9/11 KArthik Gudipati "Asian Conservatives." Asian Conservatives. Web. 15 May 2011. the day america will never forget.

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  • 9/11

    KArthik Gudipati"Asian Conservatives." Asian Conservatives. Web. 15 May 2011.the day america will never forget

  • ThesisAfter 9/11, The US government had more responsibility placed on them and the view of the Middle east has changed for Americans.

  • The Twin Towers:19 hijackers took control of 2 flights .American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower at 8:46 a.m.United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into the South Tower at 9:15 a.mThe towers killed more than 3,000 people which included workers, bystanders, and firefighters/cops.What Happened on 9/11?"Asian Conservatives." Asian Conservatives. Web. 15 May 2011.

  • What Happened on 9/11?The PentagonWithin 30 minutes of the Twin Towers attack another plane attacked the PentagonAmerican Airlines Flight 77, crashed into the Pentagon at 9:37 a.m125 people in the Pentagon and 58 flight passengers were killed because of this attack

    "September 11 News.com - October 11, 2001 Pentagon Memorial Speech by President George W. Bush." September 11 News.com - September 11, 2001 News Archives - The 9/11/2001 Terrorist Attack on America. Archives in Images, Photos, & Newspapers from the September 11th, 2001 Attacks at the WTC & Pentagon. Web. 18 May 2011. .

  • What Happened on 9/11?A Fourth FlightA fourth airliner, American Airlines 93, crashed near Shankville, Pennsylvania after some of its passenger helped stop it from hitting its original target, the Capitol."September 11 News." September 11 News. Web. 15 May 2011.

  • CausesMany different given reasons for the attacks on 9/11.Spanning from: Bin Laden wanting America to believe in Allah, to conflicts on foreign policies."Worlds Strangest | 15 Largest Masjid around the World." Worlds Strangest| Your Source for the Strangest Things Around! Web. 15 May 2011. .

  • CausesPossible but Flawed Theories:Poverty: Middle East could have been jealous of US economic wealth. But the attackers were found to be part of the middle and upper class of the Middle East, so it implausible.Religion: Bin Laden might have disliked our perspective on religious freedom. However, He could have attacked another country with religious freedom as well. For this reason too, the fact that Americans were not Muslim could not be a possible reason as well as most other religious reasons."Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog Saudi Arabias $10.7 Billion Bribe | Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog." Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog | A Historical Compendium Covering the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. Open to Contributors. Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill News of Oil Spill Jobs, New Business, Oil Spill Specials/Benefits, Personal Stories and Recovery Organizations. Web. 15 May 2011.

  • CausesMore Accurate TheoryForeign Policy: As stated by Osama Bin laden himself, this was why al-Qaeda attacked. USs support for Israel and the help it gave for wars of Israel caused the anti-American perspective in Bin laden. He was later outraged by the 500,000 troops sent to Saudi Arabia after Saddam Husseins invasion in Kuwait.Light, The. Telling Secrets. Web. 15 May 2011. .

  • ImpactsThe 9/11 had many big impacts on the US causing decisions for the future: Security: America increased its security drastically in order to prevent further terrorist attacks. Airplanes were temporarily stopped and delayed because of fear of another terrorist attack on the planes Slowly, planes were able to fly again but now with increased security checks at the airports increasing restricted items on the plane while checking the passengers more thoroughly. Public areas also increased security, especially shown towards the Muslim American community, because of the fact that the attackers were also Muslim."Airport Security | Knight Life." Lahser High School - Home. Web. 15 May 2011. .

  • Impacts

    Illness: Both mental and physical illness was brought upon the Americans because of this cataclysm. People in the New York area, especially near the World trade Center, were affected by the pyroclastic debris. This caused sickness to these victims. Victims trapped in the building had first hand contact with the smoke after the impact of the plane, which first caused coughs and allergies and later turned into dangerous illnesses mainly with the lungs and heart. Another type of illness was caused by the traumatic stress that occurred to the victims or victims close ones. Witnessing a loved ones death is hard and especially in a terrorist attack where thousands of others died as well causes stress and shock to the victims."Visibility 9/11." Visibility 9/11. Web. 15 May 2011.

  • Impacts Society: There was major discrimination towards the Muslim-American community due to the attacks. People lowered there use of public facilities. Such places like malls and movie theaters saw a decline in customers because they could be an easy target for another attack. People followed and kept up with the daily news about the government and its policies towards the attacks. Media proposed theories and reasons, some which were highly implausible, to give explain why the Arabians attacked America. Hence, people started following the news itself and gave their own opinions to others on the reason why this could have happened.Muslim American, as stated before, had a hard time moving on in life without being stared at by others. Not just that, but Muslim Americans had a hard time joining jobs and going to schools because of the safety purposes."DEMOTIX Muslim Protest." DEMOTIX. Web. 15 May 2011.

  • Impacts Economy: The 9/11 attack had a significant effect on the American as well as the World market. The Market did not open on 9/11 and were closed till September 17th. After the opening, the Dow Jones market index fell about 7.1%, the largest one-day point drop. By the end of the week, the Market index fell almost 14.3%, the then-largest one week point drop in history causing America to lose about $1.4 trillion in value. Many jobs were lost and the wages were drastically declining.The US lent money to the New York government to rebuild its economy and infrastructureWiner, Peter. "Labor a Concern on Labor Day - Nashville Personal Finance | Examiner.com."Spokane News, Spokane Information, Spokane Events | Examiner.com. Web. 15 May 2011. .

  • Pre-21 Century Relation Pearl Harbor: The Japanese bombed the US naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in 1941. This was a surprise attack which took the lives of 2,400 men and wounded about 1,300 men. Just like the effect 9/11 had on the Muslim Americans, Pearl Harbor isolated the Japanese Americans as they were seen as a threat. This caused America to become part of WWII.Before the 21th Century, there were many terrorist attacks that were similar to 9/11:"Pearl Harbor | Flagship Financial Group - VA Mortgage Leader." VA & FHA Loans | Net Branch Opportunities | Mortgage Professionals | Blog for Mortgages Nationwide. Web. 15 May 2011. .

  • Pre-21 Century Relation Oklahoma City Bombing: Bomb attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in 1995 The Oklahoma blast claimed 168 lives, including 19 children under the age of 6, and injured more than 680 people. The blast destroyed or damaged 324buildings within a sixteen-block radius, destroyed or burned 86cars, and shattered glass in 258nearby buildings. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oklahoma_City_bombing)"Democratic Pollster: Obama Needs an Oklahoma City Bombing Moment to Reconnect with the American People (Wizbang)." Wizbang. Web. 15 May 2011. .

  • My Questions 1) What was the evidence, before the information given by Osama, that the Al-Qaeda was behind these attacks? The FBI identified the attackers, one of them being a leader of the Al-Qaeda. They also identified that most of them were Saudi Arabian, while only a few were from America, which led to the Al-Qaeda.Light, The. Telling Secrets. Web. 15 May 2011. .

  • My Questions 2) What was George W. Bushs respond to these attacks on 9/11? At first, right after the attack, the Bush administration tried to identify who the attackers were and find out their identities. As of then, their suspicion was at Al-Qaeda, but they werent exactly sure as Osama Bin Laden denied it. Later, in 2004, When Bin laden accepted that he was behind the attacks, he was hunted down by the Americans and Bush fought a War against terrorism with Afghanistan.

  • My Questions 3) How did the rest of the world respond to the attacks? Other countries were devastated by the attacks and they also increased their securities hoping to prevent such a catastrophe to happened to their nation. In addition to this, Treaties were made with America to help them rebuild their infrastructure, especially in the World Trade Center Area in New York and the Pentagon area in Virginia. By doing this they supported America. Also, these other countries "Global Sikh News US Religious Groups Upset over Airport Security Procedures." Global Sikh News. Web. 15 May 2011. .

  • My Questions 4) How did 9/11 impact the security in America America increased its security dramatically in order to prevent further terrorist attacks, especially in public places like malls, theaters, airports, and etc. There were delays in transportation and they were stopped temporarily, but they gradually reopened. However, the security checks were increased.

  • Bibliography "9-11 Commission Final Report." GPO Access Home Page. Web. 15 May 2011. . "911 Digital Archive." September 11 Digital Archive. Web. 15 May 2011. ."World Trade Center - New York City - September 11, 2001." GlobalSecurity.org - Reliable Security Information. Web. 15 May 2011. ."Motives for 9/11 Terrorist Attacks September 11th Motive." Representative Press. Web. 15 May 2011. ."9/11 Attacks History.com Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts." History.com History Made Every Day American & World History. Web. 15 May 2011.