31st annual exhibition sculpture survey ?· sculpture survey 2014 1 – 29 june, 2014. ... 2012...

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  • 31ST Annual Exhibition

    SCULPTURE SURVEY 20141 29 June, 2014


    Distinguished Invited Artists

    Professor Haruyuki UchidaJapan

    Artist in Residence

    Marcus TattonTasmania, Australia

    Students and Alumni from

    Edith Cowan UniversityCurtin University of Technology

    Edith Cowan UniversityDr. Nien Schwarz Senior Lecturer

    Norton Flavell TechnicianGraeme Burge Technician

    Ben Waters Technician

    Curtin University of TechnologyBruce Slatter Coordinator of Sculpture

    Joanne Richardson Lecturer

    Dr Nien Schwarz ForewordR.M. Gomboc Photographs

    Catalogue published byGomboc Gallery Sculpture Park

    50 James Road MIDDLE SWAN 6056Western AustraliaTel: (08) 9274 3996

    Email: rm@ gombocgallery.com.auwww.gombocgallery.com.au

    National Library of Australia Cataloguing in Publication DataSculpture Survey 2014

    Bibliography IBSN 1 875458 00 xCopyright Gomboc Gallery and participating artists

    Printed by Pilpel Printing CompanySculpture Survey 2014 totally funded and curated by R.M. & T.C. Gomboc

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    Gomboc Gallery Sculpture Park 2014 Sculpture Survey

    The 30th Gomboc Gallery Sculpture Survey was celebrated in 2013. Youre forgiven for thinking that this milestone exhibition might have been the last Survey. After all, for three decades Ron and Terrie Gomboc have generously hosted (selffunded) the Sculpture Survey, which annually features works by acclaimed international and national sculptors and dozens of tertiary students currently enrolled in Sculpture classes. But such is the Gombocs passion for encouraging, supporting, promoting and sharing sculpture that we find ourselves in Middle Swan once again, which this year is a truly magnetic event.

    Professor Haruyuki Uchida from Kyoto is the 31st Sculpture Surveys featured international artist. Uchidas exquisitely fabricated and finished steel sculptures are not only seductive in resonating red and brushed steel, but play gravitydefying tricks. A massive topheavy cube pivots elegantly on a very finetipped tetrahedron. A rectangular prism hovers in space, magically eluding any contact with a companion component. Indeed, aspects of various works attract or repel each other; forms and particles are suspended in time and space. The tension can be breathcatching. How does Uchida create such seamless works and assemblages that should fall and scatter, but dont? With works in more than forty collections, Uchidas mesmerizing magnetic sculptures are clearly attracting audiences far and wide.

    This years Gomboc Gallery ArtistinResidence is Tasmaniabased Marcus Tatton. A recipient of the prestigious Helen Lempriere Travelling Scholarship, Tattons skillful assemblages of wood often provoke viewers to contemplate the consumption of forest resources. Tattons three elongated seedlinglike forms, with fiddleheads ready to unfurl, are assemblages of wood and mud. They allude to the importance of decaying plant and mineral matter to host the next generation of life. More recently, firewood stacked ridiculously high in overladen wheelbarrows threatens to crush us, allegorically perhaps through our desire to consume more than we can sustainably manage. The fuelladen wheelbarrow harks back to medieval and early Renaissance art depicting hellish cauldrons and infernos.

    In an effort to develop a more sustainable studio practice students participating in the Survey have made efforts to minimize waste, recycle unloved objects or have opted to work with biodegradable media. The students are applauded as well for their diligence in rising to the challenge of creating not only gravitydefying and winter weatherresistant sculpture but truly thoughtprovoking works. Please take a map and explore their outdoor works. No doubt several students will be entering their submissions to Sculpture by the Sea.

    There are many people who assist students to achieve their best outcomes for the Sculpture Survey, and not least of these are the visual arts technical staff. Students often have ambitious ideas but not the skills or experiences to realize successful outcomes. The support, guidance and supervision of technical staff is essential. This year the Survey is please to feature works by two ECU alumni employed as technical staff. At Sculpture by the Sea this year Norton Flavel baffled audiences with the monumental scale of his inflatable Bulk Carrier. Graeme Burge participated in the Gomboc Sculpture Surveys when he was a student and only a few years later was awarded the prestigious Joondalup Invitational Art Prize. The Gomboc Sculpture Survey is a unique event bringing together the aspirations and talents of many people at varying stages of their artistic and professional careers as artists.

    Dr Nien Schwarz is an artist and Senior Lecturer in Visual Arts in the School of Communications and Arts, Edith Cowan University

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    Distinguished Invited Artists

    Professor Haruyuki UchidaJapan

    Artist in Residence

    Marcus TattonTasmania, Australia

    Alumni from Edith Cowan University

    Graeme BurgeNorton FlavelPhoebe Tran

    Alumni from Curtin University of Technology

    Ayad Alqaragholli

    Students from

    Edith Cowan UniversityCurtin University of Technology

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    Artist StatementNearly 40 years ago, I became interested in kinetic art and started exploring the expressive potential of re-lated media. Through trial and error, I began making kinetic sculptures based on magnets and motors. My early works incorporated steel balls moving irregularly on a round table, as if they were dancing. Though the form of my works has changed significantly since those days, I have continued to make sculptural works that include magnets among their component parts. Magnets have truly mysterious powers, as they both attract and repel each other. The planet Earth, on which we live, is a very large magnet, also influenced by the force of gravity. My current sculptures make use of magnets as an important element, and play with gravity.

    Curriculum Vitae:EDUCATION1976 Graduated from the Sculpture Department a postgraduate course of Kyoto Seika UniversitySOLO EXHIBITIONS2013 Art Space Kan, Kyoto, Japan2007 Kami City Museum, Kouchi, Japan Galerie Tokyo Humanite, Tokyo, Japan2006 Art Space Kan, Kyoto, Japan2005 Esprit Nouveau Gallery, Okayama, Japan2004 Morioka Crystal Gallery, Morioka, Japan Art Space Kan, Kyoto, Japan2003 Esprit Nouveau Gallery, Okayama, Japan Artcourt Gallery, Osaka, Japan2002 Art Space Kan, Kyoto, Japan Gallery Totaku, Aichi, Japan2000 Gallery Maronie, Kyoto, Japan 1999 Morioka Crystal Gallery, Morioka, Japan 1998 Gallery Yamaguchi, Tokyo, Japan1996 Morioka Crystal Gallery, Morioka, Japan1995 Gallery Yamaguchi, Tokyo, Japan1994 Morioka Crystal Gallery, Morioka, Japan1992 Gallery Yamaguchi SOKO, Tokyo, Japan Gallery Yamaguchi, Tokyo, Japan1989 Gallery Yamaguchi, Tokyo, Japan Galerie Humanite (Aichi Prefecture)1987 Gallery T&I, Kyoto, Japan 1986 Gallery Yamaguchi, Tokyo, Japan Gallery Haku, Osaka, Japan1984 Gallery Yamaguchi, Tokyo, Japan1983 A Collection, Ashiya, Japan Art Space Niji, Kyoto, Japan 1982 Gallery Yamaguchi, Tokyo, Japan A Collection, Ashiya, Japan Asahi Gallery, Kyoto, Japan1981 Studio 37, Kyoto, Japan1980 Gallery Iteza, Kyoto, Japan 1977 Gallery Iteza, Kyoto, Japan1976 Gallery Iteza, Kyoto, JapanGROUP EXHIBITIONS2013 Setouchi International Art Festival 2013 Tadotsu, Japan2012 Sculpture by the Sea 2012, Cottesloe, WA, Australia

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