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<ul><li><p>Abu Dhabi Educational Design Standardsfor Abu Dhabi Educational Council</p><p>kit of parts for designing K-12 schools on various sites </p><p>(near oil rigs in the desert, urban and suburban)</p></li><li><p>18</p><p>Low Density Site DevelopmentSurface parking, Full Playfields, Stacked PLCs </p><p> Low Density sites in sparsely populated parts of the Western Region: These may need dedicated athletic facilities, though even here, some stacking of Personalized Learning Communities is recommended. On grade parking may also be possible in these locations since large sites may be easier to come by. </p><p>Medium Density Site DevelopmentSubsurface parking, Full playfields, Stacked PLCs</p><p>Mid Density Sites which are the newly planned communities outside the Island, in Al Ain and Masdar: In these situations, it is recommended that full athletic fa-cilities be provided in conjunction with the school site though these might be shared with the community. Sub-surface parking is recommended.</p><p>High Density Site DevelopmentPlayfields shared with community off-siteSubsurface parking, Stacked PLCs</p><p>High Density which is the City of Abu Dhabi: In these tight urban sites where land is scare, every effort needs to be made to share play fields and other facil-ities with the community so as to reduce the amount of land needed to be set aside exclusively for the school. Wher-ever possible, site elements need to be stacked up to three stories tall to save land area. Parking will be provided be-low grade. Some high density sites may also be suitable for a vertical option (not shown here) which would substantially reduce site area requirements.</p><p>Site sizes will be influenced by the density of the area where the school will be located. The Emirate of Abu Dhabi will be divided broadly into three potential densities for the purposes of site sizing.</p><p>Site Development Density</p><p>ADEC SITE PLANNING STANDARDS</p></li><li><p>19</p><p>Roof LevelGarden of Learning</p><p>Levels 5Music Studios</p><p>Design, Art and Technology</p><p>Levels 3,4Personalized Learning Communities </p><p>(Cycle 3) Grades 9-12Two (2) PLCs/Floor</p><p>Level 2Multipurpose Hall</p><p>Gymnasium </p><p>Level 1Global Learning Center (GLC)</p><p>Covered Outdoor Terrace Commons/Cafe</p><p>Administrative SuiteCentral Kitchen</p><p>Ground LevelSite Entry, Pick-up/Drop-off </p><p>Welcoming CommonsAdministrative Suite</p><p>Facilities Management/ Mechanical</p><p>Basement LevelParking/ Mechanical </p><p>Roof LevelGarden of Learning</p><p>Levels 8Design, Art and Technology</p><p>Levels 4,5,6,7Personalized Learning Communities (Cycle 3) Grades 9-12One (1) PLC/Floor with Covered Out-door Learning Terrace</p><p>Level 3Music StudiosMultipurpose Hall</p><p>Level 2Fitness CenterGymnasium</p><p>Level 1Global Learning Center (GLC)Commons/CafeCovered Outdoor TerraceAdministrative SuiteCentral Kitchen</p><p>Ground LevelSite Entry, Pick-up/Drop-off Welcoming CommonsAdministrative Suite</p><p>Basement Levels (B1, B2)ParkingFacilities Management/Mechanical </p><p>ADEC Vertical Stacking Options</p><p>Option 2Ground Floor </p><p>20,000 GSF (1,858 GSM)Upper Floors </p><p>15,000 GSF (1,394 GSM)</p><p>Option 1Ground Floor 30,000 GSF (2,787 GSM)Upper Floors 20,000 GSF (1,858 GSM)</p><p>ADEC SITE PLANNING STANDARDS</p></li><li><p>20</p><p>Kindergarten Site Configuration</p><p>Cycle 2 Site Configuration</p><p>Cycle 3 Site Configuration</p><p>K-12 Site Configuration</p><p>Cycle 1 Site Configuration</p><p>ADEC SITE PLANNING STANDARDS</p><p>Comparison of Site Configurations</p></li></ul>