afrinic update afrinic apricot, fukuoka, japan 4 march 2015

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AFRINIC UpdateAFRINICAPRICOT , Fukuoka, Japan4 March 2015

A Quick GlanceAFRINIC celebrating 10 years of existence as an RIRFarewell to Adiel Akplogan after 10 years of service as CEO at AFRINICPatrisse Deesse nominated as Interim CEOAlan Barrett as NRO representative on the ICG

Membership Trend (2006- 2014)Page 3

1,152 active members as of Year Ending 2014

3IP Distribution Trend

12.46 Million /32 IPv4 issued in 2014

3.27 Million /48 IPv6 issued in 2014

140 AS Numbers issued in 2014

Ongoing ProjectsATLAS: 250 Probes/11 anchors by 2016RPKI: Moving to APNIC last release v20140107-1AIRRS: African Internet Routing and Resources StatisticsDNS Anycast and Route Server CopyNew WHOIS (Based on RIPE java code)Routing Registry: bundled with new WhoisPage 7

Page 8Policies UpdateProposalStatus1Out-Of-Region Use of AFRINIC Internet Number ResourcesDiscussion2Resource Reservation for Internet Exchange PointsDiscussion

3AFRINIC Service GuidelinesDiscussion4.Anycast Resource Assignments in the AFRINIC regionRatified

Capacity Building


Grants and Awards Program designed to encourage and support the development of solutions to information and communication needs in the African region. Part of the Seed Alliance with FRIDA (LACNIC) and ISIF Asia (APNIC)22 Grants and 8 Awards given since 2012

The Fund for Internet Research and Education(FIRE)

Page 11IGCooperation within the NROIANA Stewardship Transition ICANN AccountabilityGlobal IGFSupport to Regional IGFs

Capacity Building & Community Engagement Training for Governments, Policy Makers and Managers.African Union, African Telecommunications Union. Global & Regional Engagement

We have heard a lot of analysis and hypothesis on what happened in Dubai last December but beside the them against us theory, the reality is that in many developing countries the digital economy does not have the same structure as you can see in most of developed country particularly in the US. The Industry is still either very young or completely inexistent as driver of the local economy. Most of what is known is known through consumption of for foreign production. In most of these countries the Government is yet to find the right model that do not completely give up that promising economy to outside player. While at the same time they have to make sure that are fully accountable to their population on their digital security! 11Additional Highlights40 full time staff as of Dec 2014Creation of 2 New Departments and UnitCapacity Building and Community EngagementResearch and New TechnologyCustomer Service Unit (within Member Services Department)2.74 /8 available in our IPv4 Pool end of 2014414 Members with IPv6 prefixes (36 % of membership ratio but only 15 % visibility)in 2014IPv6 prefixes allocated to 49 of 56 African economies (IPv6 coverage of 88% in Africa)ElectionsAFRINIC Board (two seats - Southern and Eastern) in June 2015Policy Development Working Group: one co-Chair in June 2015NRO-NC/ICANN ASO AC (one Representative) in Nov 2015

Page 12

For more stats, check out our latest publicationThe Number Crunch

You are invited to our next eventPage 14

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