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  • 5 ways to reduce your artwork costs:

    In 2012, would you like to achieve:

    Better brand consistency?

    Quicker artwork approvals?

    Lower design, artwork & repro costs?

    Design, artwork and origination costs can be a significant drain on a marketing

    budget, and because they are a necessary part of the product development process, this

    spend tends to be prioritised ahead of consumer communication activities.

    In many businesses, spend is not challenged as vigorously as in other areas, partly due to:

    A lack of knowledge of how the process works

    Marketers protectiveness of their agencies

    Each agency protecting its own turf

    A lack of clear accountability through the process

    The good news is that the world is moving on and this gives manufacturers the opportunity to

    achieve quicker approvals and better printing results whilst unlocking savings to increase

    media spend budgets.

    The European market is showing how things are changing:

    Design agencies are trying to hang on to artwork production

    Printers are trying to maintain control of the printing process and specific relationships

    with plate makers and repro companies

    Improved technology is driving down the real cost of print preparation and production

    costs every year

    To grow their businesses, traditional repro companies are reinventing themselves as

    Print Management Agencies (PMAs)

    Everyone is moving upstream:

    - Design agencies are taking more of the idea generation /strategy setting business

    - PMAs are moving into design and artwork production

    BUT..smart brand owners are forging relationships with PMAs to sit in the middle of

    the process, driving clear accountability, adherence to brand standards and lower


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    When you set about developing new artwork for your activities, here are 5 things to consider:

    1) Formalise the process for collecting accurate pack copy information. Make sure that

    pack copy is developed and written down in an approved packaging manuscript: using

    live artwork as a basis for checking pack copy is an expensive alternative

    2) Appoint a Print Management Agency to assess whether the right agencies are

    performing the right roles in your artwork origination process

    3) Install an electronic artwork approval process (a good PMA will install one at minimal

    cost): they formalise responses, allow remote access, speed up approval times and

    reduce artwork rework

    4) Determine which print jobs need creative input and which are less complex: does a

    range extension need to be handled by the design agency, or can the PMA adapt the

    pack art by tweaking existing artwork?

    5) Stop your marketers from attending print runs: their expertise is marketing, not print

    evaluation. A good PMA will attend first print runs on your behalf and guarantee the


    Depending on how efficient your process is today, these five tips could save 15% to 50% of

    your annual packaging origination bill.

    At Temple Grey, we have experience of running this process in food businesses across Europe

    and weve achieved significant savings and process improvements. We are also able to draw

    on latest trend information from leading PMAs in the European market.

    If you would like us to review your packaging origination and print process, please give us a


    Mark Ventress

    +64 22 120 4671

    Tony Mattson

    +64 21 998 975


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