Aim: How did Renaissance ideas affect art and architecture?

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  • Aim: How did Renaissance ideas affect art and architecture?

  • Renaissance Themes


  • Renaissance Themes

    Worldliness/ Secularism- (Break from traditional religious subjects)Learning/Humanism- (Return to Ancient Greek and Roman ideas, focused on man and his world)Antiquity- (Return to the past)Individualism- (Realistic portrayal of human form, deep emotion and human expression)Reform/ Questioning- (break away from traditional way of thinking, individual interpretation)

  • GroupsWhat do you see?Analyze what you see to decide which Renaissance themes your piece of art shows.Be able to support the themes you choose with specific details.

  • Which was a major characteristic of the Renaissance?

    1. conformity2. humanism3. mysticism4. obedience

  • An important characteristic of Renaissance humanists was their emphasis on

    accepting ideas based on Confucian thought2. the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church3. magic and alchemy4. classical Roman and Greek writings

  • Which societal condition was basic to the development of Greek philosophy and Renaissance art?

    1. rigid social classes2. emphasis on individualism3. religious uniformity4. mass education

  • SWBATWLIW clip All About the Renaissance Part 1: Historical Background, Beginnings and Art- The Renaissance begins: Northern Italy, 1300-1350 (1:34)Ask students what themes emerged.Show slide with 5 main Renaissance themes and review for understanding. Tell students that they will be looking at Renaissance art today and deciding how different works fit into this Renaissance mindset.


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