner of the XX Championship, XI Championship of the Europe on Taekwon-do ITF and competitions among children up to 13 years in 2009, Umag (Croatia), participant in XV Championship and X World Championship on Taekwondo ITF 2010, Seoul (South Korea), winner of the World Championship on Taekwon-do ITF 2012, Ottawa (Canada). 6. Alexey participates in the cultural life of our capital and country. The basic philosophy of Taekwon-do: martial arts are training provide not only physical strength and technique, but moral values and through training, a person reaches a balance of mind, becomes confident and begins to love and respect others, and therefore becomes happy. Alexey agree with this philosophy and users it in his life. He says: If you don't study well, you can't achieve success in sport. Sport teaches to be disciplined, to win and lose, to 7. I do not know, Alexey will choose sports career or not, but I'm sure that the sport will remain with him all his life.