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Study of the Cement market through dealers in various parts of Kolkata of


Industry Mentor: Mr. Partha Pratim Roy Faculty Mentor: Prof. A. K. Biswas

Submitted by: Abhishek Mishra Roll no. 09 DM 004 PGDM 2009-11 (Marketing Major)

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Researchers Name: Abhishek Mishra Researchers Statement:The topic for this project is Study of Cement Marketing through dealers network in

various parts of Kolkata. Through this topic I have tried to conduct a survey and find out the various offerings that the market has in terms of various brands and the opportunities that they offer henceforth.

Name: Mr. Partha Pratim Roy Position/Title: Marketing Manager Organization Name: Century Cement Location: 12th Floor, 10, Camac Street, Kolkata 700017.



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I thankfully acknowledge the inputs received from my colleagues, my faculty members and Dr. H. Chaturvedi without whom this report would not be possible.

I am grateful to Mr. A. K. Biswas, whose valuable insight has helped me in preparing this report. His generous support and cooperation is something I will always treasure.

A very special thanks to my seniors Mr. Partha Pratim Roy and Mr. Ranjit Pathak from Century Cement who provided me with all the required help and cooperation needed for the project. Without their help, I couldnt have imagined my first formal stint with industry anyway better. Last but not the least, a special mention for Mr. A. S. Mishra without whom this project would have been possible.

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Serial No. Topic 1 2 Executive Summary Introduction - Corporate Profile - Century Cement Vision - Functional Policies - About Cement - Properties of Cement Literature Review - Steps in Marketing Research - Bias in Marketing Research - Sources of Marketing Information - Customer Questionnaire - Attitude from the dealers perspective Statement of the Problem Research Methodology - Interview Method - Questionnaire - Ethical issues involved in research methodology Analysis - Cement Industry in India - Distribution pattern in West Bengal - Explanation of questionnaire - Analysis against given set of objectives Conclusions and Recommendations - SWOT analysis References List of Appendices - Appendix I - Appendix II

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe topic for this project is Study of Cement Marketing through dealers network in various parts of Kolkata, assigned to me by Century Cement. The project starts where I have provided a brief introduction where I have discussed the traditional channel that exists in the cement market. Also I have explained the reason as to why I have chosen the particular topic. Then I have gone on to briefly introduce a section on cement. Then I have brought on the aspect of corporate profile, where I have spoken about the history of Century Cement, its plant capacity and the various technicalities that have gone by in the production. Then I have brought forward the corporate vision, the marketing policy, the HR policy and the career details. In the last part of this section I have brought forward the various properties of cement and the various technicalities that go by in the preparation of the various forms of cement. This part, though technical in nature is still indispensable from my projects point of view as this is the section where I have been able to learn about certain physical characteristics of my cement. In the Literature Review section I have tried to link the theoretical aspects of my project with what has been taught. Here I have linked various aspects that range from what marketing and research is all about to various forms of distribution that are prevalent. The topics that are brought about are such that they bring forward both the critical aspect of my research as well they connect to it. The kinds of activities that have been performed have been highlighted by means of the nature of research section and so forth. I have also went ahead and discussed various aspects like what are the various forms of attitude and how they are pertinent from the dealers point of view. Also the nature of my research has been questionnaire and interviews so I have also mentioned that as a part of my literature review section. Then in the statement of problem section I have discussed the nature of my problem and the various objectives that were entrusted to me by the organization. All of it has later been dealt with in the analysis section. In the analysis section, I have worked on whatever data I had collected. Here I start by the nature of the cement market in India which is then followed by the distribution pattern that is followed in West Bengal. Then I have explained the questionnaire and later analyzed the same. Finally I have brought a set of recommendations and conclusions which help in bringing forward the main essence of the work that has been done. Finally in the appendix section, I have submitted the details of the dealers that I had visited with their respective contact details and their stocking details.Page | 5

INTRODUCTIONThe topic for this project is Study of Cement Marketing through dealers network in various parts of Kolkata. This topic has been assigned to me by Century Cement under which I am undergoing my summer internship. The main crux of this topic is discussed as follows. The cement industry consists of standardised goods where there is not much of a difference with respect to the nature of the goods, against those of the competitors. So in that regards, the organization in order to survive in the market needs to go that extra mile to see that their cement does well. My organization had recently undergone a brand makeover where the name has also changed from Century Cement to Birla Gold. This has not exactly got the best of the responses from the industry and has led to decline in the market share as well. The distribution channel of cement industry in the generic sense consists of the company as producer on the top. Then right after the chain we have a Carrying and Freight agent who takes care of the main task of transferring the materials to the dealers and the subdealers. In cement industry, the material comes in the goods train and they are concerned with the storage and transportation job only. They personally dont take any further responsibility of the goods. After the Carrying and Freight agents we have set of dealers which is the most important aspect of my project as my research had mainly centred around them. Next the cement is sold either in the whole sale market or the retail market. Both the sales take place with respect to the dealers only. Finally the cement is sold to the end customers either by means of the wholesale or the retail route. The end customers are the one who are in the form of individual customer, promoter and industries. The last bit industries are further classified into three forms namely raw materials and by products, grills and pillars and different form of industries like say the cottage industries. As a intern, my main task will be to meet the dealers and to find out the details about which all cement companies are they dealing in and to what percentage is each of them contributing to the sales of each dealer. When a particular cement company is active for the dealer, my job is to see whether he is convinced to stock cement of some other companies as well. This will in a way let me know about the viable gap which exists in the market and that the dealers have a perception about a particular brand. Also from Centurys point of view, monthly cement that they are dealing in will give an idea about the individual capacity of cement that they handle per month; the greater is their capacity to handle further more forms of investment. Cement is the binder that concrete mortars together. This is why it is the most important component when it comes to giving solidarity and durability. On a general note, it is used for

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making concrete for s


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