5 marketing reports that drive more ticket sales

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  1. 1. ETIX MARKETING SPOTLIGHT 5 Marketing Reports that Drive More Ticket Sales
  2. 2. 1. Export Customer Data Grow Your List. Increase Engagement. Sell. More. Tickets. Email marketing yields an average ROI of $44. READ: Venue Export Customer Data (Venue Level)
  3. 3. The Etix Community feature provides easy access to your customers. Etix Community allows you to: Quickly view your ticket buyers at a Performance Level Filter by performances, postal code, keywords, or purchase amount Export for use in your email marketing campaigns 2. Etix Community READ: Etix Community
  4. 4. Segmented emails achieve a 15% higher click rate than overall list click rates Targeting Superfans helped one client see a 221% increase in ticket revenue through email 2. Etix Community (Continued) READ: Etix Community
  5. 5. With Etix Analytics youll find your most actionable data all in one place. All of the reports within Etix Analytics will help you gain insight into ticket purchaser behavior. Compare Sales for Performances and Events View Sales by Channel 3. Etix Analytics READ: Etix Analytics
  6. 6. Sales by Geo: Quickly view ticket sales by location for one or more performances. Tickets per Order: Displays the number of tickets sold per order for a single performance or by aggregate for multiple performances. Sales Matrix: Displays ticket sales by day and hour so you can better understand the ticket purchasing habits of customers for a single performance or multiple performances 4. Etix Analytics (Continued) READ: Etix Analytics
  7. 7. Displays where your ticket buyers are coming from 4. Zip Code Reports READ: Venue Zip Code Report
  8. 8. Etix Partner IDs are used to track ticket sales across specific channels including email blasts, website, and social posts. 5. Partner IDs READ: Partner ID
  9. 9. Integrate Etix with Google Analytics. With Etix Online Analytics, clients see full conversion data for performances, as well as access reports that plot out actionable next steps.
  10. 10. Say hello. hello@etix.com | hello.etix.com Ready to get started? Meet Alyssa. Shes our Client Training Lead and is dedicated to providing our clients with the tools they need to execute effective marketing campaigns. Ask Alyssa about Etix reporting and data analysis!


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