3d artwork photographing your art. why should i photograph my artwork? photographing your artwork...

Download 3D ARTWORK Photographing Your Art. Why Should I Photograph My Artwork? Photographing your artwork allows for more and wider exposure. It also makes it

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  • 3D ARTWORK Photographing Your Art
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  • Why Should I Photograph My Artwork? Photographing your artwork allows for more and wider exposure. It also makes it easier to show work or submit work for shows, galleries, or other venues.
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  • Uses for Photographs of Work Build a portfolio. Images of your work to provide a record of your work as well as an example for galleries, shops, or shows. One piece per photo A background that does not compete with your work Complete, frontal view (if the piece has a front) Detail views, if accepted Consistency
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  • Uses for Photographs of Work Advertising Images used in an ad, business card, flyer, or website when the piece itself is not being represented for direct sale. Visually interesting Leave your viewer wanting to see more Can use groupings or detail shots Selling Images shown as substitute for actual work for direct sale to a retailer or individual. Combination of portfolio and advertising styles Capture the interest of the purchaser Accurately represent the piece If possible, have multiple images
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  • What Equipment Will I Need? Camera (tripod) Setting/Backdrop Lighting and Filters Editing Software Printer/Paper
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  • Where Do I Buy This Equipment? Local office supply, discount, or electronics store Adorama.comgreat resource, not just for purchasing. Adorama.com Amazon.com Overstock.com And many more! Use your search engine or phone book to help you find them.
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  • What Makes a Good Photograph? Perspective and Proportion Accurate representation of shape and size of your work is very important since these photos will stand in for your actual work for the viewer. Focus Images should be sharp with enough detail to see texture Light Even, filtered, and ample light will help to show accurate surface texture and color. It will also let the cameras auto focus work more efficiently. Color The image should be true to the actual work, which is most easily achieved by properly setting the white balance. There are many elements to taking and publishing a good photograph:
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  • Other Tips Look at images in a catalog or on a website that you like. See if you can pick out which elements make these photos visually interesting. Try looking at www.artfulhome.comwww.artfulhome.com Take test shots to determine whether adjustments need to be made to your white balance, exposure, and focus. Try to upload your test photos to your computer for a larger view before taking LOTS of photos. Remember that you already have made your artwork! These photos are to act as representations of the work you have already created. Before printing, showing, or advertising your photos, get a trusted second opinion.
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  • This presentation is from Visual Art Exchanges Business of Being an Artist educational series. For more information, visit www.visualartexchange.org.www.visualartexchange.org