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  • AASBO Advance PurchasingSession IIBids & ProposalsOverviewThe SolicitationEvaluation & AwardEvaluation & Award of Bids

  • You make the callHow would you define competitive sealed bidding? How would you define competitive sealed proposals?What is the difference between bids and proposals?Why is it important that we develop a quality understanding of competitive procurement?

  • OverviewCompetitive Sealed BiddingIs a source selection method authorized in the Arizona State Board of Education School District Procurement Rules.Is the specified method of procurement. (R7-2-1021)Is a formal process with specific requirements.Solicited via the Invitation for Bid.Is used unless one of the specified exceptions is appropriate and authorized.

  • Competitive Sealed ProposalsIs a source selection method authorized in the Arizona State Board of Education School District Procurement Rules.Is an exception to competitive sealed bidding.Is a formal process with specific requirements.Is solicited via the Request for Proposals.Is used when the governing board determines in writing that competitive sealed bidding is not practicable or not advantageous to the school district.Overview

  • OverviewAssistanceThe head of the engineering program at the magnet high school needs a wind tunnel. You have no idea what is required. Where do you go for help?Sources of assistanceUserProfessional associationsTrade publicationsInternetPeersProvider (Try to obtain information from more that one)Others?Other considerationsOther departments impacted?Is the support unnecessarily restrictive?Should there be an outside review?Will a pre-bid or pre-proposal conference help ensure a valid solicitation?

  • Solicitation refers to the procurement documentInvitation for Bid (IFB) for competitive sealed biddingRequest for Proposals (RFP) for competitive sealed proposalsOther documents are part of the solicitation, including attachments, referenced information, addendaIngredients of a successful solicitationAppropriate timelinesReasonable terms & conditionsReasonable and appropriate specificationsClear, concise writingNo minutiaeOpen competitionUnderstanding the requirementsAppropriate information managementThe Solicitation

  • What is included in an appropriate IFB?What is included in an appropriate RFP?Do your solicitations comply?You make the call

  • The SolicitationRequired Elements of an IFB (R7-2-1024(B)) Required Elements of an RFP (R7-2-1042) Do your solicitations contain all of the required elements?Do you track the conditional required elements?

  • The SolicitationImportant Elements of an IFB or RFPClearly designated person for questions.Clearly defined requirements for questions, if appropriate.A clearly specified deadline for submitting questions, if appropriate.Sales/use tax requirements.Vendor information and/or qualification requirements.Price/cost conditions.Samples, descriptive literature or technical data requirements.Inspection or product testing requirements.Industry standard warranty requirements.A clear statement that the school district may seek best & final offers before awarding a contract. Requirements for discussions or presentations.Other considerationsFinancial stabilityReferences

  • Terms & Conditions (Ts & Cs)Govern use of the contracts.Where you go for answers.Must comply with the law to be enforceable.General Ts & Cs/Special Ts & Cs.Also known as Boilerplate.Important ConsiderationsWrite clearly.Be reasonable.Understand the requirements.Use manageable Ts & Cs.The Solicitation

  • You make the callWhat types of specifications are appropriate for an IFB?What is the best specification for an RFP?Can a vendor provide specifications and then submit a bid?

  • The SolicitationSpecifications (R7-2-1101 through R7-2-1105)The Procurement rules require thatSpecifications seek to promote overall economy for the intended purposes.Specifications encourage competition in satisfying the districts needs.Specifications not be unduly restrictive.Specifications generally describe the districts requirements in a manner that does not unreasonably exclude a material, service or construction item.Specifications generally be accepted commercial specifications for procurement of standard commercial materials.Contracts for preparation of specifications by persons other than the district require the specification writer to adhere to rules applicable to the district.No person preparing specifications for a district shall receive any direct or indirect benefit from the utilization of such specifications.

  • Specifications Scope of workA description of the essential products, and/or services to be provided by a vendor upon award of a contract.This specification is usedGenerally when the school district is using the competitive sealed proposal method of procurement.When the school district chooses to list only the essential materials or services allow the offeror to determine the best method to achieve the desired result.When the school district is contracting for professional services.The Solicitation

  • Successful specificationsThoroughly describe the requirements.Concentrate on reasonable performance requirements.List pertinent requirements only and avoid requirements that do not affect successful use of the product or service.Are clear in defining the requirement to avoid incorrect interpretation and controversy.Meet the need, not necessarily the want.Are based upon standard production materials, whenever possible.Promote competition by avoiding restrictive requirements.Are sensitive to the users needs, but maintain the guidelines above.Are prudent.The Solicitation

  • You make the callWhat is an abstract?Is an abstract required?Is an abstract appropriate for competitive sealed proposals?

  • AbstractsA record of bids and proposals must be developed at the public opening.For competitive sealed bidding, the name of each bidder and the amount of each bid must be included in the record. The district has discretion in determining the format and other elements of the record.For competitive sealed proposals the name of each offeror must be included in the record. All information in the proposals is confidential until contracts are officially awarded.For competitive sealed bidding, the public record is commonly an abstract of all bids. The abstract provides an overview of key bid information and serves as the primary means to evaluate bids and document awards.An abstract may be prepared for competitive sealed proposals. However, prior to award it must be available to only those individuals involved in evaluation of proposals and award of contracts.Evaluation & Award

  • You make the callWhat are the pros and cons of using evaluation committees?Does the type of solicitation influence your opinion?What do you do if a governing board member wants to sit on a committee?

  • Evaluation & AwardEvaluation CommitteeShould be limited toAppropriate interested parties (contract users, people impacted by the contract, consultants, members of the public, etc.)The evaluation committee canEvaluate and recommend awards in accordance with the solicitation.Help maintain the integrity of the procurement.Committee members mustDisclose any potential conflicts.Avoid disclosure of contents to non-committee members.Avoid discussing the offers outside of committee activities.Generally, are best suited for use with proposals.

  • Evaluation & AwardEvaluation CommitteeSample evaluation committee member form

  • Evaluation & AwardEvaluation CommitteeSample conflict of interest form

  • How do you award contracts under competitive sealed bidding?How do you award contracts under competitive sealed proposals?Is scoring allowed under competitive sealed bidding?How much more can you pay for a better product of service?How do you add missing key information or change an incorrect requirement after receipt & opening of bids and proposals?You make the call

  • RequirementsBid evaluation & award (R7-2-1031)Proposal evaluation & award (R7-2-1050)Only 1 bid (R7-2-1032) or proposal (R7-2-1045) is receivedMultiple award (USFR Compliance Questionnaire)Regardless of procurement method, evaluation is limited to the factors in the solicitation!!!Evaluation & Award

  • The bids are essentially equal. Same product, same price, same delivery time. This is the lowest bid and both vendors are responsible. Vendor A offers the specified warranty. Vendor B offers a warranty that is twice as long. What do you do?Vendor As bid is half the cost of the next lowest bidder. He is bidding specs. Everything else looks good. What do you do?Vendor B offers a truck with 50 horsepower more than Vendor As truck. As truck meets horsepower specs. Bs truck is $1 more than As truck. Both are responsive and responsible bidders. The fleet manager recommends award to B as the best value to the district. What do you do?Vendor A has been your alternator and starter rebuilder for the past three years. She is the lowest responsive and responsible bidder for the new contract. The crew chief rejects her bid because her product has not been acceptable. He says the vendor knows all about it. This is news to you. What do you do?You make the call

  • Evaluation & Award - BidsDetermining the lowest responsive & responsible bidderIts as simple as Yes or NoBids may not be revised.Each bid stands alone.Does the bidder demonstrate the ability to successfully perform the contract? (Yes: in; No: out)Starting with the lowest cost bid, does the bidder comply with all terms and conditions? (Yes: award; No: reject)Starting with the lowest cost bid, does the bidder meet specifications? (Ye


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