5a unit4 halloween halloween happy women’s day!

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  • 5A Unit4 Halloween

  • Happy Womens Day!

  • Happy Teachers Day! 9/10

  • Happy Childrens Day! 6/1

  • 5A Unit4 Halloween|||u||i:|

  • 10.31Halloween is on October 31st. Halloween begins after sunset. 1031On Halloween, children all dress up in funny or scary costumes.

  • People always put some pumpkin lanterns around their houses.There is a Halloween party , all the children are very happy! They can sing, dance ,play games and have sweets.,

  • What else, do we need?What do we need?

  • a jar(),we can put the flowers in it. a vaseguess

  • a covering(),we can put it on the face and play games.a maskmasks

  • It is made of a pumpkin, theres a candle in it. Children like it very much.a pumpkin lantern

  • What do we need?What else, do we need?

  • Can I help you?We need someWhat else do you need?We needHere are your things.How much are they?yuan.Here you are.Thank you .Heres your change.change10yuan 5yuan 15yuan 20yuan 5yuan 10yuanbuy things

  • Ben and his family are in the sitting-room.They would like to buy things for a Halloween party. What do they need?Oct.30thWhat do they want to do?

  • Watch a video

    Shopping list some chocolate some flowers a vase some masks a pumpkin lantern

    thingsThey needflowerstreeschocolatesweetsa vasea pumpkin lanternmasks

  • 2.What masks do they like? They like ______, ______ and monkeys.horsestigers1.How much are they? yuan.87listen and repeat fast reading

  • Ben and his family want to buy things for a _______ party. They ______ some chocolate, some flowers and a_____. And they need ______________ and some _____, too. Bens brother, likes _______, tigers and ________.Halloweenneedvasea pumpkin lanternmaskshorsesmonkeysFill in the blanks:

  • Happy birthday!

  • A:Can I help you?B:We need someA:What else do you need?B:We needA:Here you are.B:How much are they?A:yuan.B:Here you are.A:Thank you .Heres your change.Go shopping10yuan 1yuan 5yuan50yuan15yuan 35yuan27yuan4yuan

  • Homework:

    Read Part A of Unit 4

    2. Make a poster about Halloween.