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  • Administering Oxygen

    By: Olivia JesterTechnical Writing and Communication

    April 29th, 2013

    Administering oxygen properly is very important and can be the difference of life or death for a patient. In order to ensure for proper use please follow the following steps carefully,

  • Step 1:BSI!!! Body substance isolation,is the most important and very first step in any procedure when dealing with an patient. This includes gloves, mask , and or a gown in some cases along with making sure the scene is safe.

    Administering Oxygen

  • Step 2::Gently Crack the oxygen tank to relieve any dust or debris that could be within the flow of air.

    Administering Oxygen

  • Step 3:Check the flow liter to make sure there is an proper gasket in place.

    Administering Oxygen

  • Step 4::Align the flow liter up to the oxygen tank to make sure for an secure and tight fit by tightening the "T" handle.

    Administering Oxygen

  • Step 5:Open the tank assuring for proper pressure ( 2000 PSI) During this period you should also be aware of your surroundings by listening or observing for any leaks.

    Administering Oxygen

  • Step 6:Open up the nonrebreather and connect the oxygen delivery tubing to the low pressure side or flow meter side.

    Administering Oxygen

  • Step 7:Turn the oxygen tank on to fifteen liters ensuring that the reservoir inflates. If this process is taking a little longer than usual simply cover the valve with your finger to quicken the process.

    Administering Oxygen

  • Step 8:Explain to your patient the events happening then continue to place the mask with the string behind their head and pinch the alumni strip to ensure an seal.

    Administering Oxygen

  • Step 9::Continue to monitor your patients airway while using the non rebreather.

    Administering Oxygen


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