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ACHIEVEMENT MATTERSA PLAN FOR HIGH SCHOOL SUCCESS AND PREPARATION FOR COLLEGE AND CAREER READINESSFrancis Scott Key High Schools MissionFSK is an ever-changing, historic community, rich in tradition and pride. Our mission is to nurture and support students as they mature socially, ethically and emotionally while encouraging them to achieve academic excellence and a healthy lifestyle. We recognize and value each student as an individual. Through a diverse and rigorous program of study, we empower students with the confidence and skills of the 21st century needed to successfully navigate the challenges of adult life in a global society.Why do we need to increase rigor?Almost 80% of todays fastest-growing jobs require some post-secondary education.Success in college builds upon success in high school.Effective study habits, student maturity, and responsibility are all skills and character traits developed in high school.The school profile can affect acceptance into college.Why do we need to increase rigor?Ensure that all students are well prepared for post-secondary education, career and civic lifeIncrease student achievement and raise expectations for all studentsRigor is not for the traditionally college-bound student alone; rather, all students should be provided with an education that qualifies them for college entry should they so chooseTodays Job MarketEducation LevelPercentage of Jobs in 1973Percentage of Jobs 2020High School Dropout32%11%High School Graduate40%24%Some College12%30%Bachelors Degree or Higher16%35%Attending Higher Education Pays OffLevel of EducationLifetime EarningsLess than high school$1 millionHigh school graduate$1.4 millionSome college$1.6 millionAssociates degree or other 2 year degree$1.8 millionBachelors degree$2.4 millionMasters degree$2.8 millionDoctoral degree$3.5 millionProfessional degree$4.2 millionThe gap between a high school graduate and bachelors degree is now 77%. In 1975 it was 50%.Competitiveness for College Entrance Continues to RiseLast yearUniversity of Maryland (College Park) had 28,000 applicants - 12,000 were admitted (71% in top 10th of their class) Towson University had 15,000 applicants 10,000 were admitted (24% in top 10th of their class)Salisbury University had 7,500 applicants 4,000 were admitted (23% in top 10th of their class)Maryland Colleges and Universities Entrance RequirementsAvg. GPAAvg. SATUniversity of MD College Park3.21300Stevenson University3.11470McDaniel College3.51240Salisbury University3.31700Towson University3.31650UMBC3.61800College Ready? Career Ready?Is ready for career the same thing as ready for college?Yes! Research shows employers expect students to graduate from high school with the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful. Todays RealityTo have options and opportunities in the national and global job markets, ALL high school graduates need to be prepared for some post-secondary education and/or training.WHERE IS FSK TODAY?FSK School AttendanceSchool YearAttendance RateAbsent 5 Days or FewerAbsent More Than 20 Days201495%42%8.2%201394.9%38.2%9.4%201294.4%40.2%12.7%201194.3%38.4%10.4%201094.5%40.5%12.1%Advanced Placement (AP) ExamsSchool YearTotal StudentsTotal Exams% Scoring 3 or Better% Students of 9-12 Enrollment201424735340.5%24.7%201326140046.3%25.6%201217226247.3%17.4%201110515255.3%9.7%201011919564.6%10.4%FSK SAT Data (school averages)School YearCritical ReadingMathWritingTotal Score% of graduating seniors taking the SAT2013-2014512509491151252%2012-2013506515496151757%2011-2012539537518159445%2010-2011517520511154844%2009-2010517525507154943%PSATFreshman SeminarSAT/ACT or ASVABCareer Completer or MajorJob Shadow, SKILLS USA, or InternshipCareer ReadinessCollegeReadinessHonors Courses, AP Coursework &ExamsSAT or ACTSAT/ACT or ASVABFreshman SeminarPSATThe best preparation for college is a rigorous high school schedule comprised of Honors and AP courses.College readiness is usually measured in terms of completion of Honors and AP courses, AP test scores, and PSAT/SAT or ACT scores.ReadiStep scores can help identify where student stands on the path to readiness for college and career.Our job at FSK is to work with the student and his/her parents to help get the student where he or she wants to be. Opportunities to Increase Academic ReadinessStudents should challenge themselves to take the most rigorous coursework their abilities/talents allowTake advantage of courses such as Freshman Seminar and SAT PrepWhile not required these courses are crucial in developing academic skillsRead and write outside of assigned school workTake advantage of programs that allow students to receive extra help from teachers and staffKEY Time provides students with 35 minutes, 4 times a week to meet with their teachers for extra help, participate in study groups, access the media center or computer labs, and work on academic workPrograms such as the Eagle Learning Lab (which is open Mon-Thurs until 3:30 p.m.)AP Courses Offered at FSKEnglishAP Language & CompAP Literature & CompMathAP Calculus A/BAP Calculus B/CAP StatisticsScienceAP BiologyAP ChemistryAP PhysicsAP Environmental ScienceSocial StudiesAP GovernmentAP US HistoryAP Human GeographyAP World HistoryAP European HistoryAP PsychologyAP MacroeconomicsFine ArtsAP Studio ArtAP Music TheoryWorld LanguagesAP Spanish LanguageOpportunities to Increase Career ReadinessChoose a state-approved career and technology completer or major Students completing the University of Maryland requirements should also consider doing a completer (dual completer)Participate in a job shadow or internship (Career Connections Program)Compete in SKILLS USA as a student at CCCTCTake advantage of career speaker activitiesTake advantage of career preparation activities (such as writing a resume and mock interview)Extra-curricular activities and leadership positions Characteristics of a Well Prepared 9th GraderGood attendance habitsPunctualityWillingness to learnAdvocate for himself or herselfTime management skillsWillingness to challenge himself or herself academicallyRead and write outside of schoolParticipate in extracurricular and/or community activitiesUpcoming Dates*


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