Aimee Valenzuela 18th\'s birthday

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hehehehe..just for u..kasama din kami jan: april, gretch, and theri..hehe


<ul><li> 1. This is dedicated to<br />This is dedicated to Ms. Aimee Valenzuela<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. 18 best descriptions <br /> 3. She is<br /> 4. Religious<br /> 5. Kind <br /> 6. A good friend<br /> 7. Sweet<br /> 8. Guitarist<br /> 9. loyal<br /> 10. understanding<br /> 11. hardworking<br /> 12. humble<br /> 13. independent<br /> 14. honest<br /> 15. Walk-a-ton master<br /> 16. fabulous<br /> 17. sensible<br /> 18. lovable<br /> 19. smart<br /> 20. beautiful<br /> 21. And lastly..SEXY<br /> 22. We would like to greet you Happybirthday<br />Imee Valenzuela <br />18th<br /> 23. May your day be as special as you are <br /> 24. Imee<br /> 25. 26. Happy Memories<br /> 27. 28. The debutant with Syndieand Angie<br /> 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. Hard times dont last forever.<br />but true Friendships do<br /> 34. Happy birthday Imee, I know that there is a great person inside you . I just wish you all the happiness in life and good health for you and your family. I know that you will achieve what ever you desire because God is always watching you and He knows that you are one of his great child and you have a strong faith in HIMGod bless!!<br /> 35. Happy 18th Birthday AimeeWow! Di koakalainnamagiging close tayongganito. Para akongnagkaroonngisang atehehehethough masmatandaakosayomas mature kaI envy your strong personalityin this day(02-09-11), I would like to givemy warmest greeting of HAPPY BIRTHDAY more birthdays to come and GodBlesswe love you sis!!!!<br /> 36. OkI have nothing to say..ahahalam mo naman.hehe.Happy 18th Birthday Aimee. You turn to be a!go girl! Always remember were all here just for you. More blessings and birthdays to come..Love you girl..God bless.<br /> 37. Heypee B-day! Thank you for being a good friend of mine. Gndang hair mo teh! Idol!!!hehe. .Maraming thanks sa lahat2x. I hope you will have more birthdays to come.Wish you all the best! God bless. I love you. Mwuaah.<br /> 38. Hi!friend!!! . .Happy2x bday!!heheheIm so glad I found u.Im not gonna lose u, watever it takes I will stay here w/ u.See it 2 d gudtyms,take it thru d bad tyms.Watever it takes is wat Im gonna do!!!Aimee is now 18-d moment u r waiting 4!!panuyanboinaunakng 2mnda!ahehe. HmfGodblesssmga challenges na d2tng sbuhaymuhdztym!hmfIm so lucky 2be urfriend.Tnx a lot 4 everything.Tnx 4 keeping my screts,andtnxkcureolweisder-pnaplkasangloobq lge.weweet!hehe. On be half of my family especially,mykua-yey!hehe &amp; my bhxt!hapi3x bday!!!luv u frnd!tclge &amp; Godbless!!!muahhhh!!!<br /> 39. HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY<br /> AIMEE<br />WE LOVE YOU!!!!<br /></p>