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  • ADO.NET ENTITY FRAMEWORKMike TaultyDeveloper & Platform GroupMicrosoft [email protected]

  • Entity Framework Key FactsExtension to the ADO.NET Provider ModelPluggable to support any databaseFunctionalityAbstracts a model from your store schemaOffers Object Relational Mapping/LINQ and ADO.NET APIsStatusComing in Visual Studio 2008 Sp1, Summer 2008Currently in VS 2008 Sp1 Beta 13 previous independent betas

  • ADO.NET Entity Framework

  • ADO.NET Entity Framework

  • LINQ to SQL? LINQ to Entities?

    LINQ to SQLLINQ to EntitiesDatabase SupportSQL ServerManyObject Relational Mapping CapabilitiesSimpleComplexRequires Attributed .NET CodeNoYesStatusReleasedBeta

  • DEMOProgramming Entity Framework with LINQ

  • Key Classes

  • LINQ to Entities Lots of Topics

  • ADO.NET Entity Framework

  • DEMOManipulating our Conceptual Model

  • ADO.NET Entity Framework

  • DEMOProgramming with Entity SQL and ADO.NET

  • EF Providers in Progress

    VendorDB SupportMicrosoftSQL ServerCore LabOracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLiteIBMDB2, Informix Dynamic ServerMySQL ABMySQLNpgsqlPostgreSQLOpenLinkMany via OpenLink ODBC or JDBCPhoenixSQLiteDataDirectOracle, Sybase, SQL Server, DB2FirebirdFirebird

  • ResourcesNew Data Developer Site ADO.NET Team Blog My website ( search Entity )

  • ADO.NET ENTITY FRAMEWORKMike TaultyDeveloper & Platform GroupMicrosoft [email protected]

  • ADO.NET Today

  • ADO.NET Entity Framework

  • ADO.NET Entity Framework

  • ADO.NET Entity Framework

  • Programming with Entity SQLThe EntityClient provides the usualConnection, Command, DataReaderThere is no EntityDataAdapter V1.0 the model is read-onlyEntity SQL has some additional constructs to expose the underlying conceptual model

  • DEMOProgramming with Entity SQL

  • Mapping Examples ( 1 Splitting )MappingType=GType=B

  • Mapping Examples ( 2 TPH )StoreEntitiesMappingPremiumCustomerOverdraftAccountManager* Framework also supports TPT

  • Mapping Examples ( 3 View + SPs )StoreEntitiesMappingClientView1select, c.namefrom customers cwhere = UKp_DeleteUkCustomerp_UpdateUkCustomerp_InsertUkCustomer

  • DEMOQuerying Different Models with Entity SQL

  • Programming with LINQ to EntitiesNew Data Access ORM API implemented in assemblySystem.Data.Entity.dllMany NamespacesSystem.Data.EntitySystem.Data.Objects...Object Relational Mapping API can be used with or without LINQ

  • DEMOProgramming with LINQ to Entities