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GENOCIDE. A Virtual Field Trip. Created by Sean Junkins. Your Itinerary. You are about to visit six nations that have experienced genocide. As you arrive in each country, be prepared to answer the following questions:. Who was involved? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • A Virtual Field TripCreated by Sean Junkins

  • Your Itinerary You are about to visit six nations that have experienced genocide. As you arrive in each country, be prepared to answer the following questions: Who was involved? What was the source of conflict? (political, religious, ethnic, etc) How was this an example of genocide?Create a Log Book in Microsoft Word to answer these questions after each of your stopsDont forget to bring your camera and take pictures along the way make sure you save them!

  • What is ? Genocide means any act committed with intent to destroy a national, ethnic, or religious group, as such: Killing members of the group Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group

  • GermanyRwandaSudanTurkeyCambodiaIraqPick a country and begin your virtual field tripVisit all six nationsWhen your field trip is over, click the world map to go home

  • GermanyThe HolocaustThe Holocaust is the term used to describe the genocide of approximately six million European Jews during World War II by the Nazi regime in Germany led by Adolf Hitler. Other groups were persecuted and killed. the death toll estimates generally place the total number of victims at nine to 11 million.

  • TurkeyThe Armenian GenocideThe Armenian Genocide refers to the deliberate and systematic destruction of the Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire (which is present day Turkey) during and just after World War I. It was carried out by the use of massacres, deportations, and forced marches. The total number of Armenian deaths is estimated to have been between one and two million.

  • SudanThe Darfur CrisisThe Darfur Crisis is a conflict in the Darfur region of western Sudan. One side of the conflict is composed of the Janjaweed, a militia of camel-herding nomads. The other side comprises a variety of groups primarily non-Arab ethnic groups. The Sudanese government while publicly denying that it supports the Janjaweed, has provided money and assistance to the militia and has participated in attacks targeting the tribal ethnic groups. The conflict began in February of 2003.

  • RwandaThe Rwandan GenocideThe Rwandan Genocide was the systematic murder of the Rwanda's Tutsi minority in 1994. This was one of the worst genocides of the 1990s. The genocide was primarily the action of extremist Hutu militias, Over the course of about 100 days, from April 6 to mid-July, at least 800,000 Tutsis and thousands of moderate Hutus were killed during the genocide. Some estimates put the death toll around 800,000 to 1,000,000. The 2004 movie Hotel Rwanda is based upon this dark time in Rwandas history.

  • IraqThe al-Anfal CampaignThe al-Anfal Campaign was a genocidal campaign against the Kurds by Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Ali Hassan al-Majid, better known as Chemical Ali, led this genocide. The al-Anfal Campaign was a series of attacks on the Kurdish populations in northern Iraq. Most of the attacks took place between 1986 and 1989. Saddam HusseinChemical Ali

  • CambodiaThe Killing FieldsFrom 1975 1979, Cambodia was ruled by Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge party. This period of time resulted in the deaths of 1.7 million Cambodians through executions, starvation, and forced labor. The 1984 movie The Killing Fields is based upon this dark time in Cambodias history.Pol Pot

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  • You have witnessed genocide in six different nations

    Your brochure needs to show:

    An understanding of genocide

    Experiences of the people affected by genocide

    Empathy you feel for the atrocities that occurred during these historic events

    Suggestions and ways people can take a stand against genocide

    Awareness Brochure