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  • AgriscienceStudent Scholarship&Recognition Program

  • Agriscience Student Scholarship and Recognition Program

    To promote science-based research.To provide scholarships for students planning careers in the agricultural industry.To educate the public on the wide range of career opportunities.

  • Agriscience Student Scholarship and Recognition Program

    The top two from each state are eligible for national competition.Eight national finalists are chosen, one winner and one runner-up are chosen from finalist group.

  • Agriscience Student Scholarship and Recognition Program

    Applicationpersonal information and signaturesquestions (four)written reportphotographs (maximum of six)letters of recommendation (two)resumeofficial transcript

  • Agriscience Student Scholarship and Recognition Program

    State participationsubmit materials to state staff by state deadlinesapplications for national due July 15certificates for all state participantsplaque and scholarship for state winner

  • Agriscience Student Scholarship and Recognition Program

    National finalistsdisplay, presentation and interview at the National FFA Conventionplaques presented on state at conventionscholarship to each national finalistadditional $1,500 to runner-up and additional $3,000 to winner (scholarships)winner featured in FFA Centers Hall of Achievement

  • Agriscience Student Scholarship and Recognition Program

    Currently over 25 states participate at the national level.Program is sponsored by Monsanto

  • Project ComponentsPersonal Information namechapteraddressschool addressphone numbersetc

  • Project ComponentsQuestions four for student application, relating to the students FFA involvementSAE and courseworkCareer and future plansAgriscience awareness

  • Project Componentstitle pagetable of contentsabstractintroduction

    materials and methods resultsdiscussion and conclusionacknowledgementsliterature citedWritten Report

  • Project ComponentsThe written report for the student application is limited to 15 pages (one-sided), not including the supporting materials

    Written Report

  • Project ComponentsAbstractone page (250 words) maximumbrief statement of purpose, procedure, data collection and conclusionfuture research or potential applications

    Written Report

  • Project ComponentsIntroductionproblem statementhypothesiswhy this research?what do you hope to achieve?Written Report

  • Project ComponentsMaterial and Methodsall materials usedmethods of data collectiondescriptive enough for someone to duplicate your work

    Written Report

  • Project ComponentsResultsfactual presentation of studypossibly include tables and chartsWritten Report

  • Project ComponentsDiscussion and Conclusionrelate conclusions to hypothesisbe thoroughshow reasoningexplain why results were or were not as expectedWritten Report

  • Project ComponentsAcknowledgementscredit those who helped youbusinesses or individuals

    Literature citedlist of published books or articles citedcheck a style guide for proper listingAP stylebook Written Report

  • Project ComponentsPresentation 15 minute maximum prepared oral presentation on projectInterview 5 minutes of questioning by the judges after the oral presentation.

  • Project ComponentsDisplay eye catching and informativesimple and clear languagephotographs, charts, drawingsequipment exhibitfollow all safety rules

  • Project ComponentsJudging each area has a specific scoresheet that will be followedparticipant must be present

  • Project ComponentsPhotographs maximum of sixcaptions of 50 words or lessgood action photossequence of action

  • Project ComponentsLetters of recommendation StudentTwo letters from advisor, principal, teachers, community members, etc

  • Project ComponentsResume or Vitae Biographical informationCareer objectiveEducationSAESchool and community leadershipmemberships

  • Project ComponentsOfficial Transcript must be stamped or sealed by the schoolSignatures check to see what signatures are neededparticipantparent or guardianschool administrator/guidance counselorstate staff