9 ways to improve your marketing resource management

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MPULL suggests 9 ways in which marketing managers can improve their marketing resource management. Consisting of simple and easy steps or low hanging fruit that can be taken immediately in a marketing or brand team that will assist them in generating more revenue for the company.


<ul><li> 1. 9 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOURMARKETING RESOURCEMANAGEMENT</li></ul> <p> 2. BenefitsDefine and implement Meet company and brandprocesses for eachstandardsmarketing discipline Ensure relevant people give(PR, Advertising, Events, etc.) feedback and sign offto be followed by all Save Timeemployees when executing Save Moneycampaigns Flatten the learning curve for newemployees Portray a professional image Produce high quality campaignsMPULL SolutionA predefined process to be followed iscreated in every campaign workspace in theform of tasks that can be assigned to teammembers. 3. BenefitsCreate a marketing calendar Reduce clashes, such as mediathat spans all marketingevents and announcementssegments, regions and occurring in the same weekbusiness units Reduce duplication of effort Increase collaboration as peerscan easily identify projects towork together on Save moneyMPULL SolutionCampaigns can be transposed atBusiness Unit and Organizational levelonto the MPULL Marketing Calendar, withan easy click-thru to get further details andto socially collaborate. 4. BenefitsCreate and enforce service Get timeous feedback onlevel agreements (SLA) marketing activationsbetween team members and Quickly respond to marketenforce delivery Make poor delivery escalationsaccordinglyrelevant and quantitative Ensure campaigns are of a high level of quality MPULL Solution Tasks such as feedback and approvals are assigned to individuals or teams, if not completed within the specified timeframe, the task is automatically escalated. Date and time logs of all tasks and escalations are recorded. 5. BenefitsMove feedback and Reviewer only sees latest versionapproval betweenof campaigncolleagues and agencies Feedback and approvals areout of e-mail recorded within the workspace Reviewer can see all pastfeedback No excuse for not receiving e-maildue to attachment size or serverproblemsMPULL SolutionE-mail can be entirely eliminated, all filescan be uploaded to MPULL, and allfeedback, approvals, and tasks aregiven, tracked and assigned within thesystem. 6. BenefitsProvide performance Give employees opportunity tofeedback to your teamimprove performancemembers after every Give employee a clear indication ofcampaign or project they what you are are were expectingcomplete Let employees know what they are doing right Get better results from your team Forms pivotal foundation to team motivation MPULL Solution A task is assigned to manager to provide feedback as soon as a campaign is marked as completed. Their feedback is recorded in the system and can be consolidated for an end-of-year performance appraisal. 7. BenefitsAutomate resourceintensive marketing tasks Reduce salary costssuch as RSVP management Let employees focus on revenueand competitive intelligence generating campaignssourcing MPULL Solution A range of operational tools are available within MPULL that automate mundane marketing activities. 8. BenefitsMove status reports to Develop a create culture withinin the cloud (online / shared drive) your teamso everyone has the latest Inspire and motivate your teamversion, and replace the Save timeweekly status meeting withan innovation meeting MPULL Solution The status of every campaign or activity is kept updated within each workspace along with any associated tasks. Any team member can access the latest status from anywhere with any internet connected device. 9. BenefitsImplement a regular Quickly identify top performingmarketing scorecard or campaignsstandardize reporting and Measure performance ofdedicate more resources to campaigns against each other Focus efforts and budgettop performing campaigns strategically MPULL Solution On demand reporting in the identical format allows users to easily compare campaigns, even to campaigns that ran several months prior or in different segments. 10. BenefitsMake sure everything that Replace cool campaigns withanyone in the marketingfunctional campaignsteam does is linked to an Save moneyobjective and target market Generate ROIMPULL SolutionNo campaign can be started within MPULLwithout selecting the relevantobjectives, ROI measures and targetmarkets. 11. Operations ResourceManagement Management Lead NurturingAn end-to-end Marketing Software Solution:where Marketers live 12. THANK YOU!For more information:visit www.mpull.com </p>