5 Steps to A Perfect Ski Trip You'll Never Forget

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<p> 1. Build Cardio Endurance EXERCISE BEFORE YOUR TRIP TO AVOID INJURY STEP 1 Do StretchesBuild Muscle PICK THE RIGHT SKI GEAR STEP 2 cHOOSE THE RIGHT DESTINATION STEP 3 Practice With Boots WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF PLANNING YOUR TRIP AHEAD OF TIME? Enjoy Exclusive Deals Reduce Risk of Bad Weather Plan Non- ski Related Activities for a Fun Trip SPECIALOFFER Quality of Snow Snow Coverage Quality of Slopes Weather Conditions START WITH A LESSON STEP 4 Get On and Off a Ski Lift Arrive Fit, Healthy and Ready If you are the type of skier who hits the slopes hard or is just looking to have a good time with your loved ones in the powder snow, heres a guide that will prepare you for an unforgettable skiing experience. YOULL NEVER FORGET 5 STEPS TO A PERFECT SKI TRIP Find a Thin, Thermal Shirt Cover with an Insulating Top and Pants Choose Waterproof Outer Shell Pants Get Ski Gloves Beginners: Soft flexing, Comfortable, Warm Intermediate: Resistant, Resilient, Speedy Advanced: Stiff, Responsive, Robust FINAL STEP CHECK THE WEATHER AND ENJOY THE POWDER! SOURCES: w.theclymb.com/stories/tips/plan-ski-trip/ http://headfirst.www.idnet.com/start_learn.htm http://www.liftopia.com/blog/beginner-ski-gear-guide/ </p>