7 steps to becoming an rc drift champion

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this book teaches you the basic and advance lessons in rc drifting... especially dedicated to philippne rc drifters organization members...


7 Steps to Becoming an RC Drift Champion


Table of ContentsIntro: Background and History of RC Cars & Drifting 3 Where to Buy RC Cars 6 Most Popular Models 7 Setting Up Your RC Car to Drift 10 Choices: Tires, Motor, Suspension & Drive Train 22 Techniques for Drifting 35 Tips & Hints 37 Important Notes 49


Intro: Background and History of RC Cars & Drifting

Before getting into how you can become the best RC car driver there is, you should know a little history about where and when they were originated. After all, you cant go forward unless you know where youre coming from! In the early 1960s, the first radio control car system was created. The only difference there was between it and the real deal (regular car) was the size. It ran on gas and was extremely fast. These mini vehicles were often times referenced as road runners. Not only were they quick, but they were precise as well. The architecture of the radio control car is what made it stronger, faster and easier to control. The small engines were created with methane and were available from the 40s, but it wasnt until mid 1966 when the El-Gi, also known as Elettronica Giocattoli, was created in England; the first fully RC model to be released. By December of the same year, it was available in stores throughout the United Kingdom. During the beginning of the 1970s, a British company known as Mardave started to manufacture RC models also. Commercial models were immediately sold all over the United Kingdom, creating competition. This started a new rave; more and more companies began to create RC models, especially within the United States. U.S. companies started out making RC model powered kits with 1/8 nitro. The body of the mini car was made of polycarbonate. The most popular of the engines created was the K&B Veco McCoy. As time went on, producers took care to experiment as much as they could; with different types of heat sinks; engines, suspension types and bigger fuel tanks. A company based in the United States called Jerobee, created the 1974 version of a 1/12 nitro Cox engine car. There were a few other companies who then created parts for it. Jerobee then changed its name to Jomac and began to manufacture electric model cars.


In 1976, it was a great year for the radio control model cars. A renowned company in Japan, called Tamiya took the world by storm with their radio controlled cars in 76. The company was notoriously known for highly detailed mini car models. Tamiyas prices for the model cars were extremely high, but their powered kits still sold out in little time. By 1979, the company released their very first real off-road buggies called the Sand Scorcher and the Rough Rider. From then on, Tamiya was one of the top performing car model producers out there. Earlier models created by them are now collectors items and can have values as high as $3,000. Due to great popularity, Tamiya brought back the early models during 2005. These were sold out extremely quickly, just as they had expected. Another great company was Schumacher Racing UK. It was around in 1980 and had created the first ball differential technology. This technology allowed the model owners to easily adapt their racing cars to different types of terrains. Before then, on road models only had one solid axle, but due to the creation of such technology created by Schumacher Racing, radio controlled car owners could switch from an elegant on road to a rough off road mode with great ease. The same company had released CAT (Competition All Terrain) back in 1986. By 1987, the model had won the international RC championship for having the best off road buggies during that time.

Drifting If you have seen recent racing movies, you may be familiar with the term drifting. It is when you use the back wheels of your car to slide; similar to how you quickly break on ice. But why do people insist on driving at high speeds while doing this technique? Well, for the thrill of course. But with RC car racing, there is much less worry of dangerous outcomes from drifting.


Drifting consists of breaking very hard, so that your model car will slide sideways around corners and curves. The point is to do so gracefully without banging up the car. There are different models of drifting radio controlled cars. Some of them come with drifting features when you buy it. Others require that you upgrade the different parts, so that you are able to drift the car kit. You would have to modify different parts of the car kit, such as the tires, suspension, motor and an optional drive train. Tires these are specially made with hard-rubber, which lose traction much easier than normal tires. Suspension This is optional; it is used to make traction easier with a stiffer suspension. Motor It is necessary to upgrade the engine because the one provided from the manufacturer isnt capable of drifting. Drive Train This is also optional; used to lock up the front and rear differential gears. There are specific reasons for getting each of the mentioned parts and each of them has their own features that allow you to drift the mini car as you so please. Take a look at the specified sections to find out more about the parts and what they are needed for. If you are more old school, you will remember back when drifting first came out; not it wasnt when the movie Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift hit theaters. Part of that statement is right; drifting was created in Japan during the early 1970s. It was a racing technique used in the All Japan Touring Car Championship. It ultimately became very popular with Japanese race crowds in 1977. During that time, it was still considered as just a racing technique. The father of drifting is Kunimitsu Takahashi. Sixteen years after it was created was when it became popular enough for Japanese race track owners to allow it during competitions. The first drifting competition was held in the mid 1980s.


Just like with most fashions and trends, America didnt get a drift of drifting until several years after. The first official drifting contest in the States was in August of 1993. It was done at the Irwindale Speedway, which is now hosted every year by D1 Grand Prix. Soon after, other motor sports companies begin to hold drifting competitions all across the United States, like Nopi Motorsports. D1 Grand Prix is still the biggest of them all though and is the place that drifters yearn to go to. Now, drifting is so popular that drivers set up lessons with trainers, similar to dance or music lessons. There are drift clubs all around the nation who are rapidly growing more and more popular with a wide array of drivers. Younger generations are looking to learn, so that they can show off; and the older generations want to learn because they are looking for a new sport. Even female drifters are popping up all over the place. You may find some places in your community that has radio controlled drifting competitions or people hold family and friend get togethers to watch people they know RC car drift. Where to Buy RC Car Models ............................................................................................................... Step 2: Buying the best model car out there is the second step to becoming an RC drift champion. Without the proper equipment, you will never be able to accomplish true expertise in drifting. You can easily find places to buy different types of radio controlled car kits. If you have internet access, this is definitely your gateway to achieving your new drifting model RC car. Different web sites contain companies that sell the model cars and if you already know the model and make you want, you can visit the actual web site of the manufacturer or reseller.


The radio controlled car models are also available at places like RadioShack and other retail stores within the mall and at flea markets. Conducting a search engine search for places in your area that sells them can easily be done. Prices of these RC cars vary greatly depending on which brand and features you decide to go with. There are some that are sold below $100, but for better quality, you will have to spend a couple hundred dollars at least. There are two ways you can buy the RC car, either with drifting features already on it (which will likely cost you more) or as a regular radio controlled car kit. With the latter, you will need to buy your own parts to give it the ability to drift. Parts such as tires, motor, suspension and a drive train can be purchased to help turn your normal RC car into a drifting racing car. Other options available are electric powered radio control drift cars or nitro gas powered RC drift cars. Depending on where you buy from will also determine how much money you will have to shell out. Most Popular Models ....... If you are looking for the RC model car to entertain your hobby, you will likely want to purchase the most popular radio controlled car out there. This will be step two in your mission to becoming a RC drift champion. Which car you will purchase is also determined by what your needs are and how much work you are looking to do on the car yourself. You have the option of buying a drifting read RC car or a regular radio controlled car that you have to fix up to get drifting capabilities. Dont get confused with RC cars and toy remote cars. With the toy remote cars, you are unable to upgrade to have drifting capabilities and there is no way that the batteries within it can allow it to reach the high speeds that a more hightech radio controlled cars can.


RC cars are much more like real cars and are tunable and have powerful nitro engines and electric motors, tunable suspensions and can average at speeds between 35 and 45 miles per hour. There are even some out there that can reach over 70 miles per hour without any add-ons needed. Th