advance resources was established as an information technology services provider in pakistan

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Advance Resources has been established as a Information Technology Services Provider in Pakistan. Our business model is based on the accomplishment of properties in Information Technology in Pakistan. Advance Resources started with the mission of delivering I.T service. We provide the service in Network Design, Troubleshooting , Data backup management, Desktop Support, Disaster Recovery .Work with us and forget about your network environment.


  • IT Services Offering For Next Generation


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  • Overview

    Advance Resources has been established as a Information Technology Services Provider in Pakistan. Our business model is based on the accomplishment of properties in Information Technology in Pakistan.


    Advance Resources started with the mission of delivering I.T service. We provide the service in Network Design, Troubleshooting , Data backup management, Desktop Support, Disas-ter Recovery .Work with us and forget about your network environment.


    Advance Resources has established with the mission of providing Satisfactory Services in Information Technology Sector. Customer Satisfaction is our core value we always give an importance to our valued customers.

    Our company is always flexible in providing a solution and guides our customers by using our expertise that which solution is best for their Infrastructure. We analyze our customer requirements, we recommend state of the art solutions.

    We bring a personal and effective approach to

    every project we work on ..



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    About US

  • Why Choose Us?

    Our Expertise

    Why Choose Us?

    We listen to our customer demands and plans then we make designs while keeping in mind the ideas and future plans of our customers. We always prefer to use the updated ver-sions and tools to make our work more efficient. While having relevant experienced persons we work more efficiently.Each task complete by the relevant department.

    Our Expertise

    Infrastructure Design

    Network Design

    Disaster Recovery


    Some of Our Clients : MGH ENGINEERING & CONTROL.




  • At Advance Resources, We are specialized in the

    following sector and currently providing our

    services to hundreds of companies.


    Harnessing the power of emerging technologies

    requires you to overcome complex systems

    integration challenges, both within your own

    organizations walls, and with your external

    partners, suppliers, and clients.

    Our systems integration specialists can help you

    manage the complexity inherent with technology

    change, from requirements planning to

    architecture, testing to deployment, and beyond.

    And we offer a complete range of industry-

    leading services to help you, including systems

    development, solution and platform integration,

    and program management, functional, and testing


    Our program management, functional, and testing

    services can help you deliver strategic outcomes

    from your technology deployment efforts,

    directly linking IT programs to broader

    organizational goals. We understand the business

    context of your deployment and integration

    efforts, and offer a strong focus on

    predictability, results management, method

    alignment, delivery, risk, quality, and

    estimation. Whether you need help at the

    advisory or delivery level, we have the process

    expertise, methods, tools, deep industry

    knowledge, and insight into business and

    technology operations to help you.

    Our capabilities include:

    Performance testing and engineering

    Requirements engineering services

    Technology program management

    Testing advisory and delivery services

    Despite its name, Solution and Platform

    Integration isnt solely about the technology.

    Its also about the people and business

    processes that are required to deliver the full

    value of the technology. And thats where we

    excel. We bring a deep understanding of the

    underlying business issues that should be

    addressed for an architecture-level initiative

    to be effective.

    Our Services


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    A booming economy has

    fuelled in numerous

    organizations to expand and

    strengthen their IT

    infrastructure, with an

    increased focus on Networks

    - The Backbone of

    organizational growth. And

    with the emergence of newer

    technologies and dispersed

    geographical operations,

    management of networks

    becomes a herculean task.

    Organization over the years

    have realized that network

    outsourcing to best of breed

    IT service providers can

    yield them significant cost

    savings and business

    benefits. It has matured to

    an extent where mass skill

    sets are available and they

    can be administer nearly

    100% through very advanced

    management tools with remote

    delivery model.


    We have experience helping clients with the architecture,

    design, and development of service-oriented architecture (SOA)

    and other integration platform solutions to allow information.


    Lets face it. The opportunities, challenges and threats

    facing IT departments today look very different from what

    they were just a few years ago. In a very short time since

    the 21st Century began, the trend broadly termed as

    Digitalization has made the consumer king and has

    transformed the 21stCentury Enterprises expectations from

    IT. Whether it is spearheading a responsive, flexible and

    secure cloud strategy or providing the Gen-Y workforce with

    the tools to be productive IT is playing a pivotal role

    in helping business be agile, secure, service-oriented and

    deliver unified experiences to the end customer.

    Is your IT Infrastructure providing the competitive

    advantage that the 21st Century Enterprise expects, while

    increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness?

    Are your workplace IT services, ready for the needs of

    the next generation, globally mobile, employee?

    Is your Data Center strategy one that is leveraging the

    full power of the cloud to make business more flexible and


    It your IT infrastructure more efficient today through

    predictive analytics and autonomics?

    We have not only executed complex global IT transformation

    exercises, but also helped run efficient IT services for

    many international companies.

    w w w . a r . c o m . p k

    Our Services


  • We acknowledged all the concerns of the market

    and through customer feedback, commitment and

    innovation have devised a unique approach

    "Design - Implement - Consult Engineering to

    offer cutting-edge networking solutions. Our

    offerings are conceptualized, implemented and

    delivered keeping in mind entire suite of


    LAN management, WAN management

    WLAN management

    Unified Communications

    Network Operations Center

    Network System Integration Services

    Network Consulting Services

    Network Security Services

    Network Implementation Services.

    Our mature transition methodology in turn

    converts each activity into an compliant process

    that can be effectively delivered through the

    process of resolutions.


    The wireless network allows customers the

    freedom to make use of Wi-Fi enabled devices to

    connect to the Internet without needing to plug

    in a cable. It offers fast, reliable

    connections at data rates of up to 300Mbps. The

    service supports 802.11g and 802.11n with

    support for the latest 802.11ac standard in

    selected areas.

    The service provides coverage in the 2.4GHz and

    5GHz wavebands.

    Staff and students can authenticate using WPA2

    enterprise authentication. This provides users

    with a secure network connection which

    prevents eavesdropping.

    The vast majority of wireless devices are

    capable of using this standard and it is

    always worth checking with the manufacturer for

    software updates.


    Our Services

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  • Wireless Network Area Network (WLAN):

    The mobile user requires the same

    accessibility, security, quality-of-service

    (QoS), and high availability currently enjoyed

    by wired users.

    Whether you are at work, at home, on the road,

    locally or internationally, there is a need to

    connect. The technological challenges are

    apparent, but to this end, mobility plays a

    role for everyone.

    Companies are deriving business value from

    mobile and wireless solutions. What was once a

    vertical market technology is now mainstream,

    and is an essential tool in getting access to

    voice, real-time information, and critical

    applications such as e-mail and calendar,

    enterprise databases, supply chain management,

    sales force automation, and customer

    relationship management. WLAN Solution


    WLANs provide the user with a new way to

    communicate while accommodating the way

    business is done now. The following benefits

    are achieved by WLANs:

    Mobility within building or

    campusFacilitates implementation of

    applications that require an always-on network

    and that tend to involve movement within a



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