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    arV13631Curative mesmerism: or, an Animal maflnet

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    The original of this book is inthe Cornell University Library.

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    Curative Mesmerism:OK,

    Animal Magnetism & its HealingPower,


    Author of the Treatise on Animal Magnetism and Somnambulism.Me'daille d'honnew donnJe par la Society Vagnttique deParis pour set guirisons aperies par le Magndtisme.



    to be had from the author, 10, berkeley gardens,Oampden Hill, Kensington.1877.

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    CHAPTER I." Le Hagnetisme guSrit quelquefois ,Soulage souventConsole toujonrs."

    Fob the advancement and honour of the MagneticScience, for the good of my fellow creatures, and for theservice of the scientific world, I think it my duty to publishand add some of my latest cures effected by Animal Mag-netism.

    For the thirty-three years that I have been engaged inMagnetic Science, my object has been to prove that manpossesses a supreme faculty, which constitutes his essence,and that he may transmit this faculty to his fellow creatures.For this object I have given lectures and seances in almostall the great cities of Europe. I have never feared fatigue,convinced that there is a virtue in perseverance which wefaring to the work of doing good. If sometimes we feel sad-ness at witnessing the obstinacy of certain persons whodeny Magnetism, or at the ingratitude of others, we are, atother times, well rewarded by the happiness which we feelin relieving or curing sufferers in cases where medicine hasproved powerless.

    I am assured that Magnetism has a great future before it.The day will come when its curative application will beadopted by all the world.Among my friends whom I have cured by Magnetism,-there are some who, convinced in their own persons of theefficacy of this treatment, magnetise now their own childrenat the least indisposition, always succeeding in arresting dis-order at its onset.

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    To reap from Magnetism all the advantages which may-be derived from it, itmust become the medicine of familiesthat the father and mother should magnetise their children.Can there exist anything more interesting for man, whois subject to all physical evils, than to find in his friend, hiswife, or his child, the power of relieving him, of bringinghim back to life by curing him of the illness with which he-may be afflicted.Man is composed of two beings. He who devotes him-self from infancy to the development of the physical beingunder the pretext that he could attain to a perfect growthwithout giving at the same time attention to the moraldevelopment, commits a grievous error ; such a one losessight entirely of the view of Nature who shows us every davthat nothing perfect can exist without harmony ; harmonycan only exist, can only be maintained by the equal develop-ment of every part of one whole. We may see an exampleof this in the habit which we have in making use of onehand rather than the other. "We have more strength in onepart of our body than the other. The cause of this is notin our organisation, since the small number of those whohave contracted the habit of using the left hand, find an in-competency in using the opposite hand.

    I think it necessary, before relating cures resulting sovictoriously from the beneficent action of Magnetism, to laydown certain principles.Man is endowed with the faculty of feeling, and withthat of acting. He feels, that is to say, he expresses hisexistence by acts, independent of general laws of nature,and of which the causes reside in his will.The organs of sensation are the senses, of which the con-stituent parts are the nerves.

    Besides the senses, properly so-called, he also possessesdifferent internal organs, fitted to receive impressions ; butthe habit of receiving strong impressions through externalorgans scarcely permits him to distinguish the more delicateimpressions of the internal organs; in some particular cases,however, these latter impressions may become sensible.

    If the regularity of the internal movements is dis~

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    ' tnrbed by some cause or other, the body is in a state of d\Order.

    In this latter case, the conservative principle makes in.cessant efforts to destroy the cause of disorder ; if she suc-ceeds in this it effects a cure ; in the contrary case, the dis-order increases and has no other issue than the total cessa-tion of movementdeath.Magnetism is the art of aiding nature in re-establishing

    equilibrium in the body ; it may succeed in this in two ways,either by strengthening the conservative principle, so as toenable it to subdue the causa of disorder, or by acting uponthis cause itself, so that nature has less effort to makethan to destroy it.The healing power of Magnetism appears to have beenknown to the ancients, and to have become lost by the effectof revolutions ; these processes, simple as nature, from whichthey are derived, constitute Magnetism.To magnetise is to direct one's thought upon a patientwith a persistent will to relieve him; there then results ageneral movement communicated from the magnetiser tothe magnetised, in which the former is principal, and is able toaccelerate or to moderate the interior movement of the latter,and consequently to strengthen the conservative principle.

    Under Magnetism, all crises are salutary ; it prepares forthem, it brings them on, and leads them to a happy ter-.mination.Among the curative crises evolved, the most re-markable of all is that called somnambulism. In thiscrises, the external senses are then alone impregnated withthe principle of feeling, and receiving a great development,an extraordinary instinct exhibits itself in the patient, whothen acquires a knowledge of his interior, and of the reme-dies suitable to his disorder; sometimes even his sensesbecome so delicate as to enable him to perceive the morbidauses and their remedies.

    To magnetise, that is to say, to open one's heart to thesweet impulse of benevolence, requires the same sentimentin return from the person who is magnetised, i.e., gratitude."The process which I employ is of the greatest simplicity.

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    I isolate myself as much as I possibly can. I neither see-nor hear anything that is passing around me ; I make amental prayer that God may bless and aid my efforts. Mythoughts once fixed, my will is firm, I magnetise. An invo-cation so sincere by pure intents cannot but succeed.The persons whom I have had the happiness to cure have-never been magnetised for sleep.

    Persons are sent to sleep only when operations must beperformed.

    Every one can magnetise ; all diseases can be cured byMagnetism. God has endowed man with the power ofcuring his fellow creatures by imparting without injuringhis own existence. (I do not believe that one can catch adisease by magnetising : if that were the case I shouldhave every disease possible.)

    This precious power, known especially to man, whosehabits bring him most closely to Nature, is assuredly in-stinctive.

    In the humble cottage, where the only scienceknown is that of cultivating the earth and in training chil-dren to simple and useful labour ; the mother soothes bygentle frictions, made wHh a solitude which permits notthe slightest distraction, the . pains which disturbher infant instructed by her tenderness, she varies hermovements and caresses, she knows by passes from-above downwards upon the vertebral column, and uponthe abdomen, she can dissipate the pains so frequent and sodangerous in infancy ; she knows that by support-ing with her hands the head of her child upon herbreast, and gently rocking him there, she can soothe andrender supportable the anguish of teeth iug ; she knows thatby placing her hands on the little patient's forehead shecan allay the fever which burns his head ; that when he has.sickness, slight frictions on the epigastrium allays it.

    Magnetism is a most powerful agent ; it may be-abused ; it would be dangerous if it were in other thanhonest hands. Happily its practice requires too much time,,too much sacrifices, to permit its being adopted by othersthan those who are actuated by the desire of being service

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    able to their fellow creatures, and thiB sentimenthas no force and activity except in the heart of thegood.

    I have seen persons who have experienced no presentsensible effects from magnetisation, but who have neverthe-less been cured by it.The magnetisation performed for the relief of sufferingdiffers, as in its object, so also in its means and in itseffects, from that which is intended solely to produce analtered state in a magnetic subject.

    The magnetic fluid, like all other fluids, is dynamic, it isthe vital force ; to accumulate it in the nervous system, isto augment the powers of vitality. Consequently if thisvital excitation is made without discernment, and an organalready over excited acquires irritability, it will assuredlyfavou