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<ul><li><p>7/21/2019 Adele Lassiter Teacher Portfolio</p><p> 1/36</p><p>Adele Lassiter</p><p>2600 Oberlin Road H3</p><p>Raleigh NC 27608</p><p>615-829-3303</p><p></p><p></p><p>To Whom It May Concern;</p><p>Margaret Mead stated: Children must be taught how to think, not what to think. The</p><p>reason I am transitioning into the field of teaching is because I believe every student has the</p><p>potential to learn and grow academically. My History and English teachers at Broughton High</p><p>School instilled in their students core foundations of curriculum material, while also supplying us</p><p>the critical and analytical skills to think for ourselves and build upon the course study in our</p><p>post-secondary education. I have always been interested in teaching because it is a great gift to</p><p>share your passion for learning with a student and provide them with new knowledge. It was myhigh school and college professors that encouraged me to push past my fears and work on</p><p>achieving academically past my comfort zone. They provided me with necessary life skills and a</p><p>passion for learning, how to be a good citizen and engage in current events.</p><p>I want to help students achieve their goals and push them to achieve their potential. I am</p><p>currently in the process of working to transition from a career in business into teaching. I passed</p><p>the Praxis II Series in Social Studies (High School) with a score of 193 and was awarded a</p><p>certificate of recognition by ETS. I plan to take the Principles of Education in May, Marketing</p><p>and English exams in the summer of 2015.</p><p>After graduating from Needham Broughton High in Raleigh in 2002, I attended Belmont</p><p>University in Nashville TN from 2004 to 2009 where I have 128 credit hours in the fields of</p><p>Audio/Video Production and Music Business (a business degree with an emphasis in the</p><p>entertainment industry). My degree will be officially conferred in May 2015, although the</p><p>credits and degree have been in place since 2009.</p><p>Upon finishing my coursework at Belmont, I ventured to Montanas Big Sky Country</p><p>where I served as the Music Chair for the Sweet Pea Festival of the Arts. This position required</p><p>me to research and select potential bands for Montanas premier music and arts festival,</p><p>negotiate contracts, deal with various business and marketing decisions and coordinate on the</p><p>ground operations during festival weekend.</p><p>While in Montana I started my own business, Firehole Productions, where I specialized</p><p>as an Independent Booking and PR agency for talented internationally and nationally recognized</p><p>touring acts including: Montana Skies-cello.guitar.fusion, Victor &amp; Pennyantique.pop, Ben</p><p>BullingtonMontana Folk, John Lowell, Little Jane &amp; the Pistol Whips, Jeanne Jolly and more.</p><p>This job required hectic and fulfilling eighty hour work weeks, organizing cross-country tours,</p><p>educating buyers on acts, attending conventions, communications with radio and performing art</p><p>centers, point discussions with talent buyers, along numerous other responsibilities. I utilized my</p><p>economics and entrepreneurial background to transform Firehole Productions into a successful</p><p>national agency.</p>mailto:fireholepress@gmail.commailto:fireholepress@gmail.com</li><li><p>7/21/2019 Adele Lassiter Teacher Portfolio</p><p> 2/36</p><p> I decided to transition to teaching because I want to serve the community and help</p><p>students. Investing in our students is critical to forming quality communities. If we nurture our</p><p>youth in education today, it leads to stronger civic involvement and economic participation and</p><p>innovation in the future.</p><p>I have a diverse background ranging from core fundamentals in business and media to</p><p>English Literature, History (World, European, and American) and Government/Civics. I alsohave a background in Psychology and Behavioral Sciences. In addition to my work as a booking</p><p>agent, I am a writer with twelve novels prepping for publication. I am creative and able to</p><p>convey difficult disciplines in an interactive and accessible manner.</p><p>I would be honored to be considered for a teaching position in the fields of Social Studies</p><p>(History, Economics, Civics, and World Government) and/or English. I also am able to teach</p><p>Media (A/V). Although I do not have a background in education, my experience in the world of</p><p>business, the entertainment industry and my years of volunteer work with historical societies and</p><p>my own personal experience will compensate. I have real-world experience in economics and</p><p>business. I also have been active in political science groups, engaged in the civic process as a</p><p>volunteer for arts and culture in Nashville TN and in Bozeman MT.I attended a top regionally ranked university, where I received a strong liberal arts</p><p>background. I am committed to furthering my education with a Masters Degree orparticipating</p><p>in NC TEACH for Lateral Entry.</p><p>My degree in Audio/Video production is rooted entirely in communication and</p><p>expression and articulation of ideas. I am a strong communicator and will engage students in the</p><p>curriculum in a meaningful manner. My goal is to spark a lifelong interest in the subject while</p><p>preparing them for the core competency tests and post-secondary education.</p><p>I have attached several outlines for classroom study. Learning is a lifelong process and I</p><p>continue to work to deepen my knowledge so I can be a quality educator for my students.</p><p>Thank you for considering me for any future teaching positions at your fine institution.</p><p>Sincerely,</p><p>Adele Lassiter</p></li><li><p>7/21/2019 Adele Lassiter Teacher Portfolio</p><p> 3/36</p><p>Outline of Teaching Portfolio:</p><p>- Teaching Statement and Resume- References</p><p>- Social Studies Objectives and Syllabi</p><p>- English Objectives</p><p>- Marketing Objectives</p><p>*My Praxis Scores, Transcript and course on Yellowstone</p><p>Social Studies in Action is available on this TPK CD.</p><p>Additional resources regarding my professional background and</p><p>teaching goals can be found on my website:</p><p></p></li><li><p>7/21/2019 Adele Lassiter Teacher Portfolio</p><p> 4/36</p><p>Adele LassiterLateral Entry Candidate: Social Studies, English, Marketing</p><p>Career Objective:</p><p>To teach students core fundamentals and promote critical thinking in a creative and interactive</p><p>learning environment. I believe in the value of every student and want to stimulate learning in a</p><p>socially nurturing environment. I am transitioning into the field of education because I have a</p><p>passionfor learning and helping share my knowledge with others. My goal is to help students</p><p>achieve their academic and extracurricular and career goals.</p><p>Lateral Entry Candidate:</p><p> I am transitioning from a career in business management to a career in education. I am</p><p>seeking certification in the disciplines of Social Studies, English (Secondary) and</p><p>Marketing CTE.</p><p> I attended Belmont University in Nashville TN. I have spent the past decade working in</p><p>business and marketing. I can apply my diverse professional background into the</p><p>classroom, by integrating creativity, organization, administration, planning and</p><p>communication.</p><p> PRAXIS II: I passed the Social Studies Praxis 5081 with a score of 193. I will be taking</p><p>the Principles of Learning and Teaching, Marketing and English (Secondary) Exams inMay, June and July respectively.</p><p> Public Speaking: I am a dynamic public speaker. I have extensive experience</p><p>participating in drama and debate teams. While at Belmont University, I was appointed</p><p>to work as a Speech Mentor where I coached fellow students in improving their verbal</p><p>communication skills.</p><p>Teaching Philosophy and Goals:</p><p>It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. </p><p>Albert Einstein</p><p>The greatest service we can endow is sharing our experiences, while the greatest gift we can</p><p>receive is learning from others. I am transitioning into the field of education because I want to</p><p>be an advocate for students, fostering a nurturing learning environment. Students are diverse</p><p>learners with unique talents, personalities, skills, aptitudes and backgrounds. Diversity makes</p><p>the culture of a student population flourish. I believe that every student has value. Each student</p><p>is an individual with the ability to learn and grow in spite of adversity. I am choosing education</p></li><li><p>7/21/2019 Adele Lassiter Teacher Portfolio</p><p> 5/36</p><p>as my career because I want to ignite a spark of discovery in students, and inspire them to grow</p><p>in knowledge and character.</p><p>My High School English and History Teachers dared me to see the adventure in learning,</p><p>helping me to become a critical thinker. They taught me to apply creativity and reason in</p><p>comprehension and retention of course material. My teachers encouraged me to stand up for</p><p>myself and to be willing to fail and try and try again, learning from mistakes. They cheered meon when I passed an Algebra test and stayed after school to sponsor an extracurricular activities.</p><p>Teachers serve as a beacon of light with skies are dark, helping guide students through trials.</p><p>Teaching is about serviceI want to invest in our educational system. I believe in our public</p><p>schools. I know there are challenges, but challenges build endurance.</p><p>I am pursuing Lateral Entry certification in the disciplines of Social Studies, English and</p><p>Marketing.I have expertise in each of these subjects from collegiate coursework to independent</p><p>study and professional experience.</p><p>Adele Lassiter</p><p>2600 Oberlin Road H3</p><p>Raleigh NC 27608</p><p>615-829-3303</p><p></p><p>Education________________________________________</p><p>Needham Broughton High School, Raleigh North Carolina</p><p>High School Diploma, Class of 2002</p><p>Belmont University, Nashville TN</p><p>Music Business, Audio/Video Production; 2004-2009, 2015*</p><p>Activities and Societies: Grammy U, Speech Lab Mentor, ASCAP I Create Music Expo (2006</p><p>I received a scholarship to attend the convention in Los Angeles CA); Music Industry Shadow</p><p>Day</p><p>I have also studied at Montana State University Bozeman (2002-2003); Wake Technical College</p><p>(2004); University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (15 credit hours, 2006Summer Session)</p><p>Experience_______________________________________</p><p>Belk- Crabtree Valley Mall, Raleigh NC</p><p>April 2014-present</p><p> Position: Tommy Bahama SpecialistMens Store</p></li><li><p>7/21/2019 Adele Lassiter Teacher Portfolio</p><p> 6/36</p><p> Job duties: I serve as the lead selling specialist for the Tommy Bahama brand in the Belk</p><p>Crabtree store. Belk is an industry leader in retail and fashion, with a mission to provide</p><p>shoppers with '' As a Belk Associate it is my duty to uphold the</p><p>quality standard of customer service and knowledge of product. Tommy Bahama is a</p><p>lifestyle brand dedicated to modern, classic clothing that is targeted under the motto:</p><p>Make Life One Long Weekend. This position requires me to be a flexible problemsolver. I am constantly on the move, faced with challenges and opportunities to</p><p>strengthen business and seek creative solutions in advancing Tommy Bahama at Belk.</p><p>Under my leadership, sales have increased by 25% through clientele networking, cross</p><p>promotional targeting and visual presentation. Core tasks include: Customer Service,</p><p>Goal Setting, Product Knowledge, Product Promotions and Branding, Merchandising,</p><p>Selling, Inventory Assessment, Visual Support, Communication, Client Relations,</p><p>Conflict Resolution</p><p>Firehole Productions, Bozeman Montana</p><p>December 2010-February 2014</p><p> Position: Owner, Manager, and Lead Agent of a premier booking and music agency,</p><p>dedicated to tour coordination of innovative independent music acts. The Firehole</p><p>Productions Roster included: Montana Skies-cello.guitar.fusion, Jeanne Jolly-</p><p>Americana/Folk, Ben Bullington-Montana Folk, Victor &amp; Penny-Antique Pop, Little Jane &amp;</p><p>the Pistol Whips-Montana Country/New Grass.</p><p> Job duties: I was tasked with promoting the artistic interests of my roster of international</p><p>touring artists through booking, tour support, management, contract negotiation, media</p><p>relations, publicity and artist development. This dynamic and demanding position required</p><p>innovation, creativity, conflict resolution, effective communication skills and razor sharporganization techniques. In a given year I submitted to over 8,000 performing arts venues</p><p>and festivals, wrote and distributed press releases, coordinated tour dates and routing. Tour</p><p>support included arranging back line, accommodations and publicity pertinent to the tour</p><p>including, but not limited to radio and television appearances, print media interviews and</p><p>local outreach and school residencies.</p><p> My job required communication with all facets of the Entertainment Industry, Client</p><p>Relations, Office Organization, Word Process, Customer Service and Initiative.</p><p>Sweet Pea Festival of the Arts, Bozeman Montana</p><p>November 2010-November 2013</p><p> Position: Music Chair: The Sweet Pea Festival of the Arts works to promote and cultivate</p><p>the arts in Southwestern Montana. The eclectic festival attracts upwards of 13,000 people a</p><p>year.</p><p> Job Duties: As Music Chair, I was charged with researching, coordinating and booking the</p><p>musical acts for the Sweet Pea Festival of the Arts. In this capacity I acted as contract</p><p>negotiator and arbitrator. I coordinated music publicity with the marketing team, speaking</p><p>with regional news outlets and participating in on the ground marketing campaigns. On the</p></li><li><p>7/21/2019 Adele Lassiter Teacher Portfolio</p><p> 7/36</p><p>festival weekend I acted as a festival liaison for touring acts, providing them with craft</p><p>services, coordinating sound checks and setting up backline. During my three year tenure, I</p><p>contributed 2,500 volunteer hours to the non-profit organization. Performing groups that I</p><p>booked: Jerry Douglas, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Hot Club of Cowtown and more.</p><p>Frist Center for the Arts, Nashville TNJanuary 2009-August 2009</p><p> Position: Volunteer Administrative Assistant for the FRISTs Membership Department.</p><p> Job Duties: As a membership volunteer I worked to recruit and raise awareness about</p><p>Nashvilles hub for creative arts exhibitions. I worked twenty hours per week in the office,</p><p>managing files, organizing and processing memberships, mailings and phone recruitment; I</p><p>also volunteered for Member Events, including preview shows (Medieval Art Exhibition</p><p>and American Masters were two of my favorite events); I also helmed the membership</p><p>booth for the FRIST Friday Summer Concert &amp; Art series. As a Membership Volunteer I</p><p>utilized communication skills, office administration and a passion for art and community to</p><p>foster membership growth.</p><p>Big Loud Shirt Industries, Nashville TN</p><p>August 2007-December 2007</p><p> Position: Administrative Office Intern for Nashvilles Leading Independent Music</p><p>Publisher.</p><p> Duties: As an Administrative Assistant to Amy Allmand, Creative Coordinator, I facilitated</p><p>in organization of key office responsibilities, including: filing, cataloging publishing</p><p>records, assisting in licensing, answering phones, running...</p></li></ul>