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<p>PROPOSAL FOR DISSERTATION</p> <p>Title: A Study Of Workers Satisfaction Due To Existing Labour Welfare Facilities In BILT Graphic Paper Products Limited, Unit BallarpurObjectives:1. To identify the existing labour welfare facilities in BILT Graphic Paper Products Ltd.2. To study the satisfaction level of workers due to existing labour welfare facilities.3. To identify the weak areas in terms of implementation of the labour welfare at BILT Graphic Paper Products Ltd.Research Design: The type of research design used in the project is Descriptive researchData Collection: 1. PRIMARY DATAThe primary data includes the various aspects surrounding the employee in the workplace such as organizational culture, personal satisfaction, organizational environment provided by the employer2. SECONDARY DATAThe secondary data has been obtained from books, journals, company web sites and from internet websites.</p> <p>Name of the Student: ABHIJIT SAMPATKUMAR SARKARRoll No: H416</p> <p> Internal Guide DirectorProf. Pranita BurbureDr.Daniel Penkar</p>