“a love-hate affair”

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“A Love-Hate Affair”. What has been the relationship between Bush and the U.N.? What is the reason for this? List 3 criticisms of the U.N. Who pays the U.N.’s bills? How is payment determined? What three countries pay the most? List 8 achievements of the U.N. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • A Love-Hate AffairWhat has been the relationship between Bush and the U.N.? What is the reason for this?List 3 criticisms of the U.N.Who pays the U.N.s bills? How is payment determined? What three countries pay the most?List 8 achievements of the U.N.Why might the U.N. have good reason to resent the United States?What recent problems have hurt the U.N.s reputation and led to call for reform?

  • Ali G Visits the United Nations

  • Founding of the United NationsU.N. founded at the end of World War II by the Allied Powers that won the warCreated under United States leadershipReplaced the weak League of NationsU.S. had never joined this organizationFailed to prevent WWIICharter signed in San Francisco by 51 original members nations on October 24, 1945

  • Purposes of the United NationsTo maintain peace and stability throughout the worldTo develop friendly relations among nationsTo cooperate in solving international problemsTo promote respect for human rights and freedomsTo be a center (location) for helping nations achieve these aims

  • United Nations Headquarters A center for nations to achieve these aims.

  • Principles of the United NationsSovereign Equality Each member in the General Assembly has one voteMembers must:try to settle their differences through peaceful meansavoid the threat or use of force against any other statecommit themselves to world peace through international cooperation and collective security

  • Collective SecurityAggression against one state is aggression against all and should be defeated by the collective action of all

  • The United Nations IS/IS NOTIS:A multilateral organizationAn association of independent states (SOVEREIGN)Charter forbids U.N. from interfering in the domestic affairs of any country*IS NOT:A World GovernmentDoes not have the power to tax or make lawsDoes not have an independent military forceOnly has the power provided by its members

  • The Organs of the United NationsGeneral AssemblySecurity CouncilSecretariatEconomic and Social CouncilInternational Court of JusticeTrusteeship CouncilOrgans of the United Nations

  • Security Council StuffPermanent Members (U.S., Great Britain, France, Russia, China)NOT necessarily the wealthiest or most powerful countries in the worldThese were the winners in WWII

    Power in the Security CouncilSome members have more power than othersSecurity Council make-up does not reflect geopolitical power in todays globalized worldCall to increase the size of the Security Council w/o expanding the veto power

  • Final Key ThoughtsMultilateralismIdealism and cooperationNot just the national interests of individual nationsDifference between Peacekeeping and PeacemakingPeacemaking - bring warring parties toward peace or to prevent political and armed conflicts from escalatingPeacekeeping Neutral military forces to enforce truces or cease-firesHumanitarian InterventionsPrevent human rights violationsRelieve human suffering