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A Presentation on Presentation. Jim Levin Education Studies University of California, San Diego. But first. 2020 visions Sign-up for July 18th Colloquium presentation times YouTube response to Jakey Toors posting. Presentation hints. PowerPoint hints - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • A Presentation on Presentation Jim Levin

    Education StudiesUniversity of California, San Diego

  • But first2020 visionsSign-up for July 18th Colloquium presentation timesYouTube response to Jakey Toors posting

  • Presentation hintsPowerPoint hintsProjection vs. overheads vs. handoutsToo much text: PPT as an outline or set of headers, not the presentationComputer animation: the Good, the Bad & the UglyGlaze, Gestures, & MovementPointing: Pointed and Pointless

  • Structure of a presentationTitle slideOutline of the presentation slidesContact information slide

  • Paper presentation differencesFor some audiences, you read your paperFor some audiences, you talk from overhead transparencies or PowerPoint slides(find out which ahead of time)

  • PPT slide designBad backgroundsTOO MUCH TEXT on a slideToo smallDesign hint: the "blur" test - squint your eyes and if the text can't be read, redesign

    Too many slides

  • The Gettysburg PowerPointand The Making of The Gettysburg PowerPoint

  • Computer animation: the Good, the Bad & the UglySlide builds: the temptationsSlide builds: more normalGraphics: progressive hilighting

  • SDLC Senior Personnel

  • Gaze, Gestures, & MovementWhy turn your back on your audience?The "B" key, the "W" key, and keeping your audience awakeMovement vs. pacing: attraction vs. distraction

  • Pointing: Pointed and PointlessWhy I hate laser pointers - what's the point?Using the computer cursorWhy the web, Word, or the edit mode of PowerPoint is better than the presentation mode of PowerPointUsing a pen or your finger with overheadsAnother feature

  • Overhead slidesFor settings without data projectorsFor audiences not used to PowerPointAs a backup

  • HandoutIf all else failsOne idea: single page, double sided with the title slide, the ten most important content slides, and the contact information slide, printed six to a page from PowerPoint

  • TimingAids to keeping on time: watches, timers, buzzers, etc.Aids to keeping on time: timekeepers, time cards http://edsserver.ucsd.edu/~jlevin/timecards/ Practice, practice, practice

  • Dealing with questionsWhy are they asking?They want to know?They want to know if you know?They want to impress the rest of the audience?They want to make you look bad?They want to make your theoretical position, your methodological position, your institution, etc. look bad

    Don't take it personally

  • What if they're not happy with your answer?Ask for clarificationTry to answer again (but only once more)Defer until later

  • What if you don't know the answer?Compliment the asker "That's a good question."Clarify the question - did you mean?Defer until later

  • Your presentations on July 18thTime: 20 minutes10 minutes for your research presentation (with PPT)5 minutes to show your video5 minutes for questionsOrder of PPT and video is your choice

  • Your presentations on July 18thNo more than 10 slides (Rachel & Rusty's guidelines)Storyboard your presentation (can use our video storyboard template)

  • Overall principlesTop down: what are your goals for the presentationFor each slide, each transition, each graphic, each text element, does it contribute to your goals? If not, delete it.

  • Overall principlesBottom up:Gestalt principle: Similarity leads to groupingDimensions of similarity:LocationShapeColorSizeSequence

  • For more information, contact:Jim Levin jalevin@ucsd.edu

    This Presentation powerpoint is at:http://edsserver.ucsd.edu/courses/eds204/su08/b/presentation.ppt.htm