A Trip to Bluemountains.

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A show on the Queen of Hills Ooty, south India. Download to enjoy the music by A.R. Rahman.


1. A TRIP TO THE BLUEMOUNTAINS OOTY 2. QUEEN OF THE HILLS. OOTY 3. Blue mountains As the name implies the mountain range exhibits a stunning blue hue. NILGIRIS 4. They area range of mountains in the westernmost part of Tamilnadu at the junction of Karnataka and Kerala in Southern India. 5. They are part of the larger western ghats mountain chain making up the western edge of the deccan plateau . 6. Ooty, aka, udhagamandalam, is the capital of the Nilgiris district.It is about 7500 feet above mean sea level. 7. From Chennai it is around 10hrs by train to reach Mettupalayam, the city at the base. 8. The mystic mountains from the base, Mettupalayam. 9. We can reachOoty by atrain that moves in a snails pace allowing one to enjoy the luxury of nature 10. The panoramic view from the train 11. After a wonderful uphill journey for 4 to 5 hours, one can reach the Ooty railwaystation at the top 12. OOTY LAKE 13. BOTANICAL GARDEN. 14. Reservoir KAMARAJ SAGAR 15. Lake Pykara. 16. Fall Pykara.. 17. PINE FOREST 18. water fall 19. a bridge across the waterfall 20. Thats Dodabetta peak, Elevation, 2636 m (8650 ft). the highest point in Ooty. 21. Thats view of Ooty from peak dodabetta. 22. tea plantation 23. Vegetable garden in the middle of tea plantation 24. wildlife sanctuary 25. ROSE GARDEN 26. avalanche lake 27. SUNRISE AT OOTY 28. WILD WATERFALL THAT GETS ACTIVE DURING RAINY SEASON 29. CHURCH ON THE SLOPE. 30. The following slides brings you the rich scenic beauty of the queen of the hills 31.   32.   33.   34.   35.   36. THE END.