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  • 1. MY TRIPAROUND THEWORLD! By Aideen Galligan!

2. First world countries I am going tovisit..France and Great BritainSecond world countries I am going tovisit..Poland and ThailandThird world countries I am going tovisit.Ethiopia and ZambiaWith a budget of 12,000 3. T S !!S LD IE R R IF O NT RW UC OGreat Britainand France! 4. Currency and exchange rate- 1 =0.80 GBPLanguages spoken there -EnglishCapital city -LondonReligion-the majority of the population are members of Christianity.Type of government-a parliamentary constitutional monarchy.Culture-British literature, music, cinema, art, theatre, media, television, philosophy andarchitecture are influential and respected across the world. The United Kingdom isleading in science and technology. London has been described as a world cultural capitaland is home to a lot of major museums and other cultural institutions. Sport is reallyimportant in British culture and lots of sports originated from great Britain like football.Amount of time I will stay there-2 months( January and February)Flights/travel-Take the ferry from Rosslare to FishguardAccommodation-1.Smart Russell SquareLocation: London30 Nights !st to 31stCost:347.702.Journeys Greenwich West HostelLocation: London28Nights 1st to 28thCost: 372.48Things to do-1)Go to the London eye2)Go see big Ben3)the River Thames4)Go to Warner Bros. studio Tour London-The making of Harry Potter5)Buckingham Palace 5. Currency and exchange rate-1 GBP = 1.2513 eurosLanguages spoken there- FrenchCapital city- ParisReligion- Roman CatholicismType of government- France is a Constitutional republicCulture-France has a strong food culture. In France, music, art and architecture all have a high place in the peoples regard. The French are also very passionate about where they came from;so landscape is very important.Amount of time I will stay there- 2 months (March and April)Flights/travel-Drive from Great Britain to France through the crossing tunnel. Dover to CalaisAccommodation-1.Hostel Villa Saint Exupery GardenLocation: NiceFor 28 nights 28 February -28 MarchCost: 4482.Villa Saint Exupry Beach HostelLocation: Nice30 nights 29 March 2013 -28 April 2013Cost: 480Things to do-1)Climb the Eiffel tower2)Visit the Louvre3)Go to Disneyland4) Go to Versailles 6. N D S !! O D IEC L R E R TS OW UNCO Poland and Thailand! 7. Currency and exchange rate- 1 euro = 4.1075 Polish zlotysLanguages spoken there -PolishCapital city- WarsawReligion- 89% of the population belong to the Roman Catholic ChurchType of government- the government is a council of ministers led by the prime minister. Thepresident is elected every 5 years and cannot serve more than two terms.Culture-Religion plays an important role Polish culture.The family is very important too in polish culture. Polish businesspeople usually take a formalapproach to business.Amount of time I will stay there- 2 months (May and June)Flights/travel-Cost: 135,99Duration:07:00 - 08:50From:Paris, Charles De Gaulle (Terminal 1) to Copenhagen (Terminal 3)Then : from Copengahan to WarsawAccommodation-1.Emma HostelLocation: WarsawFor:29 April-28 May,29 nightsCost: 271.562. Kabaty RoomsLocation: WarsawFor:29 May 2013-28 June 2013,30 nightsCost: 387.94Things to do-1) Visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine2)Visit Auschwitz3) City Sightseeing Tour of Warsaw 8. Currency and exchange rate- 1 Thai baht = 0.0251 eurosLanguage-ThaiCapital city -BangkokReligion -Buddhism is the national religion of ThailandType of government- Thailand is a constitutional monarchyCulture-religion is really important in Thailand.The family is a major part in Thais culture.Thailand is a place were great emphasis is put on courtesy such as politeness and respect.Etiquette is also important in thailands culture.Amount of time I will stay there -2 months (July and August)Flights/travel-DateFrom ToDeparture29-Jun Warsaw Dubai 14:4530-Jun DubaiPhuket12:45Total price :645.68Accommodation-1. Monkey Samui HostelLocation:Choeng Mon BeachFor:29 June-28 July ,29 nightsCost: 216.692. Star DormitoryLocation: Haad RinFor:29 July 2013-28 August ,29 nightsCost: 290.17Things to do-1) Surfing in Khao Lak2) Go see Phang Nga Bay3)Similan Islands4) Khao Yai National Park5)Ride an elephant 9. D S !! R D IEI L R H R TT O N W U COEthiopia andZambia 10. Currency and exchange rate- currency is Birr and exchange rate is 1 euro=23.25Languages spoken there- The official language is AmharicCapital city- Addis AbabaReligion-The majority of the population are Ethiopian Orthodox Christians.Type of government- Federal republicCulture- In Ethiopia respect (especially of ones elders) is really important. In Ethiopia, men and women have clearly defined roles;men are responsible for providing for the family and women are responsible for domestic work and looking after the children. The Ethiopian national dish is called wat. It is a hot spicy stew accompanied by injera.Amount of time I will stay there -2 months (September and October)Flights/travel-from: To:Cost:Date: Departure: Bangkok, Thailand Ababa,Ethiopia. 486.79 28 August At 10.00thAccommodation-1. U Sabai Living HotelLocation: Patong Total price:Cost: 203.21For:28 August-27 September,30 nights2. MVC Patong HouseLocation: PatongCost: 415.48For:28 september-27 October ,30 nightsThings to do-1)Go to the Royal Enclosure (one of the oldest castles in Ethiopia.)2)Visit Addis Ababa3) visit the Dorze to see famous huge bee hive huts. 11. Currency and exchange rate- 1 Brazilian real = 0.3783Languages spoken there- PortugueseCapital city-BrasliaReligion-the majority of the population are roman catholic.Type of government-federal republicCulture-The family is the foundation of culture in brazil. There is a class system in Brazil. Class is determined by economic status and skin colour. Brazilians also pride themselves on dressing well .Amount of time I will stay there-2 months (November and December)Flights/travel-from: to:Date:Cost: Departure:Ababa,Ethiopia Rio De Janeiro 27 octuber 921.54 16.00Accommodation-1.Best Rio HostelLocation:Rio de JaneiroFor:28 octuber-27 novemeber,30 nightsCost: 456.522. Bellas Artes Guest HouseLocation: Rio de JaneiroFor:28 November -27 December ,30 nightsCost: 456.52Things to do-1)Go to Rio De Janerio to visit Jardim Gardens2)Genipabu Beach3)Man Museu de Arte Moderna