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  • 94-804 Transformational Leadership For Global Enterprises- Class Syllabus This syllabus is subject to slight modification

    F 17- Linda Chaousis

    “The principles of leadership remain constant; it's how leadership is put into practice that keeps getting smarter.

    Can leadership be taught? The answer is simple. Yes, leadership, like all skills, can be taught. The literature is clear on the essential components, styles, and dynamics. Educational materials and programs abound.

    But can leadership be learned? The answer to that question isn't obvious. It seems that leadership, one of the scarcest and least enduring components of human capital, is not learned easily or well.”

    From Fastcompany.com

  • Transformational Leadership in Global Enterprises 2


    H. John Heinz III College of Public Policy and Management Australia

    Class Location: Class Room 2 Level 2 Carnegie Mellon University, 220 Victoria Square, Adelaide

    Instructor: Linda Chaousis Adjunct Faculty Creative Director, Linda Chaousis International Wellness Advocate, Our Thrive Collective

    Mobile: 0417805827

    Email: lindac@cmu.edu or linda@lindachaousis.com

    In all email correspondence start the subject line with {Transformational Leadership}

    ZOOM: https://zoom.us/j/2420000396 SMS me first on 0417 805 827 to set up a time on ZOOM

    Office hours: by appointment


    The game is changing on the world stage! This requires a new type of leadership and new types of strategies. We will look at the role of the leader in the emerging world. The context of global leadership has significantly changed in the past 5 years. Technology and social media have been game changers that some still ignore.

    Regardless of your title, and regardless of the job you have you will have to display leadership qualities if you want to get ahead, get noticed and close the gap between your aspirations and your reality.

    Good leadership is driven from inner values and convictions. It is important to understand what research has shown us that makes up good leadership. It is important to identify how to match your leadership style to a situation, person or organisation’s culture. A lot of people espouse principles of good leadership but are very poor at practicing them.

    If you prove yourself to be a good leader you will virtually guarantee your success in whatever field you choose. Good leaders are rare. Whether you are leading in a global enterprise or a local organization,

  • Transformational Leadership in Global Enterprises 3

    good leadership principles are the same. Regardless of your context, you will have to learn how to lead and communicate across social media platforms.

    This course will discuss the evidence base for transformational leadership, a variety of models of transformational leadership, what that means for you and how to match the right leadership model (it can be one that you create from the ones we discuss in class) to your personality, style and work context.

    LEARNING OUTCOMES At the conclusion of this course students will be able to:

    • Discern between transformational and transactional leadership; • Develop leadership paradigms to match our emerging global and digital society; • Discuss and debate good practice leading in a culturally diverse environment; • Identify the organizational barriers-and solutions- to transformational leadership; • Strengthen their emotional intelligence to become a more effective leader.


    • Your Insights submissions 30 • Group case study in class 20 • Your Project-Paper

    and presentation 40 • Class participation 10


    Class participation includes quality of homework, participation, responsibility taken for assignments-including quality and timeliness- and engagement in class discussions, your group’s feedback on your participation and instructor’s general assessment of effort and contribution in the course.


    Assignments are to be professionally presented to the same standard that you would submit a document to the Executive group in your workplace. A grade of A or A+ is for students who go well above the expected requirements through their own initiative. Workplace quality, analysis, integration of principles and responsibility taken for assignment will be considered in the grade. Points- either class participation or assignment points- will be deducted for unprofessional presentation, late submission by any other means than instructed in the syllabus.

    GRADED ASSIGNMENT # 1 THREE ESPOUSED TO PRACTICED PERSONAL INSIGHTS An important part of learning and good practice in your work role, is reflection. One of the most common problems in leadership today is that many people can ‘espouse’ leadership theory, but

  • Transformational Leadership in Global Enterprises 4

    unfortunately, it is a minority of people who actually practice good leadership, whether they are leading with a title or without one. To individualise this class I have set this assignment. For three weeks (before midnight Monday night) you are to do the following:

    1 Listen to the podcasts, read the articles distributed in class, watch the videos and source at least one article or video that resonates with you in relation to leadership- there are no required books for this class, so you have a very light reading load.

    2 Submit either via Canvas a word document, a link to an mp3 file you recorded or link to a video you recorded. a. Resources (books, articles, videos) that you accessed b. Key ‘messages’ you received from your research for this week and class c. Your personal view about the elements of Transformational Leadership from all

    of the sources we’ve introduced d. What this means for you and how you will conduct yourself at work e. Questions that you are reflecting on or new paradigms or frameworks that you

    see emerging.

    Submit either via Canvas a word document, or an mp3 file or video each week on the due dates. I will read or view is and interact with you in an ‘on line’ coaching manner. The aim of this is to help build your leadership skills and give you the leading edge skills that transformational leadership can provide. This is a graded assignment. Each Insight submission points and will be graded each week so you know how you are tracking and can immediately improve if needed. I will mark them Excellent, Good, Average, Below Average and assign a final grade to the activity when all have been submitted. You should use each of the categories in your Insight to receive EXCELLENT. If you don’t have any comment on a category, mention that and why or what else you need to do to make a comment.

    Insights are due on the following Fridays: November 17 November 24 December 1

  • Transformational Leadership in Global Enterprises 5


    Based on your Insight submissions, our class discussions and your own experience you will be required to write a 7-10 page paper answering the following questions. You will present key points of your paper in a panel/interview format in class. You will be able to refer to your notes.

    The aim of this exercise is for you to apply critical thinking and analysis to what you have now shaped as your leadership philosophy and approach. Support this by your readings and the models discussed in class. More details will be given in class.

    Each week in class we will discuss one or two of these questions.


    • To you, what is transformational leadership and what are its components? • How would you apply Adaptive Leadership? • How would you apply the CASE model-as a leader or someone without formal authority? • Few, if any of you will return to your home country to be a CEO of a global enterprise. It

    is a process of steps and development. Describe where you are today in your leadership journey and what you will do in the next 1, 2, and five years to build the skills to be a major leader in a global enterprise (it may be your own business or it may be a multinational business). This includes development you might undertake and what actions and behaviours you will demonstrate on the job.

    • If you have no formal authority, what can you do to demonstrate leadership? • In your opinion what are the 5 most important things a leader should do in their role

    internally in the organisation and what are 5 things every leader needs to consider from a global perspective? Why?

    • In a global and digital world, what changes need to be made to ‘traditional leadership paradigms’ and how would you contribute to that?

    Questions should be answered with reference to

    • Class discussion • Readings and research • Analysis of the options in each situation • Your honest intention of behaviour at CMUA in study groups and after graduation.

    GRADED ASSIGNMENT #3 There will be a case study completed in class as a group.

  • Transformational Leadership in Global Enterprises 6

    OTHER ASSIGNMENTS AND READINGS Throughout the course, non graded assignments (homework) may be given. It is expected they will be submitted to a professional workplace standard and that your contr


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