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  • A Publication of the Hillside Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Incorporated

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    Volume 22, Issue 2 Autumn 2008

    have accomplished this! Now they are pain-free, healthy, and living in lov-ing homes.

    In the majority of shelters these special needs animals would have been put to sleep but not at the Hillside. It has al-ways been our goal to do the very best for every animal that enters our doors and because of your tremendous gener-osity we can meet our goals.

    It has been an extremely hard year for me. The saying "Time heals all wounds" does not always apply. Not with losing my

    Joe. There is not a moment of any day that I don't hurt for the loss. I will never get over it.

    Joe's Fund keeps me alive. Without it, I don't know where I would be. Every time I open an envelope marked "Joe's Fund" my heart fills with joy. He is not gone from my life he is still with me helping animals.

    There are not enough words to express how grateful I am to you. It means eve-rything to me and to our buddies. I will never forget your kindness - not ever.

    With great love and gratitude, Barbara, Joe, and buddies

    W hen I use the word miracle I dont do so lightly. A miracle is some-thing that happens against all odds against everything that should happen. It's when everything goes right the way it should be. It is often something good that happens because of the inter-vention of someone who cares.

    The Joe Parnell Spay/Neuter and Emergency Fund of the Hillside SPCA, affectionately known as Joe's Fund, has produced so many miracles it would take me pages to list them all.

    From treatment of heartworm, broken legs, hips and jaws, starvation, mange, ear and eye surgeries you have made these miracles happen through your generosity to Joe's Fund.

    When Joe died on August 27th, 2006 I made a promise to him that his life would make a difference. I am in such awe of all the people who reached out to help all the animals with great needs.

    Before Joe's Fund we never had any program that was just for spay/neuter or emergency cases. It was such trauma to me worrying every time we experi-enced the heartaches of abuse, ne-glect, and accidents that would cost so much to fix.

    I was so amazed that people would reach out to a face that needed help and donate to Joe's Fund because they wanted Heaven, Judy, Stormy or one of so many other animals to have their own miracle happen! And you

    Inside This Issue

    His purpose in life 2

    Lucky duo 3

    20 pound challenge 4

    A gift of time 4

    Dog walk & beauty contest 5

    Memorials & remembrances 6

    If you would like to help spay/neuter or assist a special needs animal through this vital fund used only for medical expenses, please include a note on your check and mark Joes Fund on the envelope (see page 3 for more on how this fund helped two very special animals and a convenient donation form).

    See page 5 for details and walker

    registration & pledge form!

    October is

    AdoptAdoptAdoptAdopt----AAAA----Shelter Shelter Shelter Shelter

    Dog Month!Dog Month!Dog Month!Dog Month!

    Joe and his beloved Squeaky


    L aker deserves a wonderful home of his own in which he can fulfill his purpose in life -- to give unconditional love. A Golden Retriever and Chow mix, Laker arrived at the Hillside as a stray. We originally thought he might have been hit by a car because he could not walk or even stand properly.

    Taken to the vet immediately, it turns out he is actually young (4-years-old) but lacks muscle mass in his hind end. Treated with the medication Rimadyl, he was up and walking around within a few days greeting people who came to visit the Hillside.

    Laker is perfectly housetrained, well-mannered, and loves pampering and grooming which is a snap since he

    barely sheds. He is a gentle giant who is not aggressive with his toys or food, loves to go for walks and is great on a leash. On his list of favorite things in life are people, children, and other dogs of all sizes. On his list of least favorite things is cats!

    Although not able to run around and "play" in the traditional sense, Laker is content to watch the action going on around him! Laker knows his com-mands well and often "talks" to you when he is spoken to. Loyalty is high on Laker's list he will get attached to you and will follow you everywhere.

    Poor Laker has been with us since April of this year and has spent many months watching other dogs come in and go out with very few potential adopters taking notice of him. Those who do feel he's "too big", have cats in the household, worry he cant navigate stairs, or fear medical bills.

    So sweet, yet never chosen... Every day, blinking back tears, we pray that today is his day the day someone will fall in love with Laker the way we have. Sadly so far, every day ends with Laker still longing for a very special someone. If that special someone is you, please contact us today!


    (Spring/Summer 2008)

    Jennifer McGinley Pottsville, PA

    Thanks to all of you for your support! The

    vacation raffles are a major source of income for

    us, and we look forward to your continuing and

    faithful support.

    ~ Hillside Board of Directors


    Published Three Times Annually By the HILLSIDE SPCA, INC P.O. Box 233, 51 SPCA Road

    Pottsville, PA 17901 (570) 622-7769


    Shelter Management

    BARBARA UMLAUF, Manager BECKY MOYER, Feline Manager

    TRICIA MOYER, Asst. Canine Manager

    Humane Investigations/Officers



    Shelter Visitation and Adoption Hours

    Dog Quarters MON-SAT: 11:30 am to 3:00 pm

    SUN: 11:30 am to 2:00 pm

    Cat Quarters MON-SAT: Noon to 4:00 pm

    SUN: Noon to 3:00 pm

    Copyright 2008, All Rights Reserved Hillside Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to

    Animals, Incorporated. Reproduction in whole or in part without express written permission is


    H is purpose in lifeH is purpose in lifeH is purpose in lifeH is purpose in life

    High Postage Costs

    To help defray the high cost of postage, it will be greatly

    appreciated if either a first-class rate postage stamp or a self-

    addressed stamped envelope be included with your mailed

    donations if you require a receipt or acknowledgement.

    Every little bit helps as we continue to struggle to keep our doors open.

    Thank you!

    H aven arrived at the Hillside in a state of shock, the aftermath of having her leg being caught in a crushing and barbaric leg hold trap for who knows how many hours -- or days. She was a stray being fed by a caring woman but failed to appear for several days. When she did, much to the womans horror, her leg was barely attached to her body, much of it caught in the steel trap. The woman's husband was able to open it and rushed Haven to us. Havens leg needed immediate amputation. Thankfully, Haven's now on the road to a full recovery. Sadly, Haven is only the latest in a line of cats to come to us as the victim of a steel-jawed trap. PA is one of only two remaining states that allows the use of these devices of torture that bring untold suffering to so many wild animals as well as

    unsuspecting domestic pets like Haven. Haven surely deserves a good, caring home.

    M r. Whiskers cruel owner threw him over a four foot wall and into the path of a young bicyclist who could not avoid running over him. Very upset about what happened, the young man unwittingly returned Whiskers to his owner, who then ranted to the poor shaken boy that his girl friend had been scratched by the cat, the cat deserved what he got, and he was not about to take it to a veterinarian. Luckily, an observer of the incident called the State Police who in turn called us. Signed over to us as we requested, Mr. Whiskers promptly received the medical attention he needed. He is now recovering from his trauma, which included a serious fracture above the elbow of his rear leg among other injuries. He will definitely make a great pet.


    J udy (left in photo) and Rudy (right) were two of our special needs ca-nine residents. Luckily for them, this rhyming duo each got adopted to won-derfully responsible and loving homes!

    Judy, an older beagle brought to our shelter after living in a kennel with her daughter her entire life was adopted out once, lost, then found nearly a month later, only weighing 13 pounds!

    Making mat-ters worse, she returned with a broken leg and a hernia, pervi-ous repaired, that needed repair again. Both were taken care of once she returned to us, of course.

    Judy sure has been through the wringer! But, the past is the past, and Judy is now off to her new life adopted by a couple who are owned by several other Hillside Alumni.

    Rudy, a scruffy terrier mix came to our shelter as a stray. Unfortunately, Rudy was diagnosed with heartworm. His condition was severe, though he did

    make it through his first treatment. Due to adde

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