5 Ways To Improve Your Twitter Marketing

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Confused by Twitter, or just want to improve on your current marketing campaign? Will Williamson shares his five best Twitter tips to help you get more out of those 140 characters.


<ul><li>1. JDR Group</li></ul> <p>2. Ifyouve just startedyour social mediamarketing campaign,you might be feeling abit lost Hereare 5 easy waysto start you off withyour Twitter marketing 3. Follow your competitorsand watch what theyredoing. Find the people that aredoing it well, and watchwhat theyre doing, andlearn from it. Take the time to reallyunderstand their socialmedia strategy andthen you can start toformulate your own. 4. Search out and followyour customers, oryour potentialcustomers. That might be peopleof a certain age withina certain location, or itmight be businessesof a certaintype, again within acertain location or acertain sector. 5. So how do you find them? Twitter has lots of add-on tools that you can use for these purposes, for example theres a service called Twellow, which enables you to search for users that match keyword and location demographics 6. TweetDeck allows you tomonitor the conversationson Twitter for certainkeywords, so if people aretalking about yourbusiness or products thenyou can be alerted andare able to converse andchat to these people. An important part of usingTwitter is to make themost of its ability to letyou monitor yourcustomers and yourpotential customers. 7. Dont talk about yourbreakfast thismorning, dont talkabout whats frustratingyou the day. Give valueto the people that arefollowing you. Offerthem stuff thats goingto be interesting tothem, or useful, or evenbetter, entertaining. 8. Twitter works bestwhen youre using it ona regular basis, postingstuff and answeringquestions and askingquestions. You donthave to let it consumeyour day, but you cando it with just fiveminutes, three times aday, for example. But itmust be regular. 9. Dont sell to yourfollowers, dont beboring. Be yourselfand show your humanside, and youll getbetter value fromwhat youre doingwith Twitter. 10. JDR Group are a web design and internet marketing companybased in Derby. Whether you already have a website or are startingfrom scratch it is JDRs aim to provide you with a full range ofservices, from website design to email marketing, search engineoptimisation and advanced internet marketing strategies. We aim tosupply you with useful information on an ongoing basis to help youmake the most of both your online and offline marketing strategies.Visit us on Our WebsiteFollow us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterFind us on LinkedInCheck out our YouTube Channel for some more great advice andtips </p>