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Winners of the annual Awards for Excellence in Health Care Journalism


<ul><li> 1. Awards for Excellence in Health Care Journalism<br />April 24, 2010<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Metro papers/national wire and Web sites<br /> 3. Josephine Marcotty, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, "Kidney Failure"<br />Honorable Mention<br /> 4. Chicago Tribune staff/ProPublica, "Compromised Care"<br />Third Place<br /> 5. Shari Roan, Los Angeles Times, "Jani's at the Mercy of Her Mind"<br />Second Place<br /> 6. Trine Tsouderos and Patricia Callahan, Chicago Tribune, "Dubious Medicine" <br />First Place<br /> 7. Community papers/regional wire and Web sites<br /> 8. Heidi Hall, The Tennessean, "Needless Deaths"<br />Third Place<br /> 9. Michael LaForgia, The Palm Beach Post, "Painkiller Clinics Use Legal Loopholes"<br />Second Place<br /> 10. Evan George, Los Angeles Daily Journal, "Disabled and Denied"<br />First Place<br /> 11. Large Magazines<br /> 12. Shannon Brownlee, Reader's Digest, "What's Wrong with Cancer Tests"<br />Third Place<br /> 13. Sheri Fink, ProPublica/The New York Times Magazine, "The Deadly Choices at Memorial"<br />Second Place<br /> 14. Katherine Eban, Self, "Bad Bargain"<br />First Place<br /> 15. Small Magazines<br /> 16. David Evans, Bloomberg Markets, "Big Pharma's Crime Spree"<br />Third Place<br /> 17. Robert Langreth, Forbes, "Useless Medicine" <br />Second Place<br /> 18. David Case, Fast Company, "Warning: This Bottle May Contain Toxic Chemicals. Or Not." <br />First Place<br /> 19. Trade<br /> 20. Susan Brink, Health Affairs, "The Diabetes Prevention Program: How the Participants Did It"<br />Honorable Mention<br /> 21. Stephen Ornes, CR Magazine, "What Happens to a Donated Tumor?"<br />Third Place<br /> 22. Jan Greene, Trustee Magazine, "How Can Small Hospitals Survive?"<br />Second Place<br /> 23. Joe Carlson, Modern Healthcare, "The Cost of Murder"<br />First Place<br /> 24. Television<br /> 25. Cynthia Lester, MSNBC, "My Mother's Garden" <br />Third Place<br /> 26. Josh Rushing, Jeremy Young, HanaanSarhan, Al Jazeera English, "America's Forgotten Patients" <br />Second Place<br /> 27. Maria Shriver, Sheila Nevins and John Hoffman, HBO, "The Alzheimer's Project" <br />First Place<br /> 28. Radio<br /> 29. Kelley Weiss, Capital Public Radio, "Senior Insecurity"<br />Third Place<br /> 30. Gabriel Spitzer, CateCahan, Natalie Moore, WBEZ-Chicago Public Radio, "Twice as Deadly: Chicago's Race Gap in Breast Cancer"<br />Second Place<br /> 31. Rachel Gotbaum, Anna Bensted, George Hicks, WBUR, "Quality of Death- End of Life Care: Inside Out"<br />First Place<br /> 32. Multimedia<br /> 33. Bianca Alexander and Michael Alexander, The Soul of Green, "The Color of Health"<br />Third Place<br /> 34. Kaiser Health News/National Public Radio, "Are You Covered?"<br />Second Place<br /> 35. International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, Center for Public Integrity, "Tobacco Underground"<br />First Place<br /> 36. Beat Reporting<br /> 37. Kelley Weiss, Capital Public Radio<br />Third Place<br /> 38. Jim Landers, The Dallas Morning News<br />Second Place<br /> 39. Marshall Allen, Las Vegas Sun<br />First Place<br /> 40. Awards for Excellence in Health Care Journalism<br />April 24, 2010<br /></p>