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1. The Great Wall of China is one among the wonders of the world. Tourists from all overthe world visit the place. It is a delightful and memorable experience. The Great Wall ofChina was built during several dynasties.www.trekclub.org 2. It was in the dynasty of Qin that is from 221 B C to 206 B C, Han from 206 B C to 220A D and Ming dynasty from 1368 A D to 1644 A D. There was not much ofconstruction done in the Great Wall during the reign of Yuan and Qing as they wereamong the barbarian community. It is to rescue the people from the attack of barbariansthat the GreatWall of China was initially built.www.trekclub.org 3. Great Wall Beijing Tours guides the tourist to know the history and the architectureinvolved in the construction of the Wall. The Great Wall was constructed to protectagriculture from the Huns and other warrior tribes. The Wall and its advantages reducedwith the technological advancement of gunpowder. Stone, wood, grass and earth wereinitially used to construct the GreatWall.www.trekclub.org 4. There are around eight official locations that are open to visitors. These eight sectionsare tamed, renovated and restored while the other parts are left ruined. Safety measureshave been taken in these eight sections such as toilets, parking lots, security guards, andrestaurants. These safety measures make the trip to the Great Wall of China a pleasantand amazing. The eight sections have their own geographic and construction features.This makes the GreatWall unique.www.trekclub.org 5. Address: countyard 5,chaoyang road,Chaoyang district,Beijing 100024,ChinaEmail: trekbooking@gmail.comWebsite: www.trekclub.orgTelephone: 0086 139 1136 1736https://twitter.com/greatwalltrekchttps://www.facebook.com/GreatwallTrekclubhttp://www.pinterest.com/trekclub/https://plus.google.com/101330742488586937518