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<ul><li><p>2015 </p><p>AHS ALUMNI BOARD </p><p>ELECTION OF OFFICERS </p></li><li><p>AHS ALUMNI BOARD OFFICERS Position responsibilities </p><p>President </p><p> provides leadership and is responsible for the AHS Alumni Board activities and projects </p><p> presides at AHS Alumni Board meetings </p><p> sets the agenda for AHS Alumni Board meetings </p><p> appoints ad hoc committees to carry out the duties of the AHS Alumni Board with consent of the </p><p>officers </p><p>Vice President </p><p> acts as presiding officer in the absence of the President </p><p> assists the other officers in carrying out their duties </p><p> performs duties that the board may designate </p><p>Treasurer </p><p> oversees the financial affairs of the AHS Alumni Board in compliance with UIAA guidelines </p><p> monitors the financial status of the AHS Alumni Board, and periodically reports to the board on the </p><p>financial status of the group </p><p> works with board sub-committee on fundraising initiatives </p><p> performs duties that the board may designate </p><p>Secretary </p><p> sends notices of events and board meetings to all interested parties </p><p> keeps and distributes minutes of all meetings </p><p> notifies the UIAA of all AHS Alumni Board meetings and activities </p><p> maintains list of contact information for all board members and members at-large </p><p> performs duties that the board may designate </p></li><li><p> 2015 AHS Alumni Board Candidate Bio &amp; Statement </p><p> Atika Afreen Candidate statement for roles of Vice President or Secretary of CAHS Alumni Board at UIC </p><p>It is an honor to have been nominated for the positions of President, Vice President, and Secretary. However, I decline my nomination for President as I do not feel I am prepared to handle such a responsibility. This is why I feel that I would be better suited for the position of Vice President. I think this position is the perfect fit for me as it would allow me to gain experience working with the President while also allowing me to demonstrate my leadership skills. In addition to Vice President, I feel that I am also a great fit for the position of Secretary. Both of these positions require organization, attention to details, and excellent attendance. These are all skills and attributes that I possess. Most importantly, I believe that it is my drive and passion for this college that are my greatest assets. It would be one of my greatest honors to be able to serve for our college as an officer. </p><p>Bio </p><p>A June 2013 graduate of the college, Afreen was elected president of her class as a junior and senior and also </p><p>served as president on the AHS Student Council where she represented the Health Information Management </p><p>program. In addition, she represented the college on the Health Professions Students Council and was an </p><p>active Fellow of the Urban Allied Health Academy. Garnering the UIC Chancellor's Student Service Award for </p><p>two years, Afreen was also awarded the HIM Achievement Award upon graduation, an honor granted to one </p><p>student from each program for overall outstanding academic performance and contributions to his or her </p><p>field. After being employed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, Afreen recently returned </p><p>to the area, to continue her professional career. </p><p>Afreen is passionate about all aspects of healthcare. Her purpose for serving on the board is to give back to the </p><p>college with gratitude for the support she received while she was a student herself at UIC. </p></li><li><p> 2015 AHS Alumni Board Candidate Bio &amp; Statement </p><p> Eric Meredith Candidate statement for role of Treasurer of CAHS Alumni Board at UIC </p><p>I am excited to accept the nomination to run for Treasurer. I have been a member of the College of Applied Health Science's (AHS) Alumni Board for fifteen months and have been impressed with the numerous accomplishments of our dedicated leadership. I am particularly motivated to work on supporting our efforts for continued funding of innovative events and programs. The opportunity to be more involved in the AHS Alumni Board by serving as Treasurer would be an honor. Bio </p><p>After proudly serving in the U.S. Navy as a Russian Linguist, Eric returned home and obtained a Bachelor of </p><p>Information Systems from UIC. He worked in technology and sales for most of his career at Fortune 100 </p><p>companies such as McDonald's Corporation, IBM, and ARAMARK. In 2007, Eric followed his passion to become </p><p>a chef and started a healthy meal delivery service that addressed Chicagos food deserts. After three years of </p><p>serving hundreds of Chicagoans, he decided to close his business and enrolled in UIC's Nutrition program to </p><p>hone his skills in food and nutrition. Eric completed UIC's Master of Nutrition program in 2012 and became a </p><p>Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer. With over seven years of health education experience, Eric </p><p>is currently leveraging his talents to lead a team of Dietitians at UICs Chicago Partnership for Health </p><p>Promotion who address childhood obesity among underserved populations. </p></li><li><p> 2015 AHS Alumni Board Candidate Bio &amp; Statement </p><p> Gideon Ramirez </p><p>Candidate statement for role of Vice-President of CAHS Alumni Board at UIC </p><p>During the past two years, I have actively participated and involved in the annual AHS Alumni Weekend activities. During my first year as board member, I volunteered to the committee for the 2013 AHS Alumni Awards &amp; Gala Night. Ive met and established strong connections with other alumni board and the AHS alumni relations office staff. For the 2014 AHS Alumni Weekend activities, I volunteered to be the chairman of the AHS Alumni Weekend Awards &amp; Gala Night. With the unselfish support of the team members and the AHS alumni office director, the event was very successful. Ive developed my skills in planning alumni events and have widened my alumni network. It is my pleasure to be a part of AHS alumni board and now I am prepared and have the experience to accept a bigger role. </p><p>I am immensely grateful to be nominated as Vice president and eager to serve if elected. I am deeply committed to the college and the university in general. As the college moves forward and overcomes the challenges presented by budget shortfalls and shrinking resources, we must always remember those qualities and characteristics that make us strong, including the diversity of AHS programs. It would be an honor to represent this diverse constituency as Vice president of the AHS Alumni Board. My passion for stronger alumni connections will hopefully influence other graduates in giving back to the college. </p><p>Bio </p><p>Gideon is a graduate of UICs College of Applied Health Sciences Health Information Management program. As a highly engaged student leader, Gideon held the position of class treasurer, volunteered to numerous committees in the college and was always available for transfer student orientation sessions at the college. In 2009, he represented his class to the American Health Information Management Association national conference in Texas. He was the recipient of Achievement Award, an award given to one graduate per degree program in 2010. He was the first in his class to pass the Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) certification exam shortly before graduation. In 2013, Gideon completed his Master of Business Administration at Texas A &amp; M University. He serves on the AHS alumni board with the interest of supporting various collegiate activities that promote the integrity of the academic programs of the college. He also volunteered on the steering committee that worked tirelessly for the success of the 2013 and 2014 AHS Alumni Weekend. He is currently involved in promoting healthcare compliance programs at a local teaching hospital and an adjunct instructor at UIC and City Colleges of Chicago HIM programs. </p></li><li><p> 2015 AHS Alumni Board Candidate Bio &amp; Statement </p><p> Joanne Bradna Candidate statement for roles of Vice-President or Treasurer of CAHS Alumni Board at UIC I am honored to be asked to run for office for the AHS Alumni Board. I believe one of the attributes I can bring to a leadership position on the board, is the history I have with AHS. Since 1981 I have actively participated in many alumni activities and have helped to navigate our alumni board through many of the changes and challenges we have faced. Having this historical perspective is very helpful in moving an organization forward. In addition my involvement in the CAAB helps bring a University perspective and institutional knowledge to the AHS board. My experience of running a business brings another set of skills to the table. I have extensive organizational, fund raising and budgeting backgrounds that will transfer well to other activities and projects. </p><p>Should I be elected to a board position I will work hard to increase participation by alumni in all board sponsored events including fund raising. </p><p>Bio </p><p>Joanne Bradna is owner and managing partner of Rochelle Scientific LLC. She received a B.S. degree in </p><p>Medicine from Northwestern University and a M.S. degree in Applied Health Sciences from the University of </p><p>Illinois. She is an American Society of Clinical Pathologists registered Medical Technologist. </p><p>Following her graduation from Northwestern Joanne worked as a technologist in the microbiology laboratories </p><p>at Northwestern University Medical School and Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, Illinois. After </p><p>receiving her MS degree Joanne was appointed to the position of Assistant Professor at the University of </p><p>Illinois Chicago, Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences. She has been a technical sales representative for </p><p>Analytab Products and in 1989 became owner of Rochelle Scientific. Rochelle Scientific LLC, a manufacturers </p><p>representative organization that provides technical sales and service representatives for a number of scientific </p><p>equipment and laboratory supply manufacturers, has offices in Illinois and Northern California. </p><p>In 2003 Joanne co-founded, Operation Support Our Troops America (OSOT-America), an organization whose </p><p>mission is to support the morale and well-being of American forces by providing comfort, resources and </p><p>education to them and their families. She retired from the board of OSOT-America in 2008. </p><p>An active member of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Campus Alumni Advisory Board, Applied Health </p><p>Sciences (UIC) Alumni Board, American Society of Microbiology (ASM), Illinois Society for Microbiology (ISM), </p><p>and South Central Association of Clinical Microbiologists (SCACM), she has participated in numerous </p><p>workshops and lectures on the national and local level and has authored and co-authored a number of </p><p>publications. </p></li><li><p> 2015 AHS Alumni Board Candidate Bio &amp; Statement </p><p> Julie Schwertfeger Candidate statement for role of President of CAHS Alumni Board at UIC: </p><p>I am honored to be nominated for President of the UIC College of Applied Health Sciences Alumni Board. Having supported our President, Art Slowinski, for many years, I have learned of the commitment, listening skills and stewardship the role of President demands. If elected, my focus will be to work with the board, the departments and the Dean and his office to grow membership and involvement in the UIC CAHS activities and mission. My strategy to achieve this growth will be enhancing the strategic grass roots communication between board members, the individual departments, students and alumni. There are many successful initiatives led by our college and the departments, which provide a firm foundation for the work of this board. I believe harnessing and promoting this work through program alumni, donors, students and faculty demands passion and strategic timing and communication focus. We will also benefit the college by appointing alumni members from each department, which will continue to develop in the coming year. The excellent work and commitment of this board to date is an inspiration. The newer members bring fresh perspective and added energy that grow our funding and participation opportunities. I would be honored to serve as President during this pivotal and auspicious year in order to lend firm support and leadership as our new executive committee members are elected and take up their respective mantels. </p><p>Bio </p><p>Schwertfeger earned her BA in German literature with a minor in Psychology and her BS in Physical Therapy </p><p>from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and her MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration </p><p>from Keller Graduate School of Management. Her clinical practice focuses on adult neurologic and complex </p><p>medical evidence based practice. Her research interest centers on patient centered care, provider decision </p><p>making, health policy and self-efficacy. She was named site investigator on a PCORI contract in partnership </p><p>with the Center for Rehabilitation Outcomes Research (CROR) on the use of patient reported measures. She is </p><p>an instructor at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, teaching clinical neurology in the DPT </p><p>program. Schwertfeger holds elected and appointed roles in the Illinois Physical Therapy Association (IPTA), </p><p>and American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Section on Research (SOR), currently serving as the IPTA </p><p>Vice President, Chair of the IPTA Research Task Force and Federal Affairs Liaison and Practice Chair for the </p><p>APTA SOR. She is a mentor in the Neurology Section and IPTA iMAP programs. She has served UIC College of </p><p>Applied Health Sciences for the past 10 years in the role of Vice Chair, and took the role as interim President in </p><p>October 2014. </p></li><li><p> 2015 AHS Alumni Board Candidate Bio &amp; Statement </p><p> Nina Franklin Candidate statement for role of Vice-President of CAHS Alumni Board at UIC </p><p>I would be honored to serve on UICs AHS Alumni Board as Vice-Present. As a native of the Englewood community on Chicago's South Side obtaining a college degree and making a difference were primary goals that I continued to strive for. After graduating from high school, I attended UIUC (2002) and majored in Kinesiology. Upon completion of my BS, I entered the health and health care workforce, launched a prosperous business, and eventually decided to expand my education by earning a MS (2006) in Movement Science at UIC. It was during this time that I gained a huge appreciation for the UIC system and realized that I wanted to contribute more to my college and field of interest. As such, I became interested in research and ultimately completed my PhD (2012) in Kinesiology, Nutrition and Rehabilitation in the Department of Physical Therapy where I now serve as a Research Assistant Professor. Although I wasnt an official AHS Alumni Board member until 2012, Ive had the privilege of being involved with the board since 2008 during which time Ive served as a panel member for the inaugural AHS / ASAP Alumni Chat and all subsequent Chats. I am also an active member of the American College of Sports Medicine, American Heart Association, and the American Physiological Society. Through my experiences within and outside my profession, I have come to appreci...</p></li></ul>


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