a nne likes her a pples sliced on a plate, sprinkled with cinnamon, sure will taste great!

Download A nne likes her A pples sliced on a plate, sprinkled with cinnamon, sure will taste great!

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Slide 2 A nne likes her A pples sliced on a plate, sprinkled with cinnamon, sure will taste great! Slide 3 B iscuits with B utter spread on the top crust, for Jerry and Florence, this is a must! Slide 4 C hristopher likes C heese and C runchy C risp C rackers, and Nicholas will help him gobble up these lip smackers! Slide 5 Three kinds of D ressing for D ave to peruse, Sage, Cornbread and Oyster, which will he choose? Slide 6 E laine's E ggs will be deviled and that is no joke, the whites are filled with the smashed up egg yolk! Slide 7 F or Jennifer a plate will be F illed with F resh F ish, and Trouble, her cat, will lick up the dish! Slide 8 G reat G iblet G ravy from bones and pan drippins, but we'll save the wishbone for some later wishin'! Slide 9 H ow many H elpings of H oliday food, can one person h ave and still not seem rude? Slide 10 I ce cream I s for Katherine and her cat, Iggy two, make it vanilla and chocolate too! Slide 11 We'll have cranberry J uice and gooseberry J am, a salad by J udy and a J ellied baked ham Slide 12 From the K itchen comes the K ind of bouquet; when we are thankful for our noses on this holiday! Slide 13 There'll be L ots of L uscious L eftovers, of course, enough to supply the US Air Force Slide 14 Rosemary's M ashed potatoes smothered with gravy, enough to float a ship from the US Navy! Slide 15 We'll have a N umber of N uts from cashews to pecan, and Bill will crack walnuts as fast as he can! Slide 16 O ur creamed pearl O nions are simmered with care, with lots of hot spices just for O mar Slide 17 P opcorn and P arsnips and sweet P umpkin P ie P eapods and P eaches, hot P eppers, oh my! Slide 18 Q uince jam for the biscuits is Q uite a nice touch, or honey, fruit butter, molasses and such! Slide 19 The R oast turkey thawed in the R efridgerator all night and cooked all day til browned just R ight! Slide 20 Yellow S quash, acorn S quash, just look in the cupboard, we have butternut, pattipan and even a hubbard. Slide 21 T hanksgiving Day is really great, a day set aside for our families to just give Thanks. Slide 22 Sassy and Pepper are U sually able to catch all the crumbs that fall U nder the table! Slide 23 We'll have V arious V egetables for V eronica to name, creamed and buttered, steamed and plain. Slide 24 W e'll have lemonade, coffee, milk and iced tea, Orange juice, cider, but just W ater for me. Slide 25 E X tra e X citement is e X pected this year. Everyone in the family will be coming here. Slide 26 The Yams will be Yummy baked in a pan, covered with marshmallows and toasted pecans. Slide 27 Z illons of dishes will be eaten with Z eal you're sure to enjoy Susie's Thanksgiving meal. Slide 28 Created by Susan Lent