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    between the


    and the




    Unit 1, Teachers and Ancillary Services

    July 1, 2014


    June 30, 2019


    Article 1

    Article 2

    Article 3

    Article 4

    Article 5

    Article 6



    Salary Schedules

    Salary Administration

    Lunch and Playground Program

    Rights and Responsibilities

    Page 1

    Page 4

    Page 4

    Page 8

    Page 12

    Page 12

    Article 7 Curriculum and Professional Development Page 18

    Article 8 Induction Programs Page 22

    Article 9 Employment Page 24

    Article 10 Assignments and Transfers Page 26

    Article 11 Vacancies Page 29

    Article 12 Teaching Load Page 30

    Article 13 Students with Disabilities Page 35

    Article 14 Evaluation Page 38

    Article 15 Temporary Leaves of Absence Page 41

    Article 16 Extended Leaves of Absence Page 49

    Article 17 Freedom from Non-Instructional Responsibilities Page 55

    Article 18 Fringe Benefits Page 55

    Article 19 Instructional Supplies, Materials and Equipment Page 60

    Article 20 Building Facilities Page 61

    Article 21 Summer School and Adult Evening School Page 62

    Article 22 Association and Board Rights Page 65

    Article 23 Teacher-Administrator Liaison Page 70

    Article 24 Use of School Facilities Page 72

    Article 25 Dues Deduction Page 72

    Article 26 Grievance Procedure Page 73

    Article 27 Miscellaneous Page 79

    Article 28 Duration Page 81

    Appendix 1 Salary Page 82 Appendix 2 Extracurricular Activities Page 92 Appendix 3 Summer School and Hourly Rates Page 98 Appendix 4 Coaching Page 99 Appendix 5 Health Insurance Rates Page 106

  • 1


    In order to effectuate the provisions of the Public Employees Fair Employment Act

    (otherwise known as the Taylor Law), to encourage and increase effective and harmonious

    working relationships between the Syracuse Board of Education (hereinafter referred to as

    the Board) and its professional employees represented by the Syracuse Teachers

    Association, Incorporated (hereinafter referred to as the Association) and to enable the

    professional employees to more fully participate in and contribute to the development of

    policies for the School District so that the cause of public education may best be served in


    THIS AGREEMENT IS MADE AND ENTERED INTO on this 1st day of July, 2014 by

    and between the Board and the Association through June 30, 2019.



    As used in this Agreement, the following terms shall have the respective meanings set forth


    A. Association Syracuse Teachers Association, Incorporated.

    B. Association Labor Management Team a committee of not more than three

    (3) Association members in each school selected in a manner to be determined by the

    Association to represent the Association in that school.

    C. Board of Education or Board Board of Education of the Syracuse City

    School District

    D. Budget Year/School Year July 1 through June 30 of each year.

    E. District Syracuse City School District.

    F. Holiday a day specifically identified in the official school calendar on which

    schools are closed and staff members are not required to be present for duty, but for which

    they receive a normal and full days pay.

    G. In-service training a planned program which may include, but is not

    necessarily limited to, training in teaching skills and techniques, curriculum

    orientation, human relations, etc., conducted by personnel of the District or its

    consultants, for which no academic credit is awarded by a college or other institution

    of higher learning.

  • 2

    H. Part-time Adult Program Employee (Vocational Instructors, Counselors, Job

    Developers, Remedial Instructors, Case Managers, Nurse Assistant Instructors, and Adult

    Education Teachers) an employee who works less than thirty-five (35) hours. Salary will be

    prorated by dividing the number of hours worked by thirty-five (35) hours.

    I. Part-time Teacher a teacher who is assigned and paid for a teaching load

    which constitutes less than the normal teaching duty equivalent(s).

    Teaching Duty Equivalent for purposes of prorating salary shall be defined as follows:

    1.0 = 5 teaching periods or 2.5 blocks average* per day, homeroom and duty assignment

    0.9 = 4 teaching periods or 2 blocks average per day, homeroom and duty assignment

    0.8 = 4 teaching periods or 2 blocks average per day

    0.7 = 3 teaching periods or 1.5 blocks average per day, duty assignment

    0.6 = 3 teaching periods or 1.5 blocks average per day, homeroom

    0.5 = 3 teaching periods or 1.5 blocks average per day

    0.4 = 2 teaching periods or 1 block average per day, homeroom or duty assignment

    0.3 = 2 teaching periods or 1 block average per day


    1. Average means for a full-time teacher any combination that equals 2.5

    average blocks. Examples: 3 blocks per day first semester and 2 blocks per day

    second semester; 2 blocks Day 1 and 3 blocks Day 2. Part-time averages will be

    prorated respectively.

    2. Duty Assignment = 1 full period.

    3. Homeroom = as determined by school.

    J. Preparation Period an assigned period for planning and preparation of

    materials related to the area of instruction and other professional purposes. Other

    professional purposes shall not be interpreted as meaning scheduling of other activities on a

    prolonged or regular basis.

    K. Regular Substitute a teacher who is employed for assignment to a regular

    teaching position in place of a regular teacher who is away from his/her position on a

    leave of absence, and specifically named as such by resolution of the Board. Provisions of

    this Agreement applicable to regular substitutes are defined in Article 9D (Employment).

    L. Representative Assembly the meeting of the elected representatives of the

    Syracuse Teachers Association, Inc., normally held the second Wednesday of each school


    M. School Calendar The District and Association will jointly develop yearly school

    calendars that will conform to the current number of student and staff days. Staff days shall

    be at least, but no more than, one hundred eighty-four (184) days. Such calendar(s) will

    follow the established procedures for Board and Association approval.

  • 3

    N. School Week Monday through Friday including evening activities and events

    except as otherwise excluded by this Agreement.

    O. Seniority length of continuous service within the Syracuse City School

    District. Length of continuous service is from the most recent date of hire in Unit 1 in

    the teachers current tenure/certification area.

    P. Summer School Calendar a school calendar covering the period of the

    summer session.

    Q. Superintendent Superintendent of Schools of the Syracuse City School District.

    R. Teacher an employee unless the context suggests or implies otherwise,

    in the negotiating unit, as defined in Article 2 (Recognition).

    S. Teachers School Day:

    1. Elementary School shall mean Grades K-6. Secondary School shall

    mean Grades 7-12, including those schools operating as middle schools.

    2. Beginning July 1, 2009 the normal workday for elementary and

    secondary schools shall not exceed six (6) hours and thirty (30) minutes. The

    normal workday for adult programs (Vocational Instructors, Counselors, Job

    Developers, Remedial Instructors, Case Managers, Nurse Assistant Instructors, and

    Adult Education Teachers) shall not exceed seven (7) hours. Each such normal

    school day, however, shall be exclusive of a thirty (30) minute duty free lunch


    3. The beginning of the normal workday may vary from school to school

    depending upon transportation requirements such as bus schedules and/or other

    factors. Should unusual circumstances require a major deviation from the normal

    schedule, the parties will reduce their understanding to writing by means of a

    Letter of Understanding to be executed by both parties.

    4. The schedule may also be varied by an individual school teaching staff in

    joint agreement with the principal and with the approval of the Superintendent.

    When a significant change in schedule is so adopted in any building, the principal

    shall promptly notify the Association.

    5. The parties mutually agree that teachers professional duties and

    responsibilities extend beyond any specific school day. In specifying the normal

    workday, it is not intended to diminish the nature or extent of such professional

    responsibilities including, but not limited to, curriculum development, attendance at

    faculty meetings, lesson planning, and assisting students in need of help.

    6. An employee shall not be required to attend a school function if such

    attendance would be in violation of the employees religious beliefs and

    convictions. Employees shall not be required to attend functions on non-school

    calendar days as defined in subsection N hereof, except for obligations arising out

    of resp


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