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  1. 1. AfghanistanBY MARWA FURMOLI
  2. 2. Language: The language of Afghanistan are Dari and Pashto.
  3. 3. Social organization: The must important people are ethnic group in Afghanistan because has a lot of groups. Pashtun are the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan because of big population.
  4. 4. Tradition All afghans follow Islam traditions ,celebration the same holidays ,dress the same, consume the same and listen to the same music. The type of music in Afghanistan are traditional music ,classic-pop music and hip hop.
  5. 5. Foods Afghanistan has a lot delicious foods include like mantue , rice and kabab.
  6. 6. Arts The most famous art in Afghanistan is the gandhara art. Gandhara art is the type of Buddhist art. Gandhara is developed between 1st century BC and 7th century AD in gandhara region, which is northwester Pakistan and eastern Afghanistan.
  7. 7. Religions The religion of Afghanistan is Islam. Islam is one of the largest religion in the world with over 1billion is a monotheistic faith based or relation received by the prophet Mohammad in 7th-century Saudi Arabia. The Arabic. The Arabic world Islam means submission.
  8. 8. Government the government; The afghan national unity governments naive towards Islamabad seems to be gradually overture subduing Afghanistan to Pakistan.


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