30 best ways or tips on how to avoid depression at work

Download 30 best ways or tips on how to avoid depression at work

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30 Best Ways or Tips on How to avoid Depression at Work

Today job is not just a means to earn livelihood but it has also become a necessity as it has become a part of our personality, our life and our individuality. Then we spend more than 8 hours in our office, with colleagues who more often than not become our second family. Hence it is important that we love our work and office and more than that, the office and work should love us in return. There is this famous quote, You find a job you love and you will never have to work. But not all are that lucky to find such a job

.Depression at work is often caused by over stress. It can be either due to lack of interest in the work, overwork, not getting promotion or raise, office gossips, lack of credit for work or lack of respect, harassment and many a times personal problems. An overstressed employee can be identified easily. It is up to the management to note any change in the employees behaviour and understand and try to offer a helping hand. If a person suddenly seems to lose interest in work, loses temper for small reasons, does not get along with others, is not punctual, taking leave often, disorganized look and lethargy, etc., can often be symptoms of depression at work.

Often quitting or taking action against a disinterested employee is not an apt solution. It is important to find the reasons for depression and work towards finding a solution.

Let us take a look at 30 simple steps and initiatives that can be taken to tackle depression at work.1. Take a deep breath2. Analyze and ponder3. Check your work-life balance4. Find a hobby:5. Ignore gossips

6. Take up work that you can handle7. Dont even think of quitting8. Do not depend on anti-depressants9. Speak to your immediate boss10. Handling personal issues

11. Clear your working space12. Find the cause13. Stand up for yourself14. Deal one thing at a time15. Find your zone

16. Identify the poison17. Plan that vacation you were longing for18. Perfection is not always possible19. Disappointments are part and parcel of a work routine20. Forget the past and think only about the present and you will get presents

21. Identify your goal22. Switch off as and when necessary23. Regard office politics and egos as non-issues:24. Delegate work at home and at work25. Regard work as just one part of your life and not your life

26. Find a silver lining among dark clouds27. Find problem-specific solutions28. Try relaxation techniques29. Seek help30. Take good care of yourself

The mentioned are some tips on how to avoid depression at work. To know more about them in detail click on the link below