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  • 1. design portfolio Abhishek Bora

2. nal year projectMy nal project was aimed at preservation of ethnic cuisines of North-east India by exploringdi erent kitchen activities and practices. After the initial research phase, I found the processof smoking food to be quite promising. Smoking food is a traditional preservation andcooking method. Further research lead to the visualization of a smoker which is practicaland also interprets the ethos of the North-east aesthetically.It is an ongoing project. 3. Internship (Tycka Design, Bangalore)I worked at developing concepts for di erent briefs for my internship at Tycka Design, Bangalore.Here the ideation sketches for a video conferencing device are shown. 4. InternshipIdeations sketches for a device to wash small di cult parts of clothes like collars and cu s. 5. A Techno-Human FactorTM A Techno-Human Factor TM A Techno-Human FactorTM A Techno-Human Factor TMA Techno-Human Factor TMA Techno-Human FactorTM A Techno-Human FactorTMA Techno-Human Factor TMKeywords: People, network, connecting,technology, solutions.A Techno-Human FactorTMTM netree A Techno-Human FactorA Techno-Human Factor TM netree netree netree A Techno-Human FactorTMA Techno-Human Factor TM netree netreeThis logo is based on connectingconnecting This logo is based the idea of people with people with technology. The blue curvestechnology. The blue curves represent the peoplerepresent people and the letter e representsand the letter e represents electronics. So A Techno-Human Factor TMThis logo is based on the idea that NetreeAung Kyaw Soe electronics. So the logo signi es and e-worldbrings people together by incorporating General Managertechnology. The curves represent people andnetree where technology forms the base for bringingforms the base for bringing people together.Keywords: People, technology, networking, people together.Ph: 099-74927482 Fax: 098-48294868organic(form).Mobile: +91 9678919824Email: aung_kyaw@yahoo.co.inKeywords: People, network, connecting, Keywords: People, network, connecting,technology, solutions. technology, solutions. A Techno-Human Factor TM A Techno-Human Factor TMInternshipLogo iterations for a company who wanted to use the logo on their products as well.A Techno-Human FactorTMA Techno-Human Factor TM This logo is based on the idea that green and clean technology which is represented by the green t binds people together which are A Techno-Human Factor shown as green triangles which denoted leaves TM of the tree. Aung Kyaw Soe General Manager Keywords: Clean technology, people,Ph: 099-74927482 Fax: 098-48294868 networking, organic. Mobile: +91 9678919824Email: aung_kyaw@yahoo.co.in 6. Product DetailingThe aim of this assignment was to use a feature of the transformer toy and use it to ideate anew product. It was then detailed to achieve the desired form and speci cations.Taking inspiration from a leaf I have shaped a wall mounted lamp. The intensity of the light asthe leaf is opened.The following page shows the detail drawing and the scenarios where the lamp can be used. 7. Thank You