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  • Celebrates



    Congratulates Our Fellow Honorees, andBSF Arc Employees

    Danielle Angiolillo, Eric Berman,Peter DiRubbo, Damion Doughlin,

    Yaniv Gorodischer, Marcus Hernandez,Judy Launhardt, Hartley Shenkman,

    Jennifer Wong


    10th Anniversary To benefit Arc of Westchester

  • Our Family Congratulates

    Arc of Westchester

    for enriching the lives of so many people with

    developmental disabilities.

    We also congratulate Elizabeth for being a wonderful daughter,

    sister and aunt, as well as a reliable employee and a good citizen.

    John and Susan Walker David and Bobbie, Will and Amy

    Annie, Catherine and Sarah, Henry and John32 years ago, my Dad founded our family business working with other family producers and

    distributors, and our new company name literally puts family at the center of who we are. We

    believe now, as my Dad did at the onset, that if we offer the highest quality products at great value

    and treat others with respect and integrity, we will be successful.






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    ily W


    & Sp


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    Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits

    Proudly Supports the

    ARC ofWestchester

  • 2013 A Matter of Taste 1


    On behalf of the Arc of Westchester Foundation and the event committee, we welcome you to our 10th anniversary A Matter of Taste. Your support of this evenings event and your presence make a significant difference in the lives of many people with developmental disabilities and their families in Westchester County.

    When you purchase tickets, raffles, corks from our exciting wine pull, fabulous silent and live auction items, you become a member of the Arc of Westchester family and enable us to stay innovative, caring and professional.

    Enjoy your evening! Sample some of the best food and beverages in Westchester County. Greet old friends, meet new ones, and congratulate our honorees. You deserve a great time for your dedication to the citizens of our community.

    Thank you and bon appetit!

    Elaine Masket Peter Herrero, Jr.

  • 2013 A Matter of Taste2 Arc of Westchester 3

    Dear Fellow Parents and Friends,

    We are delighted to welcome you this evening, as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary of A Matter of Taste. This much-anticipated event brings us new friends and has netted nearly $1 million for programs to serve children, teens and adults with developmental disabilities.

    The funds we raise this evening help ensure that services such as early childhood education, guardianship, recreation, and job placement are fi nancially sound, now and in the

    future. Thank you for being here this evening and for helping those who rely on our services to realize their dreams.

    As we approach the end of the year, we are thankful for the successes that we see every day at Arc of Westchester. Lets continue to be as generous as we can be so that the people we serve can continue to cultivate their talents, make choices, achieve their goals, live enriched lives and serve their communities.

    Best regards,


    Anthony AssalonePresidentArc of Westchester

    Dear Friends,

    Welcome! For ten years now good folks like you have made A Matter of Taste an event of joy and giving.

    Behind the scenes, our wonderful committee led by Peter Herrero, Jr. and Elaine Masket have worked tirelessly to make this, our 10th A Matter of Taste, the best ever.

    Tonight we celebrate people and good citizens who are making a great difference in our community

    and our worldthe Walker Family, the law fi rm of Boies, Schiller & Flexner and the Young Professionals of Arc of Westchester.

    They have generously supported our work to make the lives of many people better and they deserve our admiration and applause. I personally am in awe of their generosity and dedication.

    Arc of Westchester is dedicated to maintaining the excellence of our programs while expanding to meet increasing needs. We are also one of the few agencies addressing the lifelong needs from birth through senior years of the people we serve. We really do address needs along the entire Arc of a Life, the focus of a new funding campaign that will enable us to provide innovative supports for the next generation and beyond. Please stay tuned as we move ahead with this capital campaign.

    This evening, enjoy the food, the wine, and the camaraderie, but please also take the time to speak with our honorees and offer your personal thanks.


    Larry McNaughtonPresident Arc of Westchester Foundation

  • 2013 A Matter of Taste4 Arc of Westchester 5

    Family Partner The Walker Family

    The Walker familys association with Arc of Westchester began 30 years ago when John and Susans daughter Elizabeth, graduated from high school special classes and was looking for a work program. Arc of Westchester provided Elizabeth with a series of ever more challenging work opportunities. She is now a dedicated employee at eDocNY, a member of the Customer Services Committee on which she served as Vice President, and a member of the Self Advocacy Group.

    Susan has served as a board member and on numerous committees and has been instrumental in shaping policies and developing funding that will guide and ensure Arc of Westchester programs in the future.

    The extended Walker family, including Lizs two brothers, David and Will and their wives, has supported and encouraged Liz and her achievements. We are proud to honor them with this years Family Partner Award.

    Youth PartnerThe Young Professionals of Arc of Westchester

    The Young Professionals of Arc of Westchester (ages 20-35) serve as Arc of Westchester ambassadors, building awareness of our mission through business associates, family and their social circle, and raising much-needed funds for Arc of Westchester programs. The Committees work gives young professionals the opportunity to develop leadership skills in a philanthropic environment and to use their time, talents, and contacts to strengthen Arc of Westchesters mission.

    Since its founding in 2008, the group has organized fundraising events, brainstormed marketing strategies, sponsored an art project and helped to build an investment portfolio.

    While The Young Professionals of Arc of Westchester group is both educational and social in nature, its true goal is to build leadership among this age group, working with people committed to the mission of creating opportunities and choices for children, young people and adults with developmental disabilities.

  • 2013 A Matter of Taste6 Arc of Westchester 7

    Our Fabulous Matter of Taste Committee

    Benefit Co-Chairs Peter Herrero, Jr. Elaine Masket

    Auction Chair Lynda Schrier Wirth

    Wine and Beverage SponsorDeutsch Family Wine & Spirits

    Committee Diane Anderson Adrienne J. Arkontaky Maria Brill Cynthia Ferguson Sheryl Frishman Lisa Graff Tibisay Guzman Fran Higgins Moira Kiernan Luguang Luan Jennifer Marron Larry McNaughton Rita Ross Laura Saggese Debbra Stolarik Anne Sweazey Ric Swierat Susan Walker

    Business Partner Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP

    Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP has been an employment partner with the Arc of Westchester since 2002, when they hired three Arc of Westchester program participants to work in their mailroom. Since that time, the number has increased to eight individuals who work as mail clerks, sorting and delivering all the mail and packages for the firm, and restocking supplies. These workers are supported by a full time Arc of Westchester coach and a Job Placement Specialist who visits them twice a month.

    It takes teamwork to make great employment partners. Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP are ideal partners, very supportive of our program participants and committed to open communications. Since this relationship began, all the employees of the firm have made us feel welcome and shown compassion and respect to our workers.

    At break time, our program participants have their lunch in an employee lunch room. This is an opportunity to socialize and get to know their fellow workers. Feeling a sense of inclusion is important to many of our program participants, and that feeling is encouraged at the firm.

    We have valued our relationship over the years with Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP, and we appreciate their continued support in giving employment opportunities to the individuals in our program.

  • 2013 A Matter of Taste8 Arc of Westchester 9

    Dear Friend,

    Thank you for attending the 10th Anniversary of A Matter of Taste. We hope you had a great time and that you have come away inspired by the achievements of the people served by Arc of Westchester.

    We know that you care about all the young children, adolescents,

    adults and senior citizens who struggle every day with the constant challenges of having developmental disabilities, and the enormous impact that autism, Down syndrome and other disorders can have on the daily lives of their loving and supporting families. For more than 65 years, Arc of Westchester has dedicated itself to making a difference in the lives of thousands of individuals and families. Yet as the population we serve continues to increase ever more rapidly, the amount of government support received ha