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  • Scuttlebutt Official Publication of Akron Sail and Power Squadron Volume 25 Issue 9 September 2015

    Commander’s Message Cdr M David Rice, SN

    A s I write this, it is September already!

    Where did the summer go? Lt/C

    Lynne Jones, JN scheduled some great

    boating events: Portage Lakes, Put-In

    -Bay, Vermilion, and her fun kayaking picnic at

    her Portage Lakes home. Thanks to Lynne and chairs of the other

    rendezvous: Ric Sir Louis, Bob Ball, and Brad and Cathy Colon, for

    a wonderful summer. But there are many ASPS members that do

    not come to many of the boating rendezvous. Should we do

    something different?

    Joy and I recently sailed on a 10 day cruise, with another group of

    boaters, stopping at Lorain, Mentor, Cleveland and Vermilion.

    This group included 6 sailboats and one trawler which of course

    influences the distances and the length of the trip, but need not

    be a deterrent if planned well. It was a great trip, stopping at new

    places and meeting new people. Next year this group is planning

    a trip to Lake St Clair. This brought up a discussion of what type

    of trips Akron Sail and Power Squadron could plan.

    Being retired, we can take long trips, but some people do have

    several weeks of vacation and could take part of their vacation

    days for a longer boat trip. Do you have a city or marina along

    the lake that you would like included in future trips? Would you

    like to see more trailer boat trips on the rivers? How about a

    cruise to the North Channel where some boats sail from Lake Erie

    and some trailer boaters bring their boats to meet up with the

    group? These types of trips have been planned in the past and we

    can do it again. Would you like to go to new and different

    locations? One year we chartered houseboats on the Trent Severn

    Waterway. Do you have some ideas you would like to bring up?

    Let’s hear from you (wnabsailing@gmail.com).

    Executive Department Lt/C Greg M Arnold, JN

    Y es it’s that time of year where we

    must transition from our life on the

    water, to becoming “landlubbers”

    again for a few months. Like many of

    you, I am making the final preparations to get

    Escapade ready for her winter “hibernation”.

    Now is a good time to turn

    your energies and thoughts

    to our fall and winter

    activities. This fall’s D7

    conference is being held at

    the Kalahari Resort in

    Sandusky, October 23-25th.

    Themes for the hospitality

    rooms are cities on the Nile. It

    is being hosted by Mansfield

    Power Squadron and more information can be found on the D7

    website: Akron’s city is Edfu, which is located in southern Egypt.

    It is best known for a major Ptolemaic temple. The temple was

    built between 237 BC and 57 BC into the reign of Cleopatra VII.

    We have started the D7 Conference planning meetings, and we

    are always looking for volunteers and fresh ideas. We will have

    another conference planning meeting on Sunday October 11th

    starting at 4:00 p.m. at my house. My address is 3772 Turnberry

    Drive, Medina 44256. Cell: 216-346-9195, email:

    oday23@aol.com. The conferences are a great way to meet

    members from other squadrons, or reunite with old friends.

    (Executive Dept article continued on page 2)

    United States Power Squadrons ®

    Akron Sail and Power Squadron

    Sunrise in Presque Isle State Park, Erie PA

    mailto:wnabsailing@gmail.com http://www.usps.org/d7/fall.htm http://www.usps.org/d7/fall.htm mailto:oday23@aol.com

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    United States Power Squadrons ® Akron Sail and Power Squadron

    Friday night kicks off the weekend with an “icebreaker” followed

    by themed hospitality rooms. The “icebreaker theme” is Lip

    Syncing on the Nile. There is more information and an entry form

    on-line through the link above. I encourage everyone to

    participate in the conference.

    This month I will ask a couple navigation questions. Answers can

    be found on the page 6 of this issue.

    1. Entering from the sea, triangular shaped daymarks should be

    kept ____________

    a) On your starboard side.

    b) On your port side.

    c) Directly on your bow.

    d) On either side.

    2. You have been observing your radar screen and you notice

    that a contact has remained in the same position for several

    minutes. Your vessel is making 10 knots, what is true?

    a) The contact is DIW (dead in the water).

    b) The contact is on the same course and speed as you.

    c) The contact is on a reciprocal course as you.

    d) The radar set is probably defective.

    Education Department

    Lt/C Thomas E Vielhaber, AP

    O ur fall class schedule is underway.

    Classes have been well attended,

    and students are studying

    diligently. I am a student myself

    this fall, and appreciate all our instructors and their hard work.

    P/C Jan R Holmes, SN, Lt Bill Bartilson, JN, and Lt Mike Krebs, JN,

    are teaching Seamanship. Lt Walter Moore, P is teaching Marine

    Electronics and Lt Albert Ingram, JN is teaching Weather.

    The annual education recognition meeting is scheduled for

    October 1. If you have participated in any aspect of our

    education department, please be there so that we can properly

    acknowledge your efforts. There is no tangible reward for the

    time you volunteer, but we would like to thank you for all you do

    to make our education program successful. We’ll serve pizza

    after the meeting, too.

    ASPS Bridge

    Commander Cdr M David Rice, SN

    (330) 650-6823


    Executive Officer Lt/C Greg M Arnold, JN

    (216) 346-9195 oday23@aol.com


    Officer Lt/C Lynne Allison Jones JN

    (330) 644-5056



    Educational Officer Lt/C Thomas Vielhaber, AP

    (330) 633-5291


    Secretary Lt/C Sandra P Vielhaber, AP

    (330) 633-5291 svielhaber@yahoo.com

    Treasurer Lt/C Michael J Busta, P

    (330) 664-0871


    P/D/C Brian Logan, SN in Geneva Ohio lamenting

    “So many wineries, so little time.”

    Left to right: Linda and Dick Klespies, Mary Jane and Doug Thomas onboard

    PAX taking it to its new home

    mailto:wnabsailing@gmail.com mailto:oday23@aol.com mailto:lajones@neo.rr.com mailto:tviel49@neo.rr.com mailto:svielhaber@yahoo.com mailto:mjbusta@roadrunner.com

  • United States Power Squadrons ® Akron Sail and Power Squadron

    01 Joseph A Weiland

    02 Linda C Klespies, S 03 Kevin W Miller, P 04 Douglas J Moffit

    06 P/C Susan R Harris, S 06 Roy Scherler, AP

    07 Stephanie D Hunt 07 Carol J Middleton, JN 09 Jim D Bonner

    10 Lt Cathleen A Colon 10 Carol A Somodi 15 R/C Craig D Fraser, SN

    17 Karen Brenneman AP 19 Deborah A Haag, P 21 Patricia A Bastel

    23 Chris J Kadusky 23 Suzan Ann McCreanor 23 William J Sagaser

    25 George R Manley, JN 26 Nina A Wilson 29 Mary G Costello

    Administrative Department Lt/C Lynne Allison Jones, JN

    W ell, most of our boats are

    nestled in cradles and under

    cover, but ASPS isn't done for

    the year. Educational in-

    structors and helpers will be honored at the

    general meeting in October. Please come to the meeting to

    show support for those who have worked so hard teaching clas-

    ses, leading seminars and helping behind the scenes with the

    goal to make us better boaters. It is one of the squadron's core


    Keep Saturday December 12th open for the ASPS Christmas

    party at Turkeyfoot Island Club. The club will be decorated to

    the hilt and Linda Meier, a dear friend of mine, has agreed to

    play carols on the grand piano. It is BYOB and there will be a

    variety of light hors d'euvres for dinner. It will really be an en-

    joyable relaxing evening so I hope you will join the festivities!

    The specifics will be in next month's Scuttlebutt.

    This past month I asked Paula and Joe Weiland why their boat's

    name is St. Elmo's Fire. Paula explained they were looking for

    names under the letter "S" using a sailing book and found out

    that Saint Erasmus is the patron saint of Mediterranean sailors.

    He was also called Elmo. St Elmo's fire is a shortened version of

    that. It is also the name of the ball of fire, or electrical discharg-

    es, which can occur at the top of the mast during a thunder-

    storm. So their name choice has given us a short interesting

    history lesson!

    P/C John Abbott, AP & Lt Maggie Abbott

    Lt/C Greg Arnold, JN &

    Lt Sue Arnold, AP

    P/D/C Robert Ball, SN &

    Patty Ball, S

    Lt/C Michael J Busta, P

    R/C Craig D Fraser, SN & Aide C/C Liana F Mihalca, SN

    Robert K Hamilton

    P/C Jan Holmes, SN &

    P/Lt/C Margo Hol

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