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First draft of a new Portfolio, including Illustration, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Large Format projects, and Children's Books now in print.


  • 1.Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 Illustration Childrens Books Character Design Logo Design Advertising Design Web Site Design Label Design App Graphics Photorealism Cartoons Comp/Sketch Art Large-Format Graphics Theatrical Backdrops

2. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 Scott J. Alberts is a commercial Illustrator with a fine arts background. Originally from Ohio, he graduated with a BFA from Columbus College of Art & Design, majoring in Illustration. He has worked in newspaper and magazine publishing, silkscreening and printing. He currently operates his own business, Alberts Illustration & Design, in Appleton, WI. He works with businesses and individuals across the US on projects ranging from childrens books to branding to app and website design. He also enjoys creating large scale murals and background set pieces that accompany on-stage productions, and working with authors to develop authentic, endearing characters. He is a truly versatile artist, equally adept at nearly any style and medium from cartoons to photo-realism. A realist at heart, he loves to illustrate even the most fanciful subjects in realistic form. 3. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 Illustration and design of the 2012 official Fox Jazz Fest Poster. Pen and ink and digital color. 4. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 Part of an 8-fish t-shirt series for Wolf River Outfitters of Fremont, WI. Pen and ink. 5. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 Pen and ink, 2013. 6. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 Pen and ink, 2013. 7. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 Pen and ink. 8. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 Wicked monkey series for the Fox Cities Performing Arts Centers Wonderfully Wicked Gala, 2009. Pen and ink and watercolor. Designed to fit specific spaces within the PAC; originals are 24 inches or less, reprinted to banner material at 10 feet and larger. Scott - After three years on the road of attending Wicked themed parties across the country, nothing quite caught my eye like your flying monkey pieces did at the Appleton gala of Wicked. The images captured a nice playfulness about our show, and immediately struck my eye as being reminiscent of some of the characters Maurice Sendak created in Where the Wild Things Are. Our entire company loved them! Keep up the good work! - Steve Quinn, Company Manager, Wicked Tour Scotts a great person to work with. His ideas are vibrant and his artwork definitely helped provide a personality to the Wicked gala event. Scotts passion for his artwork and our community makes him a perfect partner! Maria Van Laanen, Executive Vice President, Fox Cities Performing Arts Center2009 Ardent Photography LLC 9. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 2009 Ardent Photography LLC 10. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 Illustration and design of the 2011 official Fox Jazz Fest Poster. Pen and ink with ink wash. 11. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 Illustrated Childrens Book, published 2012. Pen and ink with watercolor and digital color. 12. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 Illustrated Childrens Book, published 2013. Pen and ink with watercolor and digital color. 13. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 Illustrated one-page Book Poster, 2013. To be used in an interactive learning-counting-cooking presentation. Pen and ink with digital color. 14. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 Illustrated Childrens Book, published 2011. Also published in Spanish and e-book. Pen and ink with watercolor and digital color. 15. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 Scenes and backgrounds in Looney Tunes style utilizing licensed Road Runner character. For 8-page Time Warner mailer, with Brand Spankn News of Neenah, WI. Pen and ink and digital color. 16. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 (Previous Logo) About Us Calendar Call Us Social Testimonials Photos Videos Shopping Cart Featured Business Puzzle Request Info Pet Cam Illustrated Logo and full sets of Icons for App Development Company. Scott rebranded our JackRussellApps logo. The look and feel is fantastic. 5 Stars ***** Highly recommended. Kenneth Kriegel, CEO of JackRussellApps LLC 17. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 Vector-based digital caricature. 18. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 Thank you for bringing to life the mood of the entire country in your editorial cartoon, Is Government in Control or Are You in Control of Government!? In an historic election year, your illustration was a snapshot that speaks 1,000 words. Thank you for your time and your talent! Honorable Terri McCormick, Business Owner and Government Relations and Education Consultant, Ph.D Candidate and Former U.S. House Candidate 19. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 Pen and ink and watercolor. Architectural illustration of Retirement Community drawn from plans and building material samples, prior to construction. Rendering was completed in March 2012; photo [above] taken July 2012. Pen and ink and watercolor. Commissioned by Homeowners [l], and Builders [below]. 20. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 Sketch and Comp art for trade shows, products, theatrical scenery, advertising.... Markers, inks, painted and digital color. 21. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 Photorealistic illustration in oil paints, watercolors, colored pencils and graphite. 22. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 Theatrical set: 32-foot wide train car, created for the Christ the Rock Community Church performance of Four Tickets to Christmas. The reverse side was printed with a digitally-created curtain setting. The backdrop was designed in four movable parts; the cast sang a tune inside this nearly life-sized train. Featured in the Appleton Art Centers [now the Trout Museum of Art] StageCraft exhibit in 2007. Train side hand-drawn and painted at 29 in. wide; curtain side digitally created in Photoshop from vintage black-and-white photos. Large-format printed direct to gator board. 23. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 Scenic Mural created in 2010 for Christ the Rock Community Churchs 10th annual Christmas musical. The mural remained on display through September 2012, with minor revisions made for Easter and other seasons. Hand-drawn and painted directly on wall, using interior house paints. 70 feet wide by 26 feet high. 24. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 Find your dance style in our fun, relaxed classes. New sessions start every month. Got kids? Childcare is available for most classes and is provided on-site at a reasonable rate by the highly qualified faculty at The Goddard School of Cedar Park. Salsa or Swing? Muy Caliente or Hepcat Cool? | 512-567-3008 DESIGN Illustrated Logos for a dance, wellness, and music instruction business serving multiple age groups within one umbrella studio. Every time Scott and I work on a graphic design project, I am excited to see what he creates. After 5 logo designs, 2 corporate identity packages, and numerous ad designs, I have always been extremely happy with his work. Scott is exceptionally talented, technically adept, customer-oriented, and easy to communicate with. Tracy King Perry, Owner The Rhythm Studio 25. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 We are regularly asked if we are a franchise because of our logo. I had an idea for an alligator with antlers as our logo. My spouse said I should draw it because he didnt want to waste money on an Illustrator. ...He now agrees it was the BEST money we ever spent. Without your expertise on our logo, I dont think we would have been as successful branding our company. EVERYONE regconizes the All Things Jerky logo and Venigator you helped create! Jessica Ellenbecker, Owner All Thing Jerky DESIGN 26. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 DESIGN 27. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 Bringing it all together for Arthur Bay: Logo Design, Label Design and Illustration. DESIGN 28. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 SpeakItaliantodaySpeakItaliantodaySpeakItaliantoday DESIGN Illustrated Logo for an online Italian language curriculum. 29. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 Contains:Spicesincludingblack pepper,dehydratedjalapeno,salt, dehydratedonion,dehydratedgarlic, naturalflavor,naturaljalapeno flavor,andlessthan2%silicon dioxideaddedtopreventcaking. BecomeafanonFacebook DistributedbyTradeRouteSpices PEPPER BLEND SEASONING Unique blends of peppers and other seasonings to add heat and flavor to your cooking. Hot enough to make some folks sizzle, but good enough to make everyone smile! See for recipe ideas. Jalapeo Seasonings DESIGN 30. Scott J. Alberts 920.277.1425 http://scottalber